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Just saw a documentary along the lines of British women being the most obese in Europe .Average is a size 16 apparently! Think it has to be down to processed food?There are just too many kids with the same problems.
perfecting the Italian Trouser/blazer with the now ubiquitous Dbl Monks. Milan Jan 2014........Plundering England1970 fair isle
Without wishing to offend anyone Colin,that was really my point.Women of middle age wearing any teenage fashion can look ridiculous.Most of the stuff we wore was Ivy with an attitude.take away the attitude and I am sure a middle age bloke can pull it off today. That was really my question regarding the limitations of meeting someone.90% of the girls looked great at 16....at 40+ I am not so sure?
The most significant pointer IMO to the Italian CBD is the cut of the trouser and length it is worn at.Comparatively very narrow and slim,worn short with no break(to better show the shoe) and a fractionally wider cuff than an American/Englishman would choose.This is consistent with suits and when paired with a sports jacket.it is almost never seen worn by Americans and usually only Italians in England..Again IMO,your tailor Mr K is adhering to a very British point of...
These may be of interest.....http://alfredsargent.co.uk/exclusive-range/chester/
Roytonboy,you have perfectly set up a question that has been lurking for some time at the back of my mind..... I don't know if this has been posed before or not? Looking today from the outside in,as someone with fond memories of the era,we were all teenagers and seemingly everyone was following the style of the time,many I'm sure,just to "fit in". Though the influences and bonds with that period have stayed with me for life,I do not adhere to any "uniform" look that would...
I had just typed a very long and detailed reply that I just accidentally deleted:brick:...... 29" waist? I was having a laugh cerneabas........ I believe that 95% of Crombies were OTP and eventually down the market,just as everything else.Time to move on..... IMO I saw the "Boot Boy" thing as very provincial (N/NE) ,not universally accepted,and a sartorial disaster that thew everything into the garbage that had been developed during the previous few years.I read it as a...
It's like the Antique business.The more you handle the genuine article,the easier it becomes to trust your gut.Unfortunately most of us do not have that luxury,and so due diligence is imperative.
Can't tell from your photo,but were the concentric circles evident on the second dial,and the rectangular box framing the date?
Important note Studio......I remember when we first got our Crombies,that was how we wore the pocket square (and in our suits) It was later that the pre folded,carded ones were sold with the coats.Fucking horrible IMO.it cheapened thel look.Never wore a Tie Tack either as the real silk squares were relatively expensive and would get screwed up as birds were always pulling them out !
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