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This shows the influences that were picked up by Benneton and the Paninari some years later I believe.
"In 2006, the original Lee 101z Rider jeans worn by James Dean (pictured above) were auctioned off for $35,850. Lee Japan has introduced a replica of these same 101Z Rider jeans worn by James dean in Giant for the Lee Archives in 13,25oz narrow loom, Sanforized indigo cast denim with its characteristic one-side selvedge." I don't recall ever having a pr of Lee Riders,though they were a very popular alternative option at the time.i remember them seeming quite wide and...
I remember seeing this photo in 72 and thinking that apart from the Bow Tie,Marinello looked the best.Bowie later on,was also an influence with the thin belts and high waistbands. Still ingrained was the old cliche of "One up manship" which I put down to the exaggerated style that ended up on the Northern dance floors.
I had one painted up and hanging on my bedroom wall.Both my parents worked in the N.Staffs coal field and that's how I came to get it,but never actually wore.I believe we covered this some time ago,but I lent it to a mate who was going to a big away game.He was meeting up with a load of other lads in the Market Sq and before he got to the train station he had it confiscated by an over zealous copper.The Police turned up at my house after the w/e and wanted to know where I...
Btw,Panorama last night was worth a look.A documentary covering the British Employment,past,present and expectations.A visit to the DM Factory,a decent soundtrack with a bit of Northern in there.This was preceded by an enlightening program on BBC 2 France Quelle Catastrophe.Thought provoking and entertaining.
I posted this M.O.M as it vividly illustrates (to me) the way I recall many of the supporters around the Midlands/North at that time.It also suggests that it is the way you wear something that can determine perception.There looks to be a sheepskin on the far left .Half go for turn ups on the jeans?My conclusion is this is a bunch of typical working class lads who care little about style or fashion ,and the Donkey Jacket,IMO personifies this.I alway read that to be the...
Donkey jackets in Manchester,1969 I believe.
Good recollection Royton.I see one lad with a vertical striped scarf at the front.I can't remember the exact year they came out,but they were certainly a new departure from the traditional horizontal stripes that had been the standard for years.I had a fine knit wool Stoke one,but I think it was in '72?The clubs were also putting out copies of the thick heavy wool University scarfs about the same time,but they were less popular,predominantly worn with hundreds of badges on...
Because pitch invasions are News again today. 30/4/70
Most of the Donkey jackets in my area were emblazoned with NCB due to the local Pitts or WIMPEY (we imploy mainly Paddys each year )
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