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I have been procrastinating about visiting the Lucky Lounge in Austin,specifically to see Mac play,for a few years now. Fuck.............another Legend gone. RIP.
Question for Luxire? You have a Wikia posting for an 'S Collar'. Do you have any images of it made up? Thanks.
The lads that were going to the Wheel a few years older than me were always scraping their money to get to Ravel in Birmingham for shoes .That would be around 1969.Very Italian influenced as I recall,and very lightweight compared to what was to follow from the impact of American imports that followed. Dolcis were more for the Birds,all big buckled Patent leather and clumpy heels.
These were often referred to as "Crossovers.What we called "Boxtops" or "Block Busters" with the basket weave front were called Norwegians by others.Regional variations for names/styles adds to the confusion.From my recollections ,I first wore Block Busters in '71 (From Chapel Market,Islington) the Crossovers came after that,at the end of the Suedehead for us.They were popular in the Northern Clubs and were one of my favorites.This was the start of French Flares also and...
From the way the shirts and jeans are worn I'm guessing this was pre-Solatio ,Clouseau.Maybe loafers,but more likely Dolcis or Ravel.
I was critical of someone in the past for wearing a black BD, and stated that I never saw it,and as so often happens in regional differences,here is the evidence that it did! It's a bloody horrible look(particularly paired with a light Tie) IMO,but there you are? We have all made some unfortunate Fashion decisions over the years.glad that for me at least,not this one.My apologies to Conman.
Grammer proof readers will be needed .If anyone has applied and not heard back ,consider your application failed.
Shows my knowledge of Football Tom!
Well if thats the case,you better get your "wish list" off to Santa before he picks up his sack of mail in Highbury,or you'll be Donald Ducked !!
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