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 When I saw that photo of you in your 60's suit Colin  some months ago I did compare it to the photo of the Manchester group photo in the Central book.I had to double check and see that you weren't actually in it.The resemblance is uncanny.Scary days if you were ever put in a "Line Up" !!
The final transition….I'm guessing 72-73? Budgies came in '71,but didn't get North untill a bit later.Three out of the four still retain a strong Northern Mod look.   Hull/Burnley Soul boys,( from Soul-Source )  
Great photo MT.That seems very early on in the transition to my eyes.My guess is 1968?.There are so many things going on here.The shirt/tie/surfer jacketThe older style shoes to the guy on the right (with bandaged right hand?).The commando soled boots.Jeans cuffed/not cuffed…..Great stuff.
About 12yrs ago the nation seemed gripped by 40 yr old men wearing "clam diggers". It was as if a nation who were uncomfortable wearing shorts were suddenly liberated by something so ridiculous,it was beyond funny. Even the youngest children were forced into them.Clearly there is a need for "stylists" as so many people struggle and don't know when to just say no to fashion....even mature Men.
I had always associated the short apron ones with the French around the Paninaro/Chipie/Chevignon time and the JM Weston ones.
That jacket is identical in style to my first ever MTM suit jacket,apart from mine had 3 buttons , narrower peak lapels and double vents.Over 40 years ago !
It could be said that many benefit from some type of "Uniform".Left to their own devices an enormous amount of people look like crap,due not to maturity and confidence ,but that they are clueless and don't really care.I suppose you could say it's down to personal perception and taste? Look at how some people seem transformed when they make an effort for an event such as a wedding,Interview etc. Royal Ascot is an example where the Mens uniform works works well IMO and yet...
 Where was he from MOM? I wonder if there is geographical significance of this point as it rings true with my recollections.
Somewhat,but in my opinion some Classic pieces that emerged from that period have either continued to be in production and/ or improved upon. I had what to me was a revelation of an observation recently.i spotted a man who was clearly in his mid 60's in the most well cut,fitted mod suit I had possibly ever seen. Absolute perfection. The suit was the first thing I saw.As I looked up and I recognized the man from Stamford Hill,and things turned sour for me. Here was a...
 So who epitomizes "Mod" for you these days?       My money is on this bloke.   The Johnny Collar pique Polo is rare as hens teeth these days.I remember the Girls at School in the late 60's used to wear Aertex ones for Hockey.I have been hunting high and low for a good one for years.
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