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Bowling shirts is a funny one.I first saw them being worn in a photo taken in the Highland Room at the Mecca in B&S.I talked my Mum into laboriously hand embroidering " Brunswick Records" onto the back of a short sleeved shirt that resembled the style. They were soon to be knocked out in some ugly Colour combinations.They then died out for a good few years when in the late 70's when Original American vintage ones.became widely available,largely due to Flip in Covent...
Thanks for that Paint House Gang.Great looking series.Just looking at The 1968 Georgia Brown Documentary on the East End.Brilliant !   http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00t3mkz/one-pair-of-eyes-georgia-brown-who-are-the-cockneys-now#group=p00synd3
I remember wearing them between 76-79.Both the regular Penney ones and the beef rolls. They were never a great quality shoe,with inferior stitching and lesser quality leather seemingly used in the heel area and the cross straps.They had an interesting little white nylon plug in the heel that slowed down the wear.i much preferred Spanish made loafers that I got in Majorca at that time.identicle style and far better quality.
I know what you mean.It's frustrating 45 years or so later…..   I enjoyed the Torch show.It brought back memories of seeing Major Lance at The Top Of The World in Stafford.He had just done the Torch gig and was riding on the success of that.I recall going backstage to shake hands and get an autographed photo.Snotty nosed white kids in the Midlands hero worshiping an unknown Black Soul singer ! More than that though was the look on my old mans face when I got home...
Yeah,I'm sure you are right Gramps….well done on the others !   Just had a listen to The Wheel.That first half was a tough one for me…….   1) Help Me - Sonny Boy Williamson 2) ? 3) ? 4) Getting Mighty Crowded - Betty Everett 5) ? 6) ? 7) Baby do the Philly Dog - The Olympics 8) I Spy - Jamo Thomas 9) That's Enough - Roscoe Robinson 10) 6 by 6 - Earl Van Dyke 11) Going to a Happening - Tommy Neal
Her's my stab at the Torch list Paul….Maybe someone else can fill in the blanks?   I'll try and listen to the Wheel show later today         1 In the right direction  - Clara Ward   ​2 If you Don't Believe I'm Leaving You (Count the Days I'm Gone - ???       3 Thumb a Ride - Earl Wright    4 ???   5 Love you Baby -Eddie Parker   6 Keep on Keeping on - Nolan Porter   7 Ain't No Soul Left in these Old Shoes - Major Lance   8 Cigarette Ashes -...
BBC Radio 6 Keep on Keeping on.    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04vs76f   Three episodes on the Torch,Wheel and Wigan.Haven't listened to it yet,so can't comment….   Happy New Year to all .
I have been procrastinating about visiting the Lucky Lounge in Austin,specifically to see Mac play,for a few years now. Fuck.............another Legend gone. RIP.
Question for Luxire? You have a Wikia posting for an 'S Collar'. Do you have any images of it made up? Thanks.
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