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I don't remember seeing that until Robot were putting out Ted influenced shoes years later?The crepe soles that Natty  talks about were more like the natural ones found on the recent Trickers wedges of today if i'm not mistaken?
http://www.macearchive.org/Archive/Title/atv-today-27051970-skinhead-vandals/MediaEntry/13185.html We see the exterior of a Walsall tower block. Inside graffiti is visible: 'Skins For Ever'. Lionel Hampden interviews the supervisor of cleaning for the council flats who is wary of press coverage of the story because when the local newspaper reported the story the youths returned to the scene. Lionel next tries to interview people living in the flats by shouting up to two...
http://www.acecafeshop.com/products/83 Should you want to buy one,the North Circular Rockers Disneyland has them
The British RAF Irvin jacket is the equivalent of the MA-1 in many respects.it is a classic in it's own right and has been continually reproduced and knocked off over the years and as with the MA-1 you get what you pay for.As for the jacket Eric is wearing compared to McCloud I would say ,Night and day.One has a zip and one has buttons.Different lengths and style completelyMaybe Del Boy could convince you otherwise though.
From the excellent blog- Jack that cat was clean 2 SEP 2007 London : Beardy Pegley I got it from a book called "Buttons - The Leader Of The British Hells Angels", an autobiography written in the early 70s by a legendary rocker....It was later confirmed to me by a mod called Les Hall from Stepney Green, who I interviewed for a book. It goes like this... In early 1963, Buttons was the leader of a gang of east end Teddy Boys. They were based around Dalston and haunted both...
Certainly looks very lightweight.Good examples of the full length leather and suede on the girls too. I recall seeing a girl in Birmingham around 1971 wearing white stilletos,a tan,and a surplus US Army green lightweight Mac ,belted tightly at the waist and not much else as I recall.It was a similar weight to the one in your photo MOM.That image has remained burned Into my retina and was the first time I was ever turned on by an older woman !
As someone who tends to avoid wearing most of the things I have had in the past and rarely likes reincarnations of Original styles,I was pleasantly surprised by these,which Ithought I would share with you.Nearer 60 than sixteen,I would look a twat in Monkey boots,but something inside me thinks I could wear these?
It's a Brown sheepskin flying jacket.They were actually more popular with the Rockers in black,back then.Otherwise usually seen worn by Morgan drivers and the like,,dreaming of being Spitfire pilots.
Placed an order on March 11th for Linen shirt promotion and received them yesterday.it was a new pattern and I provided a sample shirt. The results were outstanding.
I think we did Clouseau.Wasn't it determined they were Man City girls? For the life of me I don't remember double breasted crombies being worn…..well maybe in Trevira suits?
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