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I would also suggest adding and keeping an eye on Lands End to your list.Though not currently available,they have done some very good Poplin Traditional Fit  trousers that I have picked up for next to nothing in the past.High rise,traditional cut, flat front and tailored to an exact length.Navy,Nantucket Red etc.
Stretford End 1971
However big the influence,I would imagine that comparatively few shopped at The Ivy (though just as many probably claim too as those who went to Wigan !) Just as the majority of America was being outfitted in the image of Ivy at Sears & Penny's without ever knowing about "The Full Gant" up in preppy Kennedy country,and very few outside of a relatively small inner circle would have known of the shoebox at the bottom of Richmond Hill.
[quote [/URL] Brick Lane, early 70's [/quote] Sunday mornings during the 80's,Brick Lane was a regular stroll for me.It always felt like it was frozen in time in a period somewhere between the 50's and 60's.Old men in flat caps,gaberdine coats with a bit of string for a belt.Everyone scratching a living .Stark contrast to The trendy markets a Portobello and Camden.
Well I moved from the Midlands to the South in the Spring of '74 and I am pretty sure  I had been wearing them for a while prior to that point.That and the fact that I had pretty much given up on the Northern Soul fashion influences at that time makes me think it was '73?I could be wrong…..but so could they.    1976 was THE Summer of ALL Summers for more reasons than just the mercury rising Cleav !
They were very popular on the Northern scene around 1973 IIRC Cleav?I had a pr of the Tan combination,and they did look much better when broken in and after playing around with different polishes.One of my favorite shoes of the past,but certainly only one that could be worn by kids today.Interestingly,the Boxtops were known to us as Blockbusters.I still remember looking in the window at them one sunny Sunday morning down at Chapel St Market in 1971.Shopping really was a...
 As we are purely speculating,I would accept "Original Skinheads" if I had seen this labeled as such, as IMO it is Mods transitioning into Skinheads rather than skinheads transitioning into suedehead ?Just my Two Cents worth and Paddy Power refused my bet !  
[quote name="roytonboy" url="/t/89027/mod-to-suedehead/23235#post_839160 Are the 'Comos' you refer to the same style as Oxford toe caps? [/quote] The ones I recall were plain,but there were Oxford caps around,what ever was available in the Army & Navy at the time.In fact I had a pair of Oxford caps (with a rubber sole) as the surplus shoes were all too big for me,and they were ideal for school. This picture shows how I remember them.These are recent issue Royal Navy...
A chocolate Brown suede Blazer (In various incarnations) has been a wardrobe staple of mine for as long as I can remember.
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