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I've been wearing a couple of those light down vests for the past two winters.Incredibly lightweight,versatile and packs into a shoe for travel.I usually pair mine with a Puma rain jacket and it has proved to keep me both warm and dry here on the North East coast.You really do need a good down jacket here when November hits,but they are no use in the rain. Nice collar on the Viyella btw mr k.
http://www.jeans-neshi.com/mens_casualkan/mcgregor/mc-11fw/mm11-1002.htm This is a good option IMO.You may have to jump through hoops to get one,but at around 150 quid on sale,it's worth the trouble.McGregor have been around for a long time and have produced some quality items.This is known as a Swing Top Jacket in Japan as opposed to a Harrington.James Dean famously wore a red McGregor "Drizzler" jacket.
That's a superb jacket and fit ! The best take on it I've seen.
[IMG] These two photos capture and convey everything about the style and diversity that I hold to be true to my era. A uniform ,but with wider boundaries than we are led to believe from sound bytes and editors with a specific agenda.
That was the first (and only) reggae LP I owned at that time Flyfronted,and almost wore the thing out. That was also pretty much the limit as to what reggae was played in our Youth Club at the time,The BIG exception was Max Romeos Wet Dream.Probably due to the notoriety of the lyrics and the fact that Radio 1 banned it,it got plenty of time on the old Garrard SP 25's. There was even a dance that had specific moves to it for that tune.Everyone would stand in line,lean to...
Never ever  recall ever seeing those jeans before?I know that any of the Orange tab's were always frowned upon by us.The pocket shape looks very weird to me also.More like an Edwin Nashville pocket than any other Levis IMO.These seem just too different to anything else that was widely worn.I wonder how they Sold at the time and if in fact were distributed in the UK?
http://www.riverisland.com/men/coats--jackets/bomber-jackets/dark-red-bomber-jacket-295058   http://www.yoox.com/uk/41615487LW/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41615487LW&sizeId=
Impressive turnout.Glad to see everyone enjoying a spell of decent weather
Not sure about which one was talked about then ,but Leather Safari jackets were a post suedehead thing for a brief moment.Seen worn with salt and pepper tweed flares,lambswool polo neck sweaters,long hair and Toppers ! Very much a  Wynegard / Bodie and Doyle look IMO.   
I had a pr of Lee Cooper jeans and  they looked nothing like that.They were very lightweight in comparison to the more desireable Lee,Levi,or Wranglers of the day.The fit was quite narrow and they didn't fade very well.I think i recall some cord jackets that were almost acceptable though?
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