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Here's a shot of my 42mm 338. Which I am very happy with as it is one of the few Titanium Radiomirs produced.I think it works well as both a dress/casual understated watch.I am looking forward to seeing the similarly priced new Seamaster 300 Master in Titanium when it hits the Dealers at the end of the year.A beautiful,elegant watch that caught my attention recently that can be picked up reasonably is the Junghans Meister.Simple,pure,form and function,that looks even...
The rags desperately needed a new dog to kick.unfortunately Glam rock was too diversified fo them.You could clearly differentiate your Bowie Boy from a Bolan,and a Faces ragamuffin wouldn't be seen dead in a pr of Jellies.So all these new looks were small tribes that were catered to by Kensington Market and Biba etc. Too provocative for the majority,these styles were diluted and cherry picked,to provide a new mainstream uniform. It would be around 75/76 that Fleet St would...
All the transition was gradual and probably too subtle IMO to be instantly recognized by the media generally.We can't dismiss the fact that this was very much pre MTV and everything grew organically.The term"suede head" was never adopted or used by us,and when uttered it was generally met with a sneer as it was almost too obvious and had missed the boat.I never recall any attention or labeling to the post era of scoop necks,beagle collars,Stacks,French flares etc. as this...
 Interesting ,that they were "Made in Gt.Britain".I know stuff gets made in every corner of the Globe these days,but I naievely assumed all Levis were produced in the USA back in the day.Maybe that and the Tag will confirm the age?
 The bird I dreamt about ,some 45 years ago ;)
 Bristol…….This was posted by Pressure Drop in Feb 2012
The girl on the right looks much the same as my sister at that time,except the jeans would have been narrower and worn with shoes.i talked about the 3/4 length cardigans before.Usually hairy mohair with two pockets and sometimes cable knit down the front.
I thought it looked like a leather?
marked as Manchester '74  
Yeah ,you and the rest of the country! This was when things were changing and some of the more questionable shirts were getting worn,late '71-72 if I recall.I had a brown one similar,but am glad to forget about it.Welcome to the Forum Chris and look forward to hearing more of your memories.That mother load of photos came along as a much needed boost IMO and cover quite a few years. BTW That Deco house in the back is a rare beauty;)
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