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  They have been around for a few years now Bob.They were on the DM website before.I actually bought a pr ,but with a more chisel like toe shape.Unfortunately the sizing seemed to be off and I couldn't get a pr that fit right.I loved the style however and the upper leather wasn't too bad.Dr Marten "Gilberto"
I can see where you are coming from Botolph,but like the Crombie,The Covert is made from it's namesake fabric.The defining difference of a Covert would be the four or five rows of stitching along the hem and cuffs.Apart from that,style wise is shares most things with a Crombie as we know it.I disagree about the requisite Red linining however as others have stated.I don't recall the girls ones being particularly fitted either? Certainly not like the other styles (Mod-ish...
 I don't recall that Clouseau? Mind you ,happily,my memory has been awakened by many of the posts on SF,so I'm grateful for that.
 What the fuck is that handkerchief doing in a shirt pocket ?
My first suit ,I ordered the exact same fabric as a mate had made up.It was like a comedy show in the Tailors as half  a dozen urchins stood round a bunch of swatch books giving advice and sartorial input.I knew my choices were right as they differed little to what the same shop had completed successfully for mates  many times before.I remember it vividly.A right of passage if ever I had one?My next MTM was a bit of a disaster however ….. everything was as I had...
I am no expert but I have my doubts about it being a Baracutta.No pocket flaps visible (could be tucked in?) ,Hard to see if there is buttons on the pockets?There were tons of this Golfing style jacket made by the likes of Pennys,Sears,McGregor,Golden Bear,Private Label,etc.etc.Seemingly this was a shot from a 1964 RSG episode.      
 Perfectly put Soul Vision.
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