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I was hoping for a Midnight Navy piqué,but not with the fleece backing.Any chance of this?FTR I had sent in a LS Piqué shirt to be replicated and Luxire nailed it,but the shirt shrunk.i made my own adjustments for a re-make and am happy with the result.I prefer it to my Kent Wang.Just want an almost Black shade of Navy !BTW....what's the difference between the Old Navy and the New Navy? (Color/weight/weave)
Having worked at sea for a few years,I met more lads of mixed race from Liverpool than anywhere else.I recall one lad whose Mother was white,Father was black and grandmother Chinese.He used to get more than his fair share of birds I might add.Never came across any racism or racist comments from any of them? Even the religious/football banter was done with tongue in cheek.Scousers have had a poor reputation for years and are usually met with pre conceived opinions,but I...
The smell of my first pr of Levi's still haunts me to this day.My guess is that it probably had something to do with the indigo dye they used back then.Pure speculation,but it was probably something that was deemed environmentally damaging and replaced with something less polluting.I don't recall seeing Gibsons or Smooths in my neck of the woods.I think they slipped past the Midlands.Unlike today,access to everything was a pipe dream,and sometimes by the time things did...
Not only confusion over names in different areas,but as they say a picture paints a thousand words ! Never seen those Royals perforated Loafers before mate?
Sadly not mine ! The hunt continues
Talking of shoes,my Holy Grail….a pr of beautiful (and almost impossible to find) pebble grain split toe Florsheims      
Levis continually change the cut and consequently the shape of their jeans,so the jeans you think are 501's in a photo from 1969 will be a different jean to what a main production 501 is today.they do have an overpriced,overhyped LVC Collection that supposedly replicates different cuts from previous years.this has all been well covered many posts back.it wasn't until the 80's that I even realized the Levis I wore in '69 were called 501's,due to the heavy nostalgia...
My gut reaction is that's actually early 70s - maybe even 71. Kid at the front in the Harrington - looks to me to have a Lancashire red rose on his left side: that was very popular accessory in my area in 71; don't think you'd see it late 70s. He's also wearing one of those cheap trilbies they sold at the seaside - the detective in me says the slogan on it is "I'm only here for the beer" (tho' he's clearly under age for drinking) and that was the tag line in a popular beer...
A couple of forgotten tracks that used to get a lot of play time.
First time I ever saw the Half Belt on a pr of shorts ......There must be Mods in Bermuda !Great Mural BTW.
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