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[/quote] DM sole on Monkey Boots.........Aaarrrgggghhhhh!
 Just saw this discussed previously.Sums up my thinking regarding them being Hawkins.Buttons probably knows the definitive answer,I'm just guessing?As we know ,this was just the beginning of Air Wear soles being put onto many different uppers.Red or Dead took the bull by the horns much later and killed it.
Second picture shows a much smarter ,uniform look.Neat mod hair,no turn ups on the jeans or trousers etc.IMO I would say this was the peak of the look.
Possibly Hawkins boots?Although not widely popular I do recall them being around.Heres a similar pr from them: The shirt has the "western" snap pocket styling,so it is likely to be denim,though it looks very lightweight.
That fabric looks considerably darker than the sample screenshot.How is the hand of it?
Much as I search,I am not able to find any guide to different collar lining options/pros/cons etc.i understand the negative of Fused,but am at a loss as to choice of weight and correct balance for particular fabrics and outcome.Would appreciate any guidance.Thanks
To think we would consider entrusting a "Faceless Third World" Tailor to execute our precious creative indulgences. Back to Saville Row I suppose...
Absolutely awful ! Imagine how Tony Blair must feel
If I had a relationship with a Tailor and we were mutually dissatisfied,I would welcome a full refund and seek another Tailor ? There are two sides,no Ref and the "customer is always right" myth is gladly just that.
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