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Does anyone know who the Italian maker is for the Sid Mashburn Penny Loafers? I did find the answer years ago online,but i have since lost it.Thanks
 And i had completely forgot about that tune ! I'm scared to YouTube it as it might get stuck in my brain and negatively impact the next 20 years of my life….(wishful thinking)
Cheers Cleav.I had seen an episode earlier tonight that was (unfortunately) hosted by Patsy Kensit.She managed to add zero to the show apart from her poor elecution school English.I didn't realise there were others and look forward to seeing "Suits,Boots and Northern Roots" sometime around the footy tomorrow !If I have the time i'll also investigate La Commare Secca…..something bizarre going on there by the look of that B&W still ?
Agree on the Glasses.Along with the watch,seems to pull the whole look together for me,adding just enough color and interest.As someone who now wears glasses more and more,I spend a considerable time and money on them.Claire Goldsmith has a lot to answer for !
On the subject of Polo's etc, I have been looking for some time for shirts in Aertex fabric.I have fond memories of these as a kid and love the way it ages as a casual summer shirt.Seemingly J.Simon was collaborating with the Manchester company to have some items made some years ago,but I do not know if it ever materialized?   New to me is this Company:   http://www.old-town.co.uk   They have a couple of things that spurred my interest.The popover shirt in different...
Likewise.It might be an American term as it's used by Brooks Bros? I used it only to differentiate from the usual knit cuff found on L/S T shirts/sweats etc.
Talking of Polo's,I almost exclusively wear long sleeve ones these days,which I never did as a kid.I like them with a barrel cuff though,which cuts down on choices as they are not so easy to come by.I really do not like the Eidos shawl type collar that seems to draw many admirers.If possible I would choose a full spread over any.I have a number of custom made and also off the rack.Here are a few:     L-R :Polo,Kent Wang,Lands End,Saks Fifth Ave.   KW is the...
 One of the easiest and obvious ways to look a cünt.
 That makes two of us Ed ! Sorry for my ignorance folks
Ed…with you under the anesthetic,it should make United play and the Final more attractive !   They will be putting a warning on all hospital TV screens   "Objects may appear closer than actually are.Do not adjust your set.Characters may appear to be moving faster than they actually are"    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Ed.   When I die and they lay me to rest…………….
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