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Fist picture I recall seeing of the very short lived "Brollyboys" .
Both were worn in the North Midlands , Royton .68/69 iirc.The shirts were usually Police issue,from the Army and Navy.The vests were more often dyed.I had a yellow one at the time but red was the most popular.
Cove lad in grandad vest and leather Levi Jacket later.
One of the best photos of that era confirming a small period of time. MOM must have been photo shopped ! The definitive Mod to Skinhead to date IMO .
Wasn't his old man a tailor in Stamford Hill ? I think he must have been hitting the sherry a bit too much the night before he nocked up this jacket ! Funnily enough an Eidos or Boglioni jacket today carries many ( 3 btn/patch pocket) of these trademark details.......for a $1000 
I'm sure i'm repeating myself , but two brothers moved to our town from Leicester in 1970.They were beyond any measure,the most stylish and influential lads I had seen in the Midlands.The JF drawings resonated with me personally and maybe thats why ? The Barons Court lads (and girls)  are a smart group and we were similarly dressed with the exception that we probably paired a suit jacket or blazer with jeans more often than trousers during the daytime.   On a side...
Funnily enough ,despite living around the corner in Chiswick for s number of years,Stuart's was completely off my radar . Sounds a bit like American Pie in Ealing? Re : The Kings Rd,I have to say how bitterly disappointed I feel walking down there these days.It was once a buzz to spend a Saturday afternoon between there and S Molton St.The years between 73/78 are fondly remembered.Lots of characters and inspirational style.Never forget the surreal moment of passing Adam...
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