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http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b044yw1d Timeshift on BBC.......lots of re-hash with some bits of stuff that was new to me.Specifically the shot of two Black lads walking past the Rockers.
USAF. One piece Flight Suits were a brief fashion around 1975/76.This was a Bowie boy thing.
I had no interest in the Soul/Jazz/Funk scene Colin and know zero about it.I do wonder from your comments however if the proliference of the Jamaican Sound Systems and Carnival had a big influence on London/Home Counties DJ's,that never made it north of Watford?My earliest recollection of anything almost Funky and being played up north was Machine Gun,and it was a direction I didn't care for personally.I recall walking past Crackers early on ,one day,and feeling a bit...
Absolutely......Now the bloody tune is going to be stuck in my head all day !
[quote name="roytonboy" url="/t/89027/mod-to-suedehead/19920#post_ So, just as I regarded myself as a skinhead NOT a Mod and felt we had taken the look forward to create our own thing, so it was with the young Northern Soulies, rejecting the more popular Motown, Stax and Atlantic labels to establish their own 'exclusive' culture. It is only with hindsight that I look back and appreciate how like Mods we were as skinheads and suadeheads. Similarly now, most Northern Soul...
I once was lost, but now I'm foundWas blind, but now I see
iMO the cat was out of the bag by the end of '71 with the Tams TOTP visit.I remember being annoyed at constantly hearing that tune everywhere .It took away the allure of the music we had previously only heard at the Youth Clubs and local Discos.It just seemed that every Harry,Tom and Dickhead was now a Soul fan.For a couple of years Soul had been the latent driving beat to me.The first music that I had claimed my own and along with a select few,identified with.The fact...
This shows the influences that were picked up by Benneton and the Paninari some years later I believe.
"In 2006, the original Lee 101z Rider jeans worn by James Dean (pictured above) were auctioned off for $35,850. Lee Japan has introduced a replica of these same 101Z Rider jeans worn by James dean in Giant for the Lee Archives in 13,25oz narrow loom, Sanforized indigo cast denim with its characteristic one-side selvedge." I don't recall ever having a pr of Lee Riders,though they were a very popular alternative option at the time.i remember them seeming quite wide and...
I remember seeing this photo in 72 and thinking that apart from the Bow Tie,Marinello looked the best.Bowie later on,was also an influence with the thin belts and high waistbands. Still ingrained was the old cliche of "One up manship" which I put down to the exaggerated style that ended up on the Northern dance floors.
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