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Could be Rayder last. 
If anyone out there has size 7.5 lindricks could you post the outsole measurements of the width and length.  Any help greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much Gianni!
Alden new arrivals.           Natural chromexcel and reverse chamois in navy.
        My favorite Carmina bad weather boot.  Can take a beating and still clean up nice.  Oscar last.
If you have any other Vibergs or other boots could you post a picture of the toe shape side by side.  My size is still available and I need just a little push. There are many pics of the 2030 out there but not so much of the 1035 last.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Still working out the details but loafers for sure.  It is more smaller and larger sizes for the chukkas and loafers.
Those with some grey wool or flannel pants are perfection in my book. 
Would like to see some pictures of your Burgundy Galways. 
      Burgundy and Nightshade.  I hope this helps!
New Posts  All Forums: