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I think that is well rounded collection.  Good choices!
Thank you. If you are ever in Seoul come by the shop for a visit!
Not the look we are going for.    Thank you to everyone for the feedback.  Some people like them and some don't and I get that.  Even retailers get tired of seeing the same models over and over.  We do want to try and have something for everyone. 
 Nutcracker/Oak Room, those are some great shoes.  Between our sale and yours there should be some happy SF members today!
We get many requests for a slimmer fit with loafers and this is our first try with these.  If they are popular we will probably do them again in both D and E.
Sorry,  all we have is D width in these. 
        We tried a new style for our tassel loafers.  Aberdeen last.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
            We tried something different for our Alden tassel loafers.  Aberdeen last.  Please let us know what you think.
We are doing a spring sale on our Galways.  These are 82 F so if you have a wider foot you can probably get in these and if you have a regular foot you will have room for a winter sock.  They are on for about $1070 US plus shipping.  Final sale and no returns.  If you have any questions please let me know.              
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