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            The derby is now available.  Please send me a PM if you have any questions about the derby or any other shoes we have!  www.unipairstore.com
            Here are some more pictures of our navy cordovan collection and our carmina double monks.  Let us know if you have any questions.   www.unipairstore.com
Send me a PM letting me know your size and I will check our remaining stock for you.
They are something special.  We are trying to get some more sunshine pictures for you guys. 
We are talking about using the 861 model which we have now in Cognac and Burgundy cordovan but not a perforated cap toe.  We want the navy cordovan to do the talking so maybe just a simple cap toe. 
More pictures of our restocks will be coming soon!   Unipair Guy
We are talking about a navy cordovan cap toe boot on Forest or Oscar last.  We are open to suggestions on what kind of sole people are interested in!   Unipair guy
We are currently ordering larger sizes and we do have some Carmina models up to 10.5UK  If you see a model on our website you are interested in please send me a PM.  www.unipairstore.com   Unipair guy
Yes, our Carmina cordovan boots are currently $900 US.  We are looking forward to making this navy boot happen so if anyone has questions please let me know. 
Dear Mr. K,   We hope you are enjoying your saddle shoes and that you are having some nice spring weather to wear them.   Unipair Guy
New Posts  All Forums: