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          Paraboot suede by Unipair
  We have worked out the final details on the navy cordovan boot MTO.   Forest last York Sole brown edge trim all eyelets   The price will be $900 dollars and we will be taking a $450 non refundable deposit.  Shipping will be free.  We will keep the order open until the end of the month and if anyone has questions please let me know.  Unipair Guy
  The price of the boots will be $900 US dollars and we will require a nonrefundable $450 dollar deposit by Paypal. Forest last York Sole Brown edge trim All eyelets   We will try and keep the order open until the end of the month.  If anyone has any questions please let me know.
Thank you for the kind words!  We hope to see you again soon.
  This is a rough picture of what we are doing for our navy cordovan boot MTO.  Forest last with York sole.  We have not decided on speedhooks or eyelets.   Unipair Guy
We are going to guess that it would be about 4 months to get the boot so just in time for fall.  We are getting requests for brown edge trim.  The only thing left to decide is eyelets versus speedhooks. Unipair guy
We have posted our picture and idea for a navy cordovan boot MTO on the Forest last in the Unipair thread.  If you are interested or have questions please let me know. Unipair Guy
  This is what we are thinking of.  Carmina navy cordovan boot on the Forest last with York sole.  No final decision on eyelets or speed hooks.  We hope to put the order in by the end of the month.  Please let me know if you have any questions.   Unipair Guy
We are trying to get a picture up of the boot.  If anyone has any preferences on speedhooks or eyelets please let me know.   Unipair Guy
Most people I have talked to have requested a york sole so that is what we will go with.  For eyelets versus speedhooks most people are either way so that shouldn't be a problem.  We are getting the details worked out and this will be a beautiful boot for next fall!   Unipair Guy
New Posts  All Forums: