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  Our new wingtip boot on Rain last has been getting a lot of attention.  This is a new design for Carmina and we are really happy how it turned out on Rain last.  If you guys want to do this boot in another leather for an MTO please let us know.  I also think this model on Oscar in navy cordovan would be a winner. 
                We all need at least one black shoe in the closet.  Let me know if you have any questions!
Chromexcel requires just a little brushing and some neutral shoe cream.  Some people use venetian cream also.  Mostly a quick brush and they clean up nicely.  Way easier than shell.
Chromexcel will wrinkle a little more but it is so easy to brush up and it can take all kinds of bad weather.
Since it is new with no creases it looks like shell.  It is a unique boot.  You have the formal design and last with a tough leather.  That can handle Canadian winters.
The wingtip boot is chromexcel. 
Carmina navy cordovan Uetam last
              Here are our new Carmina boots.  All on the rain last.  Have a great weekend!
Here is part 2 of our new arrivals.  All on rain last.  Enjoy your weekend gentlemen!              
Coming soon!
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