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              Unipair Edward Green MTOs
              Edward Green MTOs
                                          Edward Green 202 last Carmina Oscar Alden Barrie Truflare Leydon
The price is $900 dollars and we would require half as a deposit.  Shipping is free!  We will probably go with Oscar because most people are not familiar with Robert.  We need to choose a lining color.  I am fine with any color.  Any suggestions on that?
We are at six now so we will wrap up this mto by next week if you want in. 
We will go with Navy for sure.  Here are some pictures of our Oscar last boots to give you an idea of the shape.  Robert has a slightly square toe but no sizing difference between them.            
  Some additional pictures of our Carmina cordovan sale models. 
  We have three for sure and three possible people for this model in Navy cordovan.   York sole on Oscar or Robert last.  She will be a beauty so if anyone has any questions please let me know.
  We have three people for sure on this and three possible people on this in Navy cordovan.  York sole and we have to choose between Oscar or Robert last.  Amazing boot for the fall and winter gentlemen!    
If anyone wants additional pictures of our sales models please let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: