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Here are some of our womens.  We don't have a double monk but we have some shoes and boots.  Whatever you want pictures of please let me know.   
      Some Carmina womens
I will try and get some pictures of what women's Carmina models we have up soon.
In our shop there is a shoe repair shop who can do a resole for you.  I have done three resoles with them and they have always done great work.  The shop name is RESH.  Whenever you can visit our staff will show you the options you have and help you out with anything you need. 
Sorry for the late reply,  I asked staff to check both locations and they are sold out.  We might do another run of these in the future.
 For saskatchewan winters you might want to go with Vibergs Roger. 
Simpson either works or it doesn't for most of our customers.  There doesn't seem to be a middle ground.  Some go a half size up.  Oscar is underrated in my opinion.
That is just fantastic.  If you don't mind where did you get the Trickers? 
      We did these two Carmina models for bad weather.  I went with the scotch grain cap toe because it is on Oscar and the chromexcel is on Rain.  Unlike most I prefer Oscar to Rain.
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