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          Edward Green Berkeley on the 202 last in Mocca suede with rubber soles.  A good match to almost any outfit.
        Carmina double monk in lizard on the Simpson last.  Sleek and elegant. 
        New arrival this week.  Double monk in lizard on Simpson last.  A very elegant shoe.
          A new arrival and very easy to wear.  We have had staff try them with wool pants and denim.  Both looks are great. Berkeley on the 202 last in Mocca suede on rubber soles.
  We are an asian alden retailer so our initial costs for Alden are higher but we do take out %10 VAT and with the currency exchange right now it doesn't hurt so much.  We stock E widths a lot because asian feet tend to be shorter but wider than caucasian feet.  We are very happy to hear you guys like our models.  We try and stock both classics and get creative with others.  I think the green came out great and will probably get it for myself.
Thank you!
Thank you, I am a big fan of your Alden collection!
            With the cordovan shortage we decided to try out some tankers in suede and calf.  Also, a chukka on crepe for winter.  The green are my favorites but I would like to hear any feedback you gentlemen have.
            Some new Alden arrivals.  The green is the staff favorite. 
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