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Great boots! How did you size them on the 2045? 
Has anyone every seen size 7UK on sierra trading post?
Very nice.  Those are about perfect.
Thank you for the information.  What last did you go with?
Thank you MSchapiro!  We will put up pictures very soon for Foot the Coacher. 
Olive Alderley.   That will be fantastic.  I am looking forward to seeing pictures of how that turns out.
We do appreciate the enthusiasm about our shoes and boots.
  We do carry shoes and boots but no chukkas so I am not familiar with their fit.  I will talk to our director about adding a chukka.  Maybe 81 last for a slimmer profile.
Thank you for the picture. Do you find a big difference in fit between chukka and boot?  I have narrow heels so hesitating on getting a chukka.
Can anyone guess what model this will be?  Burgundy grain I think. 
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