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Start the New Year by helping the special lady in your life understand how wonderful Carmina is.          
        Start the New Year by getting on her good side with these.    Share Carmina with a special lady.
Thank you, we are very happy with how they came out.  Our first boots on Robert last.
Yes,  they are burgundy cordovan.  The other boots are cognac cordovan and brown suede.
          Belgravia 184 last Tobacco suede.  We have sizes 6-10.5UK
Carmina Cordovan and Cordovan and Suede boots for the New Year.  Both are on Robert last and we have sizes 6-10.5UK.              
Something for the upcoming New Year.  Both on Robert last.  Sizes 6-10.5UK              
Shannons and Southwold looking very good!  A man of great taste.
Guy,  please tell more country derby boots are coming!  Those are amazing.  The brown and black waxed look great but hoping to see it in regular calf or tumbled calf.  That model is now my favorite. 
You should go up a half size from Barrie to wear Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is Aldens slimmest last and it fits true to size.
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