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  EG blue for your weekend.
          Alden, Trickers, Foot the Coacher  Enjoy the pictures!
  Yes,  we still have the three colors in stock.
MoosicPa, you take a great picture and those are beauties!
        We hope you enjoy these pictures.  Unipair Guy
            Foot the Coacher Mendell shoe for Unipair Oiled Steer by Horween Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the pictures!
            Foot the Coacher Mendell Shoe Oiled Steer by Horween
The alderley is a very sharp boot.  We might have to do it again in a smooth calf.
You are correct Japanese horse hide. 
Roger,  they are quite well known in Japan and are starting to move into other countries.  I am going to put up more information on the designer soon.  We are always looking to offer Styleforum members something new for their feet! 
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