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I got lucky on the #4 chukkas a few years ago.  I am wanting the Trickers chukkas from Inventory.  Anybody have any Trickers chukkas? Pictures?
what last did you go with?
Tobacco suede is just beautiful.
We just recieved our first shipment of Foot the Coacher from Japan. Pictures will be up later this week. Some tough ass boots gentlemen.
How does unionmade hate Canada? Shipping? Service?
Thank you again Zippyh.  I have one green suede boot and one parisian blue calf.  I would like to get some trickers cordovan to round out the collection.  Those boots look a little lighter than my Alden #4 cordovan.
Thank you for the information.  The more I wear the two pairs of trickers boots I have the more I want to buy.  Do you see any noticeable difference between alden/carmina cordovan and trickers cordovan?
Country derby boot, tumbled burgundy, leather soles and I am in.
Those are stunning!  How do you find the heel cup on Trickers shoes?  I have a narrow heel and can wear trickers boots but not sure I can wear a shoe.
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