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Some more EG goodness for you gentlemen.               Malvern Chameleon on the 202 last E width Oakdale Cloud on the 82 last E width If you have any questions please let me know.
    We have the Alderley in stock at this time if your interested.  Mahogany country calf on the 202 last E.  Dainite sole.
Thank you Roger,  Happy New Year in Canada!
    New EG arrival.  Warwick chukka on 82 last E Mink suede.  Happy New Year!
    New EG chukka arrival.  Warwick 82 E last Mink suede.  Happy New Year!
Sweet Ruby Cordovan Byron! 
That is what I like to see.  Shannons in the wild. 
Start the New Year by helping the special lady in your life understand how wonderful Carmina is.          
        Start the New Year by getting on her good side with these.    Share Carmina with a special lady.
Thank you, we are very happy with how they came out.  Our first boots on Robert last.
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