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      Oscar boots
Rain and Oscar should be the same size.  Oscar is like Forest but a slightly lower and wider toe box.  Oscar is my personal favorite.
I think that is well rounded collection.  Good choices!
Thank you. If you are ever in Seoul come by the shop for a visit!
Not the look we are going for.    Thank you to everyone for the feedback.  Some people like them and some don't and I get that.  Even retailers get tired of seeing the same models over and over.  We do want to try and have something for everyone. 
 Nutcracker/Oak Room, those are some great shoes.  Between our sale and yours there should be some happy SF members today!
We get many requests for a slimmer fit with loafers and this is our first try with these.  If they are popular we will probably do them again in both D and E.
Sorry,  all we have is D width in these. 
        We tried a new style for our tassel loafers.  Aberdeen last.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
New Posts  All Forums: