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 For saskatchewan winters you might want to go with Vibergs Roger. 
Simpson either works or it doesn't for most of our customers.  There doesn't seem to be a middle ground.  Some go a half size up.  Oscar is underrated in my opinion.
That is just fantastic.  If you don't mind where did you get the Trickers? 
      We did these two Carmina models for bad weather.  I went with the scotch grain cap toe because it is on Oscar and the chromexcel is on Rain.  Unlike most I prefer Oscar to Rain.
No worries about the loafers.  Regina or Saskatoon?  Not many nice shoes in Saskatchewan.  You are the exception.  
mc1911,  I have only used neutral wax on them and I think that has lightened them up.  They were darker when I first got them.  Where on the prairies are you?
I will try and get some pictures up soon.  I wear boots much more than I do shoes.
    My carmina boots are lighter than my alden and trickers.
    My Alden #4 cordovan chukkas.  The most beautiful in the sunshine.
I have about twenty pairs of boots so I have to get in on this.     My Carmina burgundy cordovan boots.  Easiest to shine up by far.
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