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Thank you!
Thank you, I am a big fan of your Alden collection!
            With the cordovan shortage we decided to try out some tankers in suede and calf.  Also, a chukka on crepe for winter.  The green are my favorites but I would like to hear any feedback you gentlemen have.
            Some new Alden arrivals.  The green is the staff favorite. 
Except for the nightshade all are on the 202 last.
        This is half of our Dover family at Unipair. 
        Half of our Dover family at Unipair. 
Another new arrival.  Midnight blue dover on the 202 last.        
        Edward Green Dover in Midnight Blue on the 202 last.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Chelsea 82 last Chelsea 202 last Hope this helps!  We carry both lasts in this model.
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