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any news on this?
        We have these on sale right now.  With the sale price plus shipping they are on par with American retail prices.  The loafers are on Copley last,  the vtip is on barrie, and the cap toe on truflare(take barrie size).  Please pm me for prices and sizes.
    Model 922, cordovan versus calf.  Who is the winner?
Thank you for the information.  I took 32 in baldwin and 31 APC petite standards.  I have never tried rrl but the online measurements from different shops are all over the place.  The waist is never the problem it is always the damn tight thighs.  I prefer a slimmer jean and I have normal size thighs.
You wear them well and we are glad you like them!
If I can wear APC petite standards in 31 do you think I can get 31 slim rigid.  Online measurements show the RRL are bigger but I would rather hear it from a styleforum member about fit.
We have the 7.5 in cognac.  It is a little darker than the saddle.
          Some Edward Green navy for your week.
          EG navy in the shade.  Hope you enjoy them!
Sorry Justin!  I hope we have something for you in the future!
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