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        Edward Green Warwick 82 last
Something in burgundy calf please, I think Fok posted a tumbled burgundy that looked great before.
Burgundy service boot, would that be burgundy calf?
Those boots...
          Carmina cordovan in the sunshine.  That burgundy almost looks like ruby in the sun.
5 inches of snow in Calgary.  Time to get out the boots.          
 This one?  This is a staff MTO.  The dover can go casual or semi formal depending on the material and sole.  This is a great fall or spring shoe.  If there are six people liking it we can do it as a group MTO. 
 Nutmeg suede on the 606 last.  I think one of the nicest colors of suede in our shop.  Pictures don't capture the shade well enough.
Got excited about the dovers and missed that one.  Thank you.
                    Dover madness at Unipair
New Posts  All Forums: