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        Half of our Dover family at Unipair. 
Another new arrival.  Midnight blue dover on the 202 last.        
        Edward Green Dover in Midnight Blue on the 202 last.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Chelsea 82 last Chelsea 202 last Hope this helps!  We carry both lasts in this model.
        New arrival, EG Banbury on the 606 last with rubber soles.  She isn't fancy but a solid workhorse.
        New arrival Edward Green Banbury on the 606 last with rubber soles
Thank you Namor!  Rain last has been popular with our local and international customers.  I am a big oscar last fan myself.
Agreed, this will have a fantastic patina after some wear.
Thank you Roger!  I think one of the most interesting Galways out there right now.
        Edward Green Galway Utah calf (very soft) 82 last Exchange rate is very good right now for American customers.  Let me know if anyone has questions and have great Black Friday shopping!
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