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        These models are on sale.  We are taking 30% off.   803 Queens light brown 922 Rain black and dark brown 10051 Rain black and dark brown 531 Detroit light brown grain 532 Detroit light brown grain 748 Forest dark brown  All are sizes between 9-10.5UK E Please let me know if you have any questions.
I just checked it and no problems.  If you have any questions please let me know.
They are a great spring/fall boot.  We hope you enjoy them!
We are having an early spring here in Seoul.  It is nice now but I will envy you come summer when it is extremely humid here.  Sorry, about getting back to you late on the rayder last.  I believe it is the classic rayder last.  Great job on the olive suede blucher!
That is in strong sunlight so it looks lighter than normal.
That would be a special boot.  Sadly there is a cordovan shortage for a while so
Rain last.  Some of the nicest Carmina shoes we have in the store. 
Navy and grey
Carmina Navy Cordovan   Alden Navy Chromexcel
I think we need to order some Wells for Unipair
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