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  Some new arrivals for us. Edward Green Shelton 890 last Edward Green Laughton 890 last More pictures coming soon!
        More Bemer
Zippyh,  those are stunning. 
That oxblood is beautiful.
I will put up some fresh pictures of Bemer soon.  The hatch grain is beautiful.
        We are starting a spring promotion on our Stefano Bemer collection.  I will be posting the models over the next few weeks.   We will take 20% off and remove 10% VAT.  If you have any questions on sizing and price please send me a PM. 
              People in our experience really like Rubi or don't at all.  We don't have many customers in the middle. 
We are very happy with our brown utah galways so we might be doing some shoes in this leather in the future.  Any suggestions on styles?
        Here is some more mahogany alderley
New Posts  All Forums: