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            Some display models from our Edward Green trunk show.
Yes, that is one of our EG boots.  I sent Kentarou the details.  
I am sorry but we don't carry trees for the women's models. 
        Some more of our Carmina womens.
Part 2 of Carmina womens.        
what size?
        Some of our Carmina shoes for women. 
        Carmina for women.  These makeups would be hard for guys to wear but interesting for the lady in your life. 
            It all depends on the light.  In direct sunshine I would call them cognac.  In the shade or indoors you might say dark cognac.  A different shade of the cognac than the shoe we have.  The shoes are saddle and cognac but you see there is not much difference.  Each batch can be a little or a lot different.
We carry Carmina women's shoes so if you let me know her US size I can check our stock for you.
New Posts  All Forums: