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Black calf and Lavagna suede
I would come in and try all lasts on at once.  We know how important finding the right size is and all the staff have great things to say about you!  I have the 202 and 82 in the same size.  There is some difference for me but not much.
Some shannons for you guys.  My brown shannons have finally broken in and they feel great all day.      
      I had to choose between the alderley and the brown shannon.  I went with the shannon because I own so many casual boots. The alderley might be added if I get rid of some of the others.  
Agree, easily some of the nicest boots that are in the shop. 
        Some Carmina shell for your weekend.
        Enjoy your weekend!
    Stefano Bemer
We would like to but cordovan is getting very hard to come by these days. 
I will let Anthony know how much you enjoyed your visit and we look forward to seeing you again!
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