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  They are $850 plus shipping.  Shipping to North America or Europe is $50.  Let me know if you have any questions.
          Went back and found these old pictures of them.  We do have many sizes left.  If anyone has questions please let me know.
This is helpful.  How much narrower is the toe on 2030 compared to an Indy?
Happy to know you are enjoying them!
        The Shannon
        Shannon eye candy
        EG Harrogate in the sun.
Always good to hear you enjoyed your shopping experience with us.  I will try and put up some of our womens Carmina shoes and boots.  Get out of trouble worthy gift.
        These look a little lighter in the sunshine.  Staff favorites here at Unipair.
      Had some good sunshine last week so wanted to put up some fresh pictures for fall. 
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