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        We have put these Harrogate on sale.  888 last
      We have put these Harrogate on sale for spring.  888 last
Yes,  they do repair, stretching, and shoe care.  Stretching usually takes a day or two.  If you have any questions please let me know!
Mike,  love the look of those boots.  Im just jumping in here so forgive me if it has been posted.  Did you make any size 8?  Would love to get a pair in the future.
            Stefano Bemer wingtips
  EG Ealing,  202 in chestnut antique.  Sharp looking shoe for spring.
  New arrival for us.  EG Ealing on the 202 last in chestnut antique.
http://unipair.com/product/carmina-10085/   Let me know if you need an international price.
  This leather is something special.  Stefano Bemer
New Posts  All Forums: