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I'd have said Logic. After all it comes with loops and he's probably a producer too so they'd come in handy.
Olney 8 panel Donegal tweed cap, I have it in green as well.   They are beautiful caps.
  Shuron or Ray Ban. I've had Wayfarers with prescription lenses for 6 years and now have Clubmasters (Ronsir brownline style) as well. They are really tough, I wear them all day everyday.
  They are a little more orange than the picture I find, but in a pleasing red/orange way. I have the shoes and the boots and the quality and comfort is excellent. I purchased them from a fine pair of shoes and the service was fantastic.    
Thanks, I'll keep an eye out. Do you happen to remember how much they cost?
Thanks for your reply. I live in Victoria (that picture was taken this afternoon) and I have problems with circulation (at 15 degrees my hands go blue) so I'm looking for heavy weight wool. I thought a Shetlands knitted jumper would do the trick. I understand fair isle isn't to everyones taste which is fine, but this is more about being practical (I also happen to really like the patterns)
Hi,   I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Drake's Fair Isle jumpers/vests? I'm in the market for one and was wondering how heavy the wool is. I've got my Dad's old one my Mum made but it's a little too snug.     Cheers.
They fit pretty true to size in my opinion. I wear a large but could have gotten away with a medium. Mine fits a bit loose but not as loose as the model. If you're in melbourne (which I assume you are since you went to highpoint) I'd recommend going to Sires and trying them on. I believe Sires is a little cheaper than that online store as well.
I have 2 of these cardigans which I really like   Some people might think they are old fashioned though... Edit: here's a better site
I've used both and if you get a family member/friend to help and you are really careful in following their instructions it can work out well. The only problem I had was shoulder type. I thought I had 'regular' shoulders but once I received my jacket it was bunching under the collar with excess material. I had it remade with square shoulders and now it fits great.   I had to do a lot of reading about how jackets/suits should fit (which brought me here) before I felt...
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