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Hopefully this will help to cool the spirits off a bit... Greetings from Italy fellow shoe lovers! I haven't had the chance to wear many closed shoes in the last 2 months, but man if I don't mind it!
While your comment is accurate, precise and pertinent, I tend to base my responses on my own personal experience.I wear 8.5D in all models and having a high instep that causes me some pain especially with loafers at the beginning of the break in period. But with the Lasalle everything was pretty loose from moment 1.It felt wider at the bottom and roomier at the top (thank goodness for blucher!!).Thank you!
Same width category (D for instance) -> Wider fit. Also, being a blucher, it's more forgiving for high insteps. Hope this helps     You can also find phone numbers and email addresses for every and each AE store on earth. Enjoy!
And that's when the "horse power" thing came out...
I just realized why my shell cordovan shoes smell like ass. Because it is ass!!!!Good evening gentlemen,I just couldn't resist..
That is a fantastic shoe.Congratulations!
I have asked for a return label.It was pre-filled with origin and destination addresses.My company deals with FedEx daily, so I managed to avoid the drive to the local FedEx dropoff too..
I've only returned seconds twice from Canada and never paid a penny.Asked for and received a FedEx return label.That's all.
Good evening gentlemen, This month I have 2 trips lined up. 1st will be a hopefully relaxing week in Naples, FL and 2nd 1 week in Orlando for work. Any good shopping to suggest? I'm not the outlet type, unless there are any Allen Edmonds, Alden or Crockett & Jones or the likes...
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