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...but enough about wack boots. the tan french snap boots have been my goto lately, love the design -- i'd even get a pair in black calf if they offered.    [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
  yeah it's super round and i can't stand the way it looks. if you wear these with SLP you need to get punched.
i don't know what the hype is about story et fall. a super round toe on a chelsea boot just looks goofy to me.
might be breaking my sneaker embargo for the year for these...  
10" seems small for a 41. i don't know if i'm crazy or there's some kind of great shoe conspiracy but i just measured a bunch of my shoes and they all measured over 11". raf velcros, 41: 11.25raf velcros, 40: 11slp jodhpurs, 41: 11.25slp santiags, 41: 11.5margiela side-zip, 41: 11.5cp achilles, 40: 11.25doc marten 1461, 41: 11.25rick owens dunks, 41: 11.25nike air max 1, 41.5: 11.25 do you still have those rafs? mine need replacing 
that's strange, i've had 4 pairs of raf velcros and they all fit tts...
they retail at $2.50 a pair, probably cost less than a quarter to make and aren't exactly quality. they start going to shit after just a couple of wears.
doubt you're not going to find any sympathy here. no store in their right mind is going to "hold" items for people during sales season and they acted more than reasonably, even offering you credit. if i got credit every time an order has been cancelled on me...   just about every major sale these days ends up with stuff selling out within seconds and constant cart-jacking, it's a war out there, man.
never seen them, link? picked up the new dry-fit joggers. 75% poly so the material feels kinda tech, kinda like a thin neoprene. for $35 i think it's one of the better made pieces that they carry right now.
what are you really expecting out of $4 socks lol. if you wear them more than a season it's a "great value". the thick winter ones have lasted me about a year but the cotton ones fall apart really quickly. right now they have 4 pairs for $10 or something like that. i like the no-show socks, they are "rubberized" at the heel so they don't slip, pretty handy.
New Posts  All Forums: