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 no, it does sound reasonable, but stuff is being shipped and no matter how slowly orders are being fulfilled so the intent is there. you always had the option of selling your spot, so there's always a way out.
take a look at the amount of images posted to the toj-gallery, there's obviously more than a few thousand in there. i never post pics and i have 7 jackets so it's not unrealistic to assume that the number of total jackets produced is higher than what's accounted for on the site, nobody but drew can prove or disprove this so there's no point in speculating. i'm glad someone who makes six figures has finally cracked the code that drew makes $360 per jacket on an operating...
congratulations, you have the economy modeling of a 6th grader. what does this have to do with anything?
 my last jacket took over 60 weeks and i'm still waiting on 2 more just like the rest of you guys. we're probably all a few months away from receiving our orders and nobody needs to hear your day-to-day updates. WE GET IT - you don't like waiting. the dude has probably made 10,000 jackets in the last 5 years and even if he's failed to deliver 10 times (it's probably not even that high) - what makes you think you're gonna be in that 0.001%? you're just going to become a...
 back when it took me 5 weeks to receive a jacket the wait was excruciating and people complained back then too. and no, you could never just e-mail drew if you needed anything and expect a timely response.
 he owes me $1700+ as well and i have no idea when my jackets are being shipped. i've never gotten a single message from drew and i've been waiting just as long as you. it has nothing to do with self respect and honor - this is the very nature of what toj is (excruciating wait times, non-existent customer service, razor-thin margins), and all you can do is wait. if that's not good enough for you, then it was it was never going to work out. i don't think that drew has all...
actually, you come across as a total nightmare to deal with with your constant hassling, flip-flopping and indecisiveness. in fact, you might be the worst customer to ever post in this thread (need more sources to verify). i will personally chip in $20 to help you recuperate your funds if you agree to never post to this thread again. just send me your paypal address - i have the cash in hand!
crappy iphone shot of my wool ma-1 that came in today. ordered in september and got a shipping confirmation from drew on friday.   [[SPOILER]]  this thing is crazy warm when zipped up. definitely gonna use it as a winter jacket barring dat polar vortex.
worn, but in great condition, barely any scuffs or nicks. i'm 5'10" and 130 lbs and it fits me perfectly with a t-shirt or sweater. i bought a 48 and i prefer a looser fit so this would be good for anyone who is a 45-47.   measurements: s2s: 17.2" p2p: 20" mid: 18.7" sleeves: 25.5" front length: 22" back length: 24.8"   $480 shipped to conus, local pickup in nyc.
fwiw, i put a kettle bell on top of a heavy book to mold the lapel down for a few days and it pretty much does exactly what i want.
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