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they retail at $2.50 a pair, probably cost less than a quarter to make and aren't exactly quality. they start going to shit after just a couple of wears.
doubt you're not going to find any sympathy here. no store in their right mind is going to "hold" items for people during sales season and they acted more than reasonably, even offering you credit. if i got credit every time an order has been cancelled on me...   just about every major sale these days ends up with stuff selling out within seconds and constant cart-jacking, it's a war out there, man.
never seen them, link? picked up the new dry-fit joggers. 75% poly so the material feels kinda tech, kinda like a thin neoprene. for $35 i think it's one of the better made pieces that they carry right now.
what are you really expecting out of $4 socks lol. if you wear them more than a season it's a "great value". the thick winter ones have lasted me about a year but the cotton ones fall apart really quickly. right now they have 4 pairs for $10 or something like that. i like the no-show socks, they are "rubberized" at the heel so they don't slip, pretty handy.
uniqlo's sizing is all over the place. if you're referring to the skinny tapered jeans, some colors fit different than others but i go tts and have my tailor taper them to a 15cm leg opening for an slp-ish cut. all in all, it costs me less than $50 and they are pretty much the only jeans i wear nowadays. the ocdbs are kind of a crapshoot. they have the regular, slim fit, slim fit with the gosgraine and they all fit a little different. i kinda stopped buying them cos the...
friday @ 11am, 35 howard street
@isolation: the jeans and chucks are a good start. throw on a basic well fitting t shirt and i think you'd have a decent base hit casual fit that looks better than 95% of the dudes out there. i think the haircut goes well with your features, tons of dudes don't even have hair so yeah. the belt is another instance where i think you're trying a little too hard but i think you'll figure that part out. just stand normally though! this is just my opinion though, at the end of...
CPs fit long and narrow and general consensus is to size down 1. fwiw, i'm a 41 in every other brand but wear a size 40 in CP.
not just that one photo... going off his post history.
judging from your other pictures i think you should "learn to walk" before you "try to run". no offense or anything, but you don't seem to have a sense of personal style or identity yet and what you're trying to do looks extremely forced and awkwardly try-hard. i think your first step should be trying to put together some coherent looks you feel comfortable in, and expresses your perspective on the world instead of trying to shoot for an arbitrary end-goal such as of...
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