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sup boys - lamb cwu. and yeah, the pockets make your elbows stick out if you put your hands in them but they can hold a ton of stuff. no biggie.  
2-way zips haven't been a thing since 2012? 1-way zips are the master race. not a good look imo.
and yet everything he does seems to end up looking bad, funny how that works.
well, no hate to either of the above posters, but for #1 i don't like the zipper design, they seem like a pain in the ass to open, and the zippers seem way too small and out of scale. #2 i don't think black hardware on a black leather jacket ever works and in my opinion the change to silver for some contrast would look way better. in 99% of america they'd be the swaggiest motherfucker in town, but not in my hood sorry.
what does that have to do with anything? i didn't claim to have any expert knowledge of leather jacket making abilities or factories. what i do know is that unless you're actually riding a motorcycle or are a bouncer at a nightclub every jacket featured on their website, in their physical store, or result on google image search looks bad from a fashion standpoint. i'm sure the dude is an expert whatever and while fashion nerds aren't gonna give a shit, the dudes over at...
bitches be all about dat us wings style. 
making jackets for 35 years without creating a single one that looks good - that is a special talent indeed!
everyone has already told you that a jacket with 18" front for someone of your height will be laughably short and look like a girl's jacket. just measure a jacket you own that fits well, most likely it will be around ~20" front. i'm 5'9" and anything shorter than 21.5" looks weird.
 no, it does sound reasonable, but stuff is being shipped and no matter how slowly orders are being fulfilled so the intent is there. you always had the option of selling your spot, so there's always a way out.
take a look at the amount of images posted to the toj-gallery, there's obviously more than a few thousand in there. i never post pics and i have 7 jackets so it's not unrealistic to assume that the number of total jackets produced is higher than what's accounted for on the site, nobody but drew can prove or disprove this so there's no point in speculating. i'm glad someone who makes six figures has finally cracked the code that drew makes $360 per jacket on an operating...
New Posts  All Forums: