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 length looks good -- it ends exactly where it's supposed to. i have a stock 46 and i've got 4" on you, so it would look quite oversized.
same reason why i sold mine -- my normal size was huge and i was forced to go down a full size. they aren't really a full size large, more like a half a size but they don't offer half sizes so go figure.
i don't like the seamless ones either but i think the airism briefs are quite good.
i like a thin jacket personally. i had a goatskin jacket that was super lightweight and thin and i had no problem wearing all year round. i could also wear it in 'da club' and do the hotline bling dance without sweating balls. anything below 75 was jacket weather. my new jacket is lamb, much much thicker and gets pretty uncomfortable above 65. i definitely don't wanna wear it indoors because it's so warm and i really only foresee myself wearing it 1.5 seasons out of the...
never pay retail for sneakers, they always go on sale. sneakerboy doesn't charge tax but their shipping is kind of high. buy from ssense if you can, no shipping or tax and their markdowns go up to 70%. notre had common projects achilles for $230 shipped a few months ago, best deal around imo.
sneakerboy had the SL01s for $170 usd during their last fire sale. i see them go for less than $200 all of the time; just wait until sales season.
 i'm not seeing any reason why you'd want to get it altered, fit is spot on imo. jacket looks great on you.
i'm 5'10". i'm wearing a JE+C mercer tank which is pretty damn long.
 thanks. i actually think the length is pretty good (slightly-cropped) for my height... those trousers have a really high rise, which i generally like in my dress pants. here's a shot from willy's challenge that shows the proportions with a more casual fit:  @0JSIMPS0N knows a lot about clothes and he's actually right (if you look past his demeanor lol). i've gained 20 pounds this year (#gainz) and a full inch in the shoulders so i left a little extra room in the...
thanks for the suggestion, i think having the appropriate footwear makes it MUCH better! 
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