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friday @ 11am, 35 howard street
@isolation: the jeans and chucks are a good start. throw on a basic well fitting t shirt and i think you'd have a decent base hit casual fit that looks better than 95% of the dudes out there. i think the haircut goes well with your features, tons of dudes don't even have hair so yeah. the belt is another instance where i think you're trying a little too hard but i think you'll figure that part out. just stand normally though! this is just my opinion though, at the end of...
CPs fit long and narrow and general consensus is to size down 1. fwiw, i'm a 41 in every other brand but wear a size 40 in CP.
not just that one photo... going off his post history.
judging from your other pictures i think you should "learn to walk" before you "try to run". no offense or anything, but you don't seem to have a sense of personal style or identity yet and what you're trying to do looks extremely forced and awkwardly try-hard. i think your first step should be trying to put together some coherent looks you feel comfortable in, and expresses your perspective on the world instead of trying to shoot for an arbitrary end-goal such as of...
i feel ya, this thread riles everyone up, lol. for what it's worth, i ordered right at the cutoff and i got my jackets after 5, 8, and 12 weeks respectively and i like them a lot. and as much as i'd like an slp, i'd rather have my 3 jackets :) a lot of jackets have been going out it seems and i believe drew will come through eventually so hopefully everyone gets what they are looking for in the end.
i actually like your slp jacket, it's a pretty interesting piece and although it is definitely out of my price range, i would kill for one. you seem like a pretty chill dude and are generally pretty helpful in other threads so i gotta ask why you come here and act all salty and kick people when they're down? have you handled a toj before? your opinion is valid why?
camo is still a thing? not feeling those are all...
 it's the same reason why apple manufacturers all of their products in china; the infrastructure there is unparalleled and they have the ability to produce some of the best stuff in the world. i don't dismiss acne for being made in china, but my personal experience with them has been rather poor. i don't think it's worth the money, especially at retail but ymmv. as mentioned, it all comes down to the individual factories. i dated a girl whose uncle ran a garment factory...
those acne shorts are also made in china -- i only mention it because quality seems to be a big priority for you and acne quality is all over the place. have you looked into orlebar brown? they make a cut that you're looking for and imo the quality is top-notch. http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/orlebar_brown/cavrin-slim-fit-seersucker-cotton-shorts/506335 i picked up a few pairs last season for $75... they always seem to be on sale at a heavy discount.
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