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how are all of those e-mail demands working out for ya?
of course toj isn't anything special, it's done. drew is done. i doubt anyone here or anywhere would say that they ever overpaid for a toj and no one has waited 2 yet either. back when you lead times were 4 weeks and jackets were cheaper, yes it was something special. getting a mtm leather jacket, with some levels of creative input, or in special cases like brad-t, a lot of creative input - that was a pretty unique proposition. and no, you can't come into this thread with...
sup boys - lamb cwu. and yeah, the pockets make your elbows stick out if you put your hands in them but they can hold a ton of stuff. no biggie.  
2-way zips haven't been a thing since 2012? 1-way zips are the master race. not a good look imo.
and yet everything he does seems to end up looking bad, funny how that works.
well, no hate to either of the above posters, but for #1 i don't like the zipper design, they seem like a pain in the ass to open, and the zippers seem way too small and out of scale. #2 i don't think black hardware on a black leather jacket ever works and in my opinion the change to silver for some contrast would look way better. in 99% of america they'd be the swaggiest motherfucker in town, but not in my hood sorry.
what does that have to do with anything? i didn't claim to have any expert knowledge of leather jacket making abilities or factories. what i do know is that unless you're actually riding a motorcycle or are a bouncer at a nightclub every jacket featured on their website, in their physical store, or result on google image search looks bad from a fashion standpoint. i'm sure the dude is an expert whatever and while fashion nerds aren't gonna give a shit, the dudes over at...
bitches be all about dat us wings style. 
making jackets for 35 years without creating a single one that looks good - that is a special talent indeed!
everyone has already told you that a jacket with 18" front for someone of your height will be laughably short and look like a girl's jacket. just measure a jacket you own that fits well, most likely it will be around ~20" front. i'm 5'9" and anything shorter than 21.5" looks weird.
New Posts  All Forums: