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worn, but in great condition, barely any scuffs or nicks. i'm 5'10" and 130 lbs and it fits me perfectly with a t-shirt or sweater. i bought a 48 and i prefer a looser fit so this would be good for anyone who is a 45-47.   measurements: s2s: 17.2" p2p: 20" mid: 18.7" sleeves: 25.5" front length: 22" back length: 24.8"   $480 shipped to conus, local pickup in nyc.
fwiw, i put a kettle bell on top of a heavy book to mold the lapel down for a few days and it pretty much does exactly what i want.
red calf leather is like legendary in rarity (like the 2000dps sword i looted in diablo) and the fit looks solid. wait for a real fit pic, otherwise it's not worth criticizing... with a jacket like that, one has the potential to be swaggier than jesus.
i kind of hate the zipper tabs at the end of the sleeves in the first and second ones. they look goofy and them dangling there all of the time would drive me crazy. third one is by far the best choice.
 no, but i've ordered 8 jackets from toj which is probably more than 95% of this thread and my experience has been different. the three jackets i ordered when the closure was announced all arrived by october at the latest, consistent with the ~20 week lead times of my earlier jackets. that was exactly a year ago. i'm glad you have a theory, but it's not exactly rocket surgery -- we were all told (repeatedly) that the longer we waited to put in our orders, the later we...
 that hasn't been my experience. my first two jackets took 14-18 weeks and the moto i ordered 06/10 (the day of the closure announcement) was sent on 07/31, seven weeks later. lead times have decreased before.
 my velcros fit tts, take what you normally wear. my dunks fit a size large so yeah, 45 should be good for you.
 ...because i bought 4 different color ways and 2 of them look awfully similar to each other?
 super under-rated design and i'm surprised it only lasted one season. i'm kinda regretting sleeping on the holographic lows and velcros since i don't really like anything in s/s14.
2014 baller rotation:     near to far: cp, holo velcro, black velcro, holo space x 3, rivet, rafstros, dunks
New Posts  All Forums: