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 i'm not seeing any reason why you'd want to get it altered, fit is spot on imo. jacket looks great on you.
i'm 5'10". i'm wearing a JE+C mercer tank which is pretty damn long.
 thanks. i actually think the length is pretty good (slightly-cropped) for my height... those trousers have a really high rise, which i generally like in my dress pants. here's a shot from willy's challenge that shows the proportions with a more casual fit:  @0JSIMPS0N knows a lot about clothes and he's actually right (if you look past his demeanor lol). i've gained 20 pounds this year (#gainz) and a full inch in the shoulders so i left a little extra room in the...
thanks for the suggestion, i think having the appropriate footwear makes it MUCH better! 
@mrchariybrown @shinobi13  
 fit battle me
boots are saint laurent aw13 wyatts and shirt is club monaco.
took 2 weeks from order to shipment like the previous post stated. as for the leather if you've ever handled a toj before it's pretty much what they offered. i've had 5 or so lamb jackets and i'm going to go with the new calf next just to see what it's like on the other side.
my DR1 just came in from professional powerlifter charly and falcon garments.  do i look swag bb?  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
got tracking 
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