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Thank you!  The converters give me something entirely different.  I assume the comma needs to be changed to a decimal point.  
Please help!  I am new to purchasing foreign.  I do not know how to determine the exchange to U S dollars as it is stated below.  It does not work in the converters:   400,00 €.
Hello, my father was a tailor and taught tailoring in an University. When I was 7 years old (late 40's), he made me three piece suits.  He passed in '52. I was hanging with peers who also believed in dressing.  We had part-time jobs and saved for Stacys, Foot Joys, R. D. Atkins, Ballys, etc. silk shirts, over the calf socks, Dobbs 20 and Stetsons, Aqua Scutum (sp) and Chesterfield top coats with pocket chiefs.  Clean white stiches on shined shoes, and most of all...
As a teenager with a group who "dressed", three of the best made, fitting, and designed shoes were Footjoy, nettletons and R.D. Atkins (handmade).  Each had a Special styled shoe" and Footjoys was several colors in two-toned suede.
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