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The box says sample last.
No number or name as far as i know.
I like the color combinations as well. I have a couple of pairs on commando and figured one had to go. I think you are right about that. Unlike the 110 which doesnt have much shape along the sides of the boot, this does like the 2045. The slight upturn i believe is more attributable to the structured toe more than anything. Perhaps ill get the sole redone.
Damn. Me too. Looks newer than mine!
I got them both too.  At least Im not the only crazy one to get two makeups. I need to unsubscribe from this thread.
difficult to get it right. Well I tried.
I tried but it just wont come out right. Not with the camera I have. It would be a gross misrepresentation- leather looks bright and uninteresting and the sole looks white.  IRL, the leather looks like a rich golden tan color in light and the soles are beige with offwhite midsole.
This is the best i can do atm. Had to put the boots against a white background to get a slightly more accurate depiction. Irl it looks much more beige and the difference is more subtle than even seen here. Very pleased! I like both soles. This one is understated relatively speaking and id wear the heck out of it. Altho i wouldnt mind having the full ripple and thought about getting it.
I just received the buffalo tan scout boots and they are much better in person than I originally thought. Also, the mini ripple is not white but a beige/cream/off white.  Earlier pictures also depicted made it look out of proportion.  I will try to post photos but it comes out looking very contrasty.
Up for sale is a pair of Viberg loden green service boots in a size 8. I purchased it from a sample sale. The last is a sample last and it is in between a 2045 and a 2040 last. It has a structured toe and commando sole. I wore it gently and briefly a handful of times. Pretty close to original condition. Includes what you see in pic and the sample box which marked the size and last. Regarding sizing, it is the same sizing sytem they use on the boots they offer on their...
New Posts  All Forums: