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Thanks man. Just about used up the last of my funds for these two.
More context
No issues here with the 2045 last.
Thats too bad. The roughout aged bark looks great. If you are an 8d barrie, you should be 7.5 and maybe size 7. The 2030 has an extended toe so 1 inch isnt too out there. IME I would go more with how it fits width wise. Also because its a boot Id want the option of wearing thicker socks not just dress socks.
What size did you send back?Both look great but Id do the aged bark. It will prob come up less often. That said i do have a couple of reverse nattys which I really enjoy.
Copper task chukka 110 last worn for over a year. Your aged bark should age phenomenally:
Up for sale is a pair of Viberg x Wings and horns service boots on the 2030 last. Purchased new from their sample sale. There arent any issues with them. Constructed better than some of the new pairs Ive purchased from Viberg. Shipping included in price. International destinations add actual shipping costs.
Up for sale is a pair of size 7.5 Viberg x Styleforum Brown Wax Flesh Commando Sole 2045 Last Service Boots. Shipping included within the US. Outside US actual shipping costs added to the price. Comes with original box, bags, alternate laces. I wore them a couple of different times briefly for a total of 30 min or so to get the feel for them and realized its too small for me. Willing to trade for a size 8.
No prob Fok i really need a break.
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