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Actually both. I have cxls in both confiigurations as well. Prob has to do with adding extra piece on top and tightening it. I highly prefer to redo the color 8 plain toe in the picture with the grey calf rather than adding a captoe to it. Less is more i think
Here are two 1035s. One with captoe and other plain toe. Can do 1035 with captoe to make it a slimmer toe. I def like the gun metal eyelets with the grey and dainite. Perhaps we can get some people on it to get it through. 2030 with captoe will make the toe slimmer which i dont want to do.
I like the grey calf but id really like to see it on a different last like the 1035 or 2040. For me i find the rounder toe more versatile and it still has the slimmer profile like the 2030. 7 gun metal eyelet.
Henderson is a fuller cut than Quinn. Longer. Old school. Fading is more aggressive. All in all i was quite pleased with it.
white roughout scout boot, pull tab, 2040 last, gum lite ripple sole. I have the white roughout on their website and its nice.
Their engineer boots are sweet!
Thanks man, its a "street" piece so I dont think a more refined wool like you see in their recent peacoat would really work with the vintage look of the cotton moleskin that makes up most of the jacket.
Up for your consideration is a pair of Viberg Natural Essex Service boots in a size 7.5.  I was pretty excited to get these because of the leather and because half sizes were hard to get a hold of.  I immediately had heel and toe guards installed by a professional cobbler since I didnt want to spend money to send them out to Viberg to get them resoled in the future.  Unfortunately they are a half size too small for me and have been sitting in my shoe closet after wearing...
The box says sample last.
No number or name as far as i know.
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