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I wore them today as well. Theyll last forever. Try wearing other brands for a few days and then wear Vibergs again.
I wouldnt let go of those context boots
Its pretty warm. It has a wool lining.
Gotcha thanks. looks like a leather patch on the website.
My cowboy denim jacket has a different patch than the one pictured. Anyone else have this?
I agree with this. Should be comfortable out of the box.
For sale is a pair of new black captoe cxl viberg boots on the 2030 last. Ive put up pics of two pairs of boots. One with 7 eyelets, the other 9. They both look good to me so I am selling one pair and keeping the other. Includes original box, materials and alternate laces. Shipping $15 in the US. $50 worldwide. Thanks.
I suggest you try a pair of aldens for a while and then move on to a pair of vibergs so you can appreciate the difference.
Received mine today too. Quite pleased with how it came out.
And i thought i owned alot. Im afraid to count. And yes I agree with trying new things. All good.
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