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When does the Viberg auction end?
8 may be too large especially if it is a cxl which tends to be more loose.
None that Im aware of.
 Obviously, everyone has a right to think and say what he feels.  And certainly it is understandable how upsetting it can be when purchases like this happens.  But there are consequences, good or bad depending on how its handled.  The last couple of pages have been a prime example.  Personally, I think its just good practice to be mindful of whats put out there.  You are doing it in a public forum and I think it hurts much more this way.  Especially when the company is...
What some of you dont realize is that criticism isnt the problem. But it is the lack of respect and rude overtones that elicit the response you get.  Especially from those who barely have any experience with the company.  If you stick to the facts, no one is going to berate you for relating your experience. If you start hurling insults, you are going to get beat down just as bad as you are going to be hurling them.
It has a rubber heel.  For the sole I got it topied professionally for 20 bucks.  I like the leather sole look so it was right for me- best of both.
I have the one on .com.  I like the toecap too, but its a different look. The plain toe is a bit more utilitarian looking.
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