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Is this the dc store ? Nyc stores dont seem to be have the same price
An asshole doesn t know any other way to be. I dont want to waste time on you and no wants to read this post or your derogatory posts. Its over.
Youre free to have your opinion but a moron for being an asshole. easy to do behind a computer not in person so try checking yourself tough guy
What a moron. Just speaking my mind is all.
Dust black calf not so black.
Yes. I thought i was the only advocate. Even better for thinner leathers. Most derbys should be on 1035. Also. Dont forget 2040
I think your right. Sprung toe is not that aggressive.
They are interesting boots. I had to wear beat up jeans to make it work. Must be something about the horns.
From sale, Wings and horns
Nut browns are so underrated. Its softer and to me has an interesting grain.
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