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Glad Im not the only one.  It is getting out of hand though.  I dont have any 145 oxfords but would love to try some in the future.  Waiting for Viberg to stock one. 
Id go half size down from barrie.  Their boots are E width. 
Also the aran neck turtle neck is great. Color, contrast and weight is better than the guernsey shawl collar cardigan
Keep looking for that cpo. It has great color and contrast in the fades
Hello, I am selling a unique handsome pair of the Navy colored Alden x JGilbert Indy boot makeup in a size 8.5d.  Retail $595 +shipping.  I gently wore this a handful of times, totaling an hour at most.    I installed stick-on heel guards to keep it looking as new as possible. Its easy to remove them if youd like.    Features:   -trubalance last -double oiled waterloc soles -gold colored stitching -antique edge   It will come with the original unused wax laces. ...
Hello, Im selling a pair of the Navy colored Alden x JGilbert Indy makeup in a size 8.5d
Thanks man!
Hello, Im selling a brand new pair of the Unionmade McCoppin NSTs in a size 8.5D.  Comes with original box and materials/inserts.  Nice, unique makeup.    -Reverse all around welt with light antique edge. -matching agatine eyelets -Heavy single waterlock sole with lightbrown goodyear stitch -Barrie last.   I tried on for sizing purposes and havent had time to wear them around. Price includes shipping and tracking to US destinations.  Ive sold a couple of other pairs...
Having multiple pairs in each last, I find that each last has their own appeal and there is certainly room for all of them for someone with an expanded wardrobe.  Sometimes I find myself reaching more for one particular last over another depending on my mood and what look I am going for.  That being said, the look of a particular last will make more sense in the context of the entire outfit, rather than just looking at the boot itself. 
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