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 Aesthetics and tech specs aside, based on my experience with many many Aldens and Vibergs, Vibergs are on a different level.  Ex: the snuff suede on my service boots are about three times thicker than a pair of suede indy boots.  Viberg boots feels like a solid one piece unit.  Aldens not so much.  CXLs and Cordovans on the Vibergs look more complex and rich compared to the Aldens.  Ive commented before that they may use the same leathers but the results are completely...
How does the Alt Wien fit compared to a shell LWB on the same last? It looks like it would be a tad bit narrower
I always find an excuse to wear Viberg boots
Out of all the cordovan footwear I own (I own one in almost every color) the natural for me stands at the top for its complexity and "naturalness."  Its qualities are much more evident whereas, the other's although nice, look flat and uninteresting in comparison, with all the tinkering and sports car glaze they use. Pictures here dont it justice
 I really like the unique design.  Lightweight, leather could be better, but with all the shit they put through it to get it to look aged I guess thats what happens.  Worth getting IMO.
If you dont like it after receiving it, Im interested in it. Thanks!
It doesnt matter if its termed caricature or not.  I guess some see the irony in it.  Thats fine man.   
I think Nowithit said it well:   "Eh, debatably inappropriate, and mostly just that it's a caricature of an outmoded historical conception of a race or ethnic group. I don't think it would fly if it was a patch with a caricature of some other race or ethnic group, but apparently RRL gets a free pass with Native Americans."   The patterns are fine, but the caricatures are a different story.
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