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Def gotta have the chops to pull it off. Nice. Those who dont, well you know how it goes
Quality of Jcrew/wallace and barnes pieces varies from piece to piece just like RRL. Sometimes quality of the WB material is outstanding.  In terms of styling and finish I prefer RRL.   I have/had a couple of the Jcrew chambrays and they were ok but I dont particularly look forward to wearing them.  Its a bit of a crapshoot so you have to try it out.   The nicest chambray shirt I have is one made by Haversack. 
Its your feet. You can put whatever you like on them.
Also, it looks like size 6 covers a considerable amount of the heel.  I tried a cobbler who used smaller ones to cover just the outer corner of the heel.  Anyone know the pros and cons to either approach?
Is there a difference between 6 vs #6?  Thanks!
Nice, where did you pick up the clear heel guard?
Here is Guy wearing his with ripple sole:   http://vibergboot.tumblr.com/post/76866903282/ouwe-paparazzi-photography-viberg-boots-white
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