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Matching imo is unneccessary as long as you like the way everything fits together.
Also are they all plain toe?
Id go with the 9.5
Im in as well
Yes it is
Agree! Just have to try it out.  Like you Im a half size down from barrie and trubalance although there are always some exceptions.
 I would just take a damp cloth to clean the outer and if you want to shine it up use an old t shirt or brush it if you like.  Dont really care much for brushing though.  Def use shoe trees for at least a few days just to clear it up a bit.
Here is the link http://www.styleforum.net/t/224463/viberg-boots/8205#post_7459192 Some very nice comparison pics.  It is a 2040 last.  The 2030 is more narrow at the toe but about the same at the widest point.
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