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You can try using a shoetree and put socks on them to stretch them out slowly.
I dont normally wear camo, but the color and material on the camo pullover is pretty amazing in person.
Fashion/style/music/aesthetics, pretty much anything you can think of wouldnt move forward if everyone followed "rules"
I would too
Normal fit.  It is like an Alden D-width.
Country Derby English Tan Latigos are up.  Very nice looking leather. If only it was the service boot.
 Aesthetics and tech specs aside, based on my experience with many many Aldens and Vibergs, Vibergs are on a different level.  Ex: the snuff suede on my service boots are about three times thicker than a pair of suede indy boots.  Viberg boots feels like a solid one piece unit.  Aldens not so much.  CXLs and Cordovans on the Vibergs look more complex and rich compared to the Aldens.  Ive commented before that they may use the same leathers but the results are completely...
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