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There are alot of nice makeups. It would be nice to space them out so that its easier to purchase the various offerings over time
What does the vibram sole look like?
Is there an estimate on the pricing?
I wonder if something like this could be a possible makeup in the future- Color 8 CXL derby with ripple sole. I suppose they have to work out the mid stack sole first.    
This would make a great looking service boot on the 2030 or 2040.  My only hiccup is that I have so many like colored Viberg boots its ridiculous. I was trying to reserve it for the ripple sole, which would be SO unique.  EDIT: that cats paw would be ridiculously nice on it too.
I dont mind blind eyelets.
That leather looks great.  Wondering if the roughout would still be better for the ripple sole and the smooth side for a service boot with a standard leather sole or dainite sole.   While Id love to do the mini ripple sole, if the entire sole is going to be white it would be too much for me aesthetically, unless they can put a tan colored or light brown colored mid sole somehow.  Like how they did here: 
I may go with the black boot with this leather but only if it has 10 eyelets but since its not up for debate im out on this one.
That was on the top of my want list.  At least itll come out eventually.  How would it look without the stacked leather midsole? Would it just be shorter in height? I believe there is dark brown bison and black bison.  Which one were you thinking and if so what would take the place of the stacked leather midsole? Personally, Im not into the scout boots. I dont like the stitching pattern.
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