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Excellent post. Thanks for the update. I have the same pair and have had the same fitting experience. Boots look great with the treatment wearing off too. This winter required commandos for me.
Excellent thanks!
@la guyIm down with olive calf, other italian calf shades or horsehide more so than latigo. I was asking for an elaboration on why the slimmer lasts wouldnt work with the oxford pattern. I like the oxford pattern but prefer to see it on a slimmer but round toe last
Thanks for the input Fok. I still dont see why it wouldnt work. Im more interested in the oxford pattern than anything else. If you could add something that would be helpful going forward.
Horsehide Oxford   Model: 145 Oxford Last: 1035 Leather: Natural Horsehide Leather (tongue): natural horsehide or same colored tongue Eyelets: 5 Vintage Brass Eyelets Sole: natural, double leather Comments: partially structured toe, plain toe   Last is slimmer than 110.  Its basically a 2030, similar body but with a rounded toe. Not chunky at all. Needless to say, horsehide is an interesting leather off the bat. No break in needed for it to look good, although it will...
Olive Oil   Model: Service Boot Last: 2030 Leather: Olive Calf Leather (tongue): brown Eyelets: 8 brass eyelet Sole: Dainite Comments: captoe, partially structured, brown midsole oiled (like wings and horns)   The leather is somewhat dark, rich and complex.  Rather than the contrasting, natural midsole, I opted for a tone on tone look.  8 brass eyelets rather than 7 because its a finer leather than cxl or latigo.   Heres a pic of the oiled sole.  
 Got it, thx
Id do another white boot if we could have a nice beige colored mid-sole. Viberg hasnt found a way to incorporate this design efficiently yet?
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