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Here is Guy wearing his with ripple sole:   http://vibergboot.tumblr.com/post/76866903282/ouwe-paparazzi-photography-viberg-boots-white
Actually its the type of boot only a non-douche bag can pull off. 
Im looking forward to painting on this canvas.  I dont plan to clean them unless I really have to.
Im sure you can.  It just adds a bit of crispness to your look.
Yeah, been looking for a pair of light boots to add some pop.  Had some other shitty boots before and it didnt cut it
In case anyone is interested in getting a pair      
You can try using a shoetree and put socks on them to stretch them out slowly.
I dont normally wear camo, but the color and material on the camo pullover is pretty amazing in person.
Fashion/style/music/aesthetics, pretty much anything you can think of wouldnt move forward if everyone followed "rules"
I would too
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