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It looks pretty awesome. Post some pics!
Does the SW fit wider than the Long wing?
If a derby Id like to see this.  If Green service boot as well Id like to see it on 1035 last with every thing else the same.
  Yes, sometimes I need to sit on it for a day or two.  That being said the color is quite rich and not flat, which is nice
Whiskey LWB, indoor lighting no flash    
I think the 1035 is a balanced version of the lasts.  Similiar width as 2030 but rounded toe area. 
Thanks for the input!
Thanks.  I forgot, maybe since this past December? I wasnt even thinking about it until I received the email. 
The left shoe has darker panels where the right shoe has lighter panels.  If you took all the dark panels together youd have one dark whiskey shoe and one light whiskey shoe. It actually looks pretty interesting. lol
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