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Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Baltimore Lake Trout. Crab cakes
With the talk of Aeroflot buying Alitalia, I can't decide if this would make the level of service on Alitalia go up or down.
Aeroflot can be surprising good on certain routes. LHR-DME is major business route these days and the level of service on Aeroflot is far superior to BA, which continue to milk this highly profitable route by running it as a shorthaul flight (i.e., the same service you get on a short hop to Paris or Frankfurt).
Alar? Isn't that the stuff they put on apples that caused the big scandal with 60 Minutes?
It's a great looking car. They have also just launched the new Spider. I would think if they are going to export anything to the US, it would be that.
Very impressive Manton. Like all of the best writing on food, it makes wonderful reading even if you have no intention of attempting to make it yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology I wonder who it was, had to be someone relatively famous, even if just in the business sector. No idea who the owner was, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the 20 year old son of some Russian oligarch.
Quote: Originally Posted by sloaney I am thinking of visiting Brussels on the weekend of March 3rd. There doesn't seem to be a nice hotel in Brussels, and I am truly puzzled. The best hotel seems to be either Conrad or Marriott or Le Meridian and they're like only EUR 150. I am a bit puzzled? I thought this was supposed to be the capital of the European Union? Nothing super high end, but there are several decent hotels. The Conrad is good. Le...
Huf Haus. Beautifully made, but seriously expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by Percy Trimmer A quick look at British Revenue and Customs sites suggests one might be liable to VAT at 17.5%, customs duty (10%?) and even a daily charge for the time the goods sit in the warehouse. Correct - if they inspect your package (which may or may not happen), you get hit with VAT, duty and also VAT on the duty.
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