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Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast The flights from LHR to Denver, Phoenix, and Seattle have been canceled with many passengers rebooked onto United. Those are the only North American flights that have been canceled that I know of. But how late did the flights get out to JFK/IAD/ORD etc.? Wasn't T4 closed for much of the afternoon and evening?
Truly wonderful news. It's the first bit of good news I've seen for some time.
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Get what you want, but I would advise you buy a used Asian import. Something like an older Accord, Camry, etc. They may be plain vanilla, but they will be a lot easier on your pocket book than a 7- 8 year old BMW. +1 As soon as BMWs get past the first 3 or 4 years, things start going wrong and they definitely become a lot more expensive to run. They are still good cars, but you need to factor in the cost...
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Large bills? I used to buy a full course meal, few glasses of Raki, and still leave a nice tip with one of these in the mid 90s. I prolly couldn't get much with it now though. Turkey revalued the lira a couple of years ago and knocked off several zeros. The currency is pretty stable now.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy you have an a lot of black oxfords. I have probably twice as many shoes as you do, and only 2 black balmoral oxfords - one wingtip, one punch cap. He lives in the UK - he needs plenty of black shoes. That's a great looking collection of shoes. There's no need to describe them as mid-range - no one could possibly accuse you of being ill-shod wearing any of these.
2 suggestions: - Bicester Village outlets near Oxford. - get a cheap flight and go to NY - if you're planning to buy a lot of stuff, it will probably work out cheaper to do this, even factoring in the travel costs.
With the exception of the Bank of China building, I am completely unmoved by the buildings Jetblast posted. There's nothing there to match the sights you would see from a short wander round NY or Chicago.
Great suggestions - especially the ones in Umbria. I have eaten in several of these places and had some wonderful meals.
Some of the stations are truly spectacular. Just don't ask too many questions about the working conditions when the Metro was built. I also agree that Prague has a very efficient Metro system - but it lacks the grandeur of the Moscow stations.
I agree that Dulles is underrated as a piece of architecture. That's a great photo, by the way - is it one you took? The new terminal at Barajas is spectacular - genuinely an exciting place to fly to and from.
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