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Is Kos closing down (maybe just the location on Lex)? What's the story with the big sale?
I agree completely. The standard of dress in the UK, and even in London, is pretty bad. If you compare NY and London head-to-head, the average standard of dress for men is a lot better in NY. The difference is even more pronounced for women. However, that's the average. There are still some very well dressed men in London, with the main concentration in St. James's and Mayfair -- hopefully you saw at least a few.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Kitchen Aid Professional 600 Stand-mixer to "bake my homo desserts with." Also got the grinder , sausage stuffer, pasta roller/cutters, and juicer attachments. Are you really planning to make 8 loaves of bread or 13 dozen cookies at once?
A major downside of BA/Virgin is having to connect through LHR. If you can't get a direct flight from Rome or Milan, I would suggest connecting through Munich or maybe Amsterdam. As Jetblast suggests, the Asian carriers are excellent. Failing that, LH or KLM.
Venice isn't a great city for food, but there are some decent choices. Do Mori is usually recommended as one of the best places to eat. I also like Vini da Gigio. However, I think the most enjoyable option if you're not starving is to have cicetti - basically small nibbles like tapas. Some wine and a selection of cicetti makes a very pleasant light meal.
Quote: Originally Posted by aybojs Liefmans' fruit beers aren't lambics; they use a Flemish sour brown ale base (i.e. the Liefmans' Goudenband) that lacks the wild yeast and spontaneous fermentation of lambics. Many of the widely available fruit beers are extremely sweet. A glass of kriek can be an enjoyable drink on a hot day, but it's often like having a soft drink. I tried the Kriek de Ranke a couple of weeks ago, which was a revelation....
There's some dubious advice here (the S150 suits and the strange bowling shoes he advocates). But for the average man, there's probably more good than bad here.
The Cayenne is a bit much, but the G-Wagen and BMW are not ridiculous for cop cars.
Hard to imagine them offering many tickets at this price. Some of the key aspects of the low cost model don't work as well on long haul routes - e.g., having very short turnaround times to keep the planes productive in the air as much as possible. They also don't get the benefit of very high business/first fares providing a steady revenue flow. That said, I wonder how low transatlantic fares could go and still run a profitable business. I'm guessing they still make a...
Just got back from Madrid and it seems like an extremely liveable place. Don't know exactly how Spanish immigration rules work, but the most likely plan is for you to get a job with a local company there and have them sponsor you through the immigration process. If you have an EU passport, then you can just move there.
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