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This is ridiculous. As others have pointed out, the whole idea of a class ring is very silly except perhaps for a small number of undergraduate schools. For a law school student/graduate to want one in connection with a 3 year JD degree seems like the height of bad taste. However, for someone even to consider this after doing an LLM is completely unspeakable.
I'm really getting bored of this car. Last night, I saw three of them within the space of about 10 minutes. That's more a commentary on central London, than anything about the car.
If you want to protect the soles, then don't wear the shoes. Keep them in a display case.
I thought the 1 series was just a hatchback. Have they done a coupe version just for the US market?
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Many states don't have reciprocity for traffic enforcement. If I get a parking ticket in North Carolina and I'm from Oregon, North Carolina is going to have a tough time tracking me down. Not to mention the Canadian problem. They may not have reciprocity for putting points on your license, but surely you would still be liable for paying a fine. You couldn't just tear up the ticket could you?
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 It's far worse in London because local town councils are assholes about construction approvals/planning permission. A garage in a London house is worth a fortune. A lot of new construction in London prevents you from even parking on the street. You need a residents permit to park in many areas in London - and it's quite common to have a condition of planning approval that prevents anyone who ever lives in...
If you're interested in international relations or maybe the foreign service, languages should be a priority. If you're not already doing it, a major western European language (Gaelic isn't a major language) and then perhaps a "hard" language - Arabic is an obvious choice but there are various others. Or go and live in Ireland for a year - see if you can do a year at a university there.
www.apartmenttherapy.com Lots of good ideas there
Did this happen in a race or on the road? Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Better a historic Ferrari raced and damaged, than never raced at all. Enzo would approve. +1 The car was damaged while it was out doing what it's meant to do. I think that's much better than preserving it in mothballs in a museum. By the way, the Goodwood Revival meeting is a great opportunity to see these cars out on the racetrack. It's interesting to see...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing There's a remarkable level of detail and authenticity in his graphic illustrations. Many of the drawings, and especially the cars, boats, aircraft etc., are very accurate drawings of real things. There was book published a few years ago that tracked down the things that inspired Herge, with lots of pictures from the Tintin books next to photographs of the real life inspiration.
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