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They will make any of their shoes in shell cordovan as a special order. I have a pair of cordovan chukka boots on special order from them at the moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Very fascinating article in the latest Bloomberg Markets magazine. There are some very strong signs of a real estate bubble in London. Many investors are buying properties simply to rent them out. Housing prices have risen dramatically, in part fueled by real demand by Russian petrodollars and rising status as a world financial center. The property market is definitely overinflated - and prices have...
Is this a fancy dress party?
I think Bose has shut down some ebay sales of their noise cancelling headphones. They charge significantly more for these outside the US, and people have tried buying several in the US and then reselling them privately on ebay. My recollection is that they were successful in getting ebay to take down the auctions, unless the seller could show that he was making a bona fide personal resale (i.e. he was selling something that he had bought and used himself as opposed to...
Alan Clark (conservative politician, diarist, notorious rake, and car collector) despised over-restored cars and wrote at length about driving battered but original cars. For anyone not familiar with them, his diaries are a joy to read and have lots of entries about his obsessions with cars. Also his obsessions with women, and entertaining descriptions of various political gaffes.
London firms, even where they have gone business casual, tend to have more people wearing suits than comparable places in NY. You will have plenty of meetings, even as a junior associate, so you'll need to be stocked up on suits. Congrats on the move to London. Feel free to send me a PM to discuss in more detail - I know this scene pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman It's a British luxury lifestyle brand [EDIT: gagging as I write that expression] started as a bit of a vanity project by an aristocratic family (which also sells organic food). Most of the stuff is made in Italy. It's pretty nice. They have a multilevel shop in Sloane Square, London. Not an aristocratic family at all. They own a company that makes construction equipment and tractors (imagine a British...
Why don't you get a needle and thread (or a sewing machine) and have a go at doing it yourself?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton It's not back. It survives among a small remnant of people who like it. When we die, it will die. If J Crew is selling them now (rather a nice, simple, sterling silver one), then I think it means they're back. Or maybe we can wait until they don't sell any, and they sell them at huge discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I'm sure it's meant for the foreign markets, where J.Crew fills a pretty small but wealthy niche. You probably won't even see it in any retail store in the U.S. I'd bet. Does J Crew operate in any foreign markets? Their website doesn't list any stores outside the US and I think they will only do mail order to Canada and Japan. In any event, I'm sure their pricing on items like this builds in the...
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