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Their new premises are a decent size - plenty of room to room to pace up and down. Can't imagine what prompted this. Ricky always seems tightly wound, but not a screamer.
Great advice from Holdfast. It really depends how tall you are. 1.5" seems to be the standard, with 1.75" as an option for a deep cuff. But for someone with long legs, 1.5" looks insignificant, almost an afterthought. I'm pretty tall, and I always used to go for 1.75" cuffs. However, I've decided that 2" looks much better. I can't imagine going any further, even for someone very tall.
I agree with VKK. London prices are absurd, but some of the numbers that zupermaus is quoting just aren't representative of what people actually pay in London. Housing and eating out are extremely expensive in London, compared to just about any other city in the world. However, grocery shopping isn't completely out of line with US prices - some things are cheaper and some are more expensive. The weak dollar definitely distorts the comparison of prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Here is a jacket made by A&S in 1935 for Peter Sheppard, a son of one of the founders, in 18oz tweed: - B Quote: Originally Posted by John Ellis And you think that looks good? Ok. Here we go again . . . a boldly patterned jacket . . . check a really heavy tweed . . . check At least we have a definite idea of what you don't like.
Quote: Originally Posted by gpe By the way, is outlets selling clothes specially made for outlet stores more common in US than in Europe? I don't seem to have not seen much of this in Europe, but then again I do have limited experience with them. There are relatively few outlet malls in Europe - so they are genuinely used as an outlet for factory second, end of range and overstock items. In the US, there are thousands of "factory outlet"...
Very quick. I have placed an order on a Friday afternoon and picked up the shirts Monday morning.
I also have the G9 and am very pleased with it - but I was tempted by the Ricoh when I was shopping for my camera. You will get excellent image quality with either camera. Not quite to the level of a DSLR, but better than just about any P&S camera. Both cameras also allow you a lot of manual control. The main selling point for me of the G9 over a DSLR is the size and weight. It's small enough to carry around easily (meaning I will actually use it a lot), without...
Quote: First, although CEOs and independently wealthy millionaires - whose spending habits aren't tied to the state of the economy - account for 80% of its 20,000 clients, he said the remaining 20% are customers who "aspire" to high-end living. That's a bizarre quote from the article.
Spain is already experiencing a mortgage crisis, and the UK and Ireland will probably be next. As some of the links above describe, property prices have shot up much higher in the UK than in the US, and personal debt is far higher in the UK -- it makes the US look modest and rational by comparison. The IMF recently did an analysis of how much house prices are "overvalued" in various countries. Their top list was Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy He is a lucky SOB and down right stupid not having a prenup. Prenups aren't enforceable in the UK.
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