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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Here is a jacket made by A&S in 1935 for Peter Sheppard, a son of one of the founders, in 18oz tweed: - B Quote: Originally Posted by John Ellis And you think that looks good? Ok. Here we go again . . . a boldly patterned jacket . . . check a really heavy tweed . . . check At least we have a definite idea of what you don't like.
Quote: Originally Posted by gpe By the way, is outlets selling clothes specially made for outlet stores more common in US than in Europe? I don't seem to have not seen much of this in Europe, but then again I do have limited experience with them. There are relatively few outlet malls in Europe - so they are genuinely used as an outlet for factory second, end of range and overstock items. In the US, there are thousands of "factory outlet"...
Very quick. I have placed an order on a Friday afternoon and picked up the shirts Monday morning.
I also have the G9 and am very pleased with it - but I was tempted by the Ricoh when I was shopping for my camera. You will get excellent image quality with either camera. Not quite to the level of a DSLR, but better than just about any P&S camera. Both cameras also allow you a lot of manual control. The main selling point for me of the G9 over a DSLR is the size and weight. It's small enough to carry around easily (meaning I will actually use it a lot), without...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy He is a lucky SOB and down right stupid not having a prenup. Prenups aren't enforceable in the UK.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho Looks like they've become more efficient. Does anyone know why? My guess is that they've settled into their new, larger premises now. Ricky also has a few people working for him in the store.
It's not clear if Ferrari is suing about the modifications to their car (crazy) or about all the Ferrari branding on this guy's website. If it's the latter, it's not so ridiculous - you can't just take someone else's trademarks and use them to promote your own company.
Quote: Originally Posted by waitwhat Jantzen has linen shirts available, and according to forum posts they are medium to heavy in comparison to other linen shirts. I have never had a linen shirt, what is it comparable to(in terms of cooling power). Agreed - they have a good selection of different colours (all solids), but the cloth is relatively heavy and doesn't breathe especially well. I had a linen shirt made recently elsewhere from one...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Henry Poole in China. Kilgour bought by a Dubai fund. A&F, Evisu, and Jil Sander on the Row. WTF!?! Merrill Lynch bought by Singapore and Korea, Citi bought by Abu Dhabi and Saudi . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Paul Stuart and Ben Silver will definitely have large selections Tom. I can check Paul Stuart out for you on Monday. Paul Stuart has the widest selection of knit ties that I've seen anywhere.
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