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Iconic. It's massively overused in the British press at the moment - I see or hear it numerous times a day.
Tegel is great - very small and close to the city centre. Sheremetyevo is horrible, but Domodedovo is actually not bad. I wouldn't call either place a destination in its own right, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by juniper Then I looked at IMDB to see what happened to all the actors, and got quite sad. I don't know why seeing one great film and then nothing on an actor's resume makes me sad, but it does. With a couple of exceptions, they weren't really professional actors. For most of them, Metropolitan was a one-off -- they then went on with their lives. At least one of them is a lawyer now.
The original illustrations are wonderful. By the way, they were done by E.H. Shepard (who also did the illustrations for an edition of The Wind in the Willows).
From the Dualit website: Spare Parts We supply Spares for many of our products, For further information please call our customer helpline on +44(0)1293 652 500. **** These toasters are made to last forever. My local cafe has a huge 6-slot Dualit that is ancient, but still going strong. Definitely don't just buy a new one and throw out the old one. There are so few electrical items today that can be repaired and that are not designed to be disposable. If you can...
You'll put your eye out with that!
Not sure why some people are so critical about this picture. I'm not a fan of the pocket square, but everything else looks great for a real life photo of someone on the street. There are plenty of nitpicking things that would be fair comment if this was an advertising shot for a fashion magazine (the suit is a little rumpled), but for a photo of someone who Scott stopped in the street, it's looks pretty damn good. Even by the standards of Mayfair (can't tell which...
Their new premises are a decent size - plenty of room to room to pace up and down. Can't imagine what prompted this. Ricky always seems tightly wound, but not a screamer.
Great advice from Holdfast. It really depends how tall you are. 1.5" seems to be the standard, with 1.75" as an option for a deep cuff. But for someone with long legs, 1.5" looks insignificant, almost an afterthought. I'm pretty tall, and I always used to go for 1.75" cuffs. However, I've decided that 2" looks much better. I can't imagine going any further, even for someone very tall.
I agree with VKK. London prices are absurd, but some of the numbers that zupermaus is quoting just aren't representative of what people actually pay in London. Housing and eating out are extremely expensive in London, compared to just about any other city in the world. However, grocery shopping isn't completely out of line with US prices - some things are cheaper and some are more expensive. The weak dollar definitely distorts the comparison of prices.
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