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In equity research, it's an important qualification. Outside of that, you occasionally see bankers doing it but it's unusual. As others have said, it's a huge amount of work. You mentioned it helping your legal career. Can't remember if you're a law student or if you're currently practicing -- but if you're still in law school, the CFA might actually be a negative in looking for a job. Law firms will think you aren't serious about doing law and that you'll quickly...
This week's episode was on country clothes - tweed, tartan, Barbour jackets
Antwerp is a great city. But if you've got 4-5 days, I would spend a bit of time in Brussels too. It's a very underrated place.
If you're a fan of Stilton, I suggest you try some Stichelton. It's a raw milk version of Stilton. The AOC rules for Stilton require the use of pasteurized milk, so they can't call it Stilton - but it's otherwise the same cheese. Excellent stuff.
I've found HSBC to have a more joined up approach to international banking. Citi has operations everywhere, but the different countries often don't speak to each other. A big factor is if you qualify for one of the "mass affluent" products (Premier at HSBC or Citigold at Citi). That will definitely help grease the wheels. One of the official benefits of HSBC Premier is that if you move to another country, they will help set you up with an account there. Sounds...
Are they allowed to do this? I thought that if a merchant accepts Visa, they have to take any Visa card from any customer. But I'm not an expert on merchant rules for credit cards.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Waitrose and such carry what they call mozzarella di bufala, but when its packaged like that it strikes me as odd. I guess it is Buffalo milk, but it doesnt seem to have the same creamyness combined with the bite of the rind that I get in the deli / cheese shop. There is supposed to be a cheese shop in the city that gets it fresh and will deliver in central London. Will have to try it sometime The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Some people I know bought this for ferrying guests to their night club: Where is the night club? Havana?
Did no one else notice that these are in the "Health and wellness" section of the website?
Anyone been to the new Dunhill store in Mayfair yet? It's a beautiful building (it was built as the Duke of Westminster's town house). Apparently there's going to be a bar and a private screening room there.
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