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I'm with Leon that the sleeveless vests look a whole lot better than the down jackets - but I still can't imagine ever wearing such a thing. On the other hand, I often wear a Barbour jacket over a suit.
Would love to, but will be in Hong Kong then.
Price drop - and updated shipping info (I was in the US last week and was offering discounted shipping to US addresses, but unfortunately I'm back in the UK now so no longer available). These are a tremendous bargain for C&J handgrade.
Price drop - and updated shipping info.
It's really a great shoe. Also very versatile. I would never have thought that a pair of shoes could go with either jeans or a suit, but you could just about pull it off with these.
These are a custom order pair of Allen Edmonds chukka boots (Stanford model) in shell cordovan. Size is 13E (US). AE never made the Stanford in shell cordovan as part of their regular line, but these were custom ordered in shell, with Redenbach leather soles. Brand new and unworn in the original box. I misjudged the size when I ordered these and wasn't happy with the fit when they arrived (completely my own fault - I should have ordered a different size). It's a great...
Bump - price drop
Crockett & Jones Welbeck, from the Handgrade range. Size 11 1/2 E (UK size). Chestnut burnished calf. These are brand new and unworn. Current retail price for the black version of these from is GBP 362 (=$580). For sale for GBP 210 (or $350) plus cost of shipping. Includes C&J flannel shoe bags.
Reykjavik. Easily doable from NY, and completely different from anywhere you could go for a long weekend in the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Thanks. If I do it, it's for the finance knowledge and not for the designation. I want to get deeper with finance, but don't want to get an MBA. An alternative to the MBA for people who want a rigorous finance course is a 1-year Masters in Finance. Still requires going back to school, but I know a few lawyers who have taken a year out to do it. If you're a Biglaw associate, I cannot imagine having the...
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