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Just pulled the trigger on this beauty. 
Does anyone know if the Mercer fit has double side vents? thanks 
Are they going to restock soon? It seems like every suit I'm interested in, my size is out of stock. 
Can anyone give some advice please. I'm in over my head on this one. Thank you kindly. :)
Hey guys. First time ordering off SuSu. I'm looking to get this Washington Half Lined. But I'm not to sure about the fitting. Here are my measurements:   Hight 187cm (6'2")   Chest 94cm (37inch)   Belly 84cm (33inch)   lower 94cm (37inch)   One member described the measurment calculator as giving you a ballcrushingly tight fit. I'm looking for a smart slim fit but nothing tight and restricting. I'm a little intimidated making such a body specific purchase online....
Oh, I must have missed that. Thanks! 
The online measurement calculator said I am a size 44 for Lazio fit. I just wanted to know if this online size calculator will measure true for a slimmer fit? Or should I go a size down? This is my first time buying online so I want to be sure. Thanks. 
Please post pics when it arrives. 
Is the Washington-Half shorter than other suit jackets?
For anyone that has experience with the Lazio fit: how do the pants fit? I've been hearing that the Napoli and Washington have very slim fitting pants, boarder line skinny.Is the Lazio different?
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