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Oh, I must have missed that. Thanks! 
The online measurement calculator said I am a size 44 for Lazio fit. I just wanted to know if this online size calculator will measure true for a slimmer fit? Or should I go a size down? This is my first time buying online so I want to be sure. Thanks. 
Please post pics when it arrives. 
Is the Washington-Half shorter than other suit jackets?
For anyone that has experience with the Lazio fit: how do the pants fit? I've been hearing that the Napoli and Washington have very slim fitting pants, boarder line skinny.Is the Lazio different?
  I'm thinking about buying a Lazio. This looks great. Do you have any or criticisms or general observations with the fit/comfort level?   
On our good friend here Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders. Thanks!
Anyone know what brand these sunglasses are?    
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