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new Ben Frost album is going to be hard to top for AOTY - Pinata was good and all, but not this good. Secant is my song of the year right now for sure.
  These are up on Unionmade right now. Interesting take on Jack Purcells.   http://unionmadegoods.com/product/converse-jack-purcell-jeffrey-ltt-ox-in-natural-and-egret/
much better
not a fan of the toebox
currently listening to the new(ish) Sun Kil Moon album - this dude seems fucking miserable
Morgan, that sweater kicks ass
I really want to see someone go Regismode
stop posting forever, holy fuck
You can just remove the arcs on any pair of jeans with a seam ripper. It's a very easy process.
If people can see my underwear then I'm probably doing something wrong
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