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Thats True about the bloom, It seems like dry skin scalling up, and I expected it to wipe off easily. try a damp cloth to wipe it away, one pair I had - some cord cream worked well to remove the bloom and give it shine it never came off any other way. Thing is you really don't want to over use product on the new leather, or at all since to much product can open the pores permanently. 
Some help please with purchases from Franz Boone..   Does paypal work well for international orders?   How to avoid import tax on American product?
2014 Acquisitions   Unipair snuff  Nassau derby (PTB) Alden of Carmel #8 shell Wingtip boot NeedSupply Alpine grain Indy Unionmade choco suede Indy DC Ravello shell Straight Tip boot on commando (*Grail) "nightcaps" Leffot Black shell LWB  Haberdasher Tan suede Indy derby on trubalance Alden Madison Black shell Straight Tip Boot - no hooks Leffot Alpine grain Wingtip Boot on commando Leffot Black shell Naval Boot   Pre- order due 2015' ish Citi Shoes...
Great Year in pics                                                                                                          
Really get pics of those up ASAP.  I love Alden wingtip boots on commando 
Those look better now than, the time Orvis in Vermont did a similar pair called "the aviator boots".    
Any word on when the Alden Madison Ravello long wings are due to arrive? 
Thank You, Uncle Mac & Uncle RTP   I Wish You a Merry Christmas
Unbreakable Rules of the Alden thread     Hold the Chorico
Maiden Voyage in dreary New England
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