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I will do #3 #4 above Also interested in carmina build I know an official Alden retailer willing to put in an order of 12 to 16 may require prepay in full but he will get a reasonable order made It is said Alden has one sales manager Floyd and all orders go thru him Ultimately I want to use this connection to get a 4x4 alden shoe in shell or Moca suede I think they are Barrie lasted but again a good boot order has my attention and I respect Blackboard Knowledge for his...
3/16 is the mark for both length and width to increase sometimes that is really 1/8 depending on the stitcher Thanks for the insight guys I plan to see how far off the ball of my foot will land Also is the Zug Grain MTO boot happening
About sizing on the JCrew PCT boot Would it be poor fit to go TTS on Barrie to get bit more width or is the additional length to noticeable in a boot
[[SPOILER]] Color $ 4 AtomsĀ the style is also known as the HarvardĀ 
Thanks for the sale info forum member - my first trubalance lasted and light suede
Way to show how to do it right
Get the Cubans out that cigar color is smokin
I have seen JCrew Revello boots at the outlet 50 $ off. Never again
Very exciting day on the thread Leffot E boats just delivered my first and I now realize I should have done it sooner
This is very easy t do and at most old timers I know expected it as a sign of taste. Go with oxblood and the lightest brown Paste wax you can find. Paste will give you control of were the color goes without bleed. so mix red with brown on a tin cap until the color is a shade you want and apply at toe and heel.
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