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My cobblers assistant showed me his patina skill on a pair of 6 month old Indy's
[[SPOILER]] Very nice boot - great pic - best pic of those boots, I ever remember seeing
Need Supply Simcoe Hill I believe I will topy these with a vibram rubber and darken the welt with wax. It is an Indy boot without the foot balance heel. The chocolate suede Indy is foot balance with oiled leather sole and very comfortable.
Chocolate Suede difficult to get the color right with the iPhone Le Meas - with respect Blackboard Knowledge for posting such a fine recommendation
Confirmed Unipair is the fastest shipping from Korea I have experienced Nice surprise these are unlined and soft toe
Shell belt with curve is Canadian Shell belt with points was Alden Both are stitched three piece so Horweens are the best as one piece Still you can get dare I say vintage Alden gear from the old retailers not new boutiques
Can anyone provide a picture of a #4 Tanker
The brooks belt is made by Alden it is the same color
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