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 I still like the NST they do because of the blind eyelets. Last time they were in stock my size was available for over a week, I still think you have a shot the Indy plaza. best of luck to you
 Not to my knowledge as an Alden creation. The Ryden Boot is black shell plain toe with antique.  Other Brands have brown welts on black shell - I am thinking of a Carmina special order I once saw.  I think this pair will lighten significantly to become more light brown. Robusto Cigar for now
Cigar boots AoM. Vs cigar bals Citi shoes Also whisky
  I feel the same way. My advice is often to wait and make calls. You will get the shoe at retail with some effort and quick trigger payment in the right time.  Those are an excellent looking whiskey pair so popping an extra couple hundred still seems fair game.   10D whiskey long wing with a buy it now button under 2,000$ - most minor try-on wear
I won an ebay auction today. Something I find increasingly difficult to do. Straight tips on Aberdeen last. My Epaulet alpine grain are the only Aberdeen pair I have and i hope these fit similar to those. Same seller as the Nassau 4x4 a grail shoe @ 2500$ it was tough to pass-up but I have snuff Nassau from Unipair and really this ravello captor is much more versatile for me.   Cigar Loafer size 10 looks nice
The unbranded trees are available here   Cobblers and DIY'rs will sand down trees for a better fit to specific pairs of shoes.
Light wear, box, new laces, unused bags included   Buyer pays shipping - will ship USPS or UPS 20$    Grant last should fit TTS double leather outsole  hooks shell cordovan
Union made choco suede for a super casual Friday with a California lunch
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