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The rolls burnished the leather and trapped lots of oil from the hide. I like how the burnishing is opposite - with the lighter  toe. You could burnish the toe tip and heel to even it all out. Some sun and product and brushing & trees will even it out. I would say worn < 80 cared for 0  lilely the wrong size
it's orthopedic
Snuff noir
I order NeedSupply sunday night - today Monday morning the sale promo is emailed.   They cancelled my Sunday order promptly after my request and I ordered this morning with the discount. Very impressive customer service.
Anyone going in for a Naval Boot / Black Shell / Leffot?
These shoes are not vegan
is it acceptable to use neatsfoot oil on shell, as a deep conditioner?
 I am on a wait list at Alden Madison for the PCT balmoral soon I hope to locate a similar pant very inspiring - Thank you Uncle Mac
Beebs I noticed first Plaza lasted   Had to go back and look again to even notice the commando sole. I think that says a lot about the commando.         Ryden Love the NST  - I figure Mr. DV has a couple pair in case of rain in So. Cali. I should at least have a pair for the frequent downpours  in New England.   Are you a Mark Ryden fan? 
Ditto todayGood workMy remaining shoe is under 600$ so great deal and available
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