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Excellent example NAMOR. tough as nails and very waterproof for the quick clean up I do get hints of play d'oh and care is easy with some cheap neats foot oil will keep them from drying out.
I have Context Roy boots in black reverse chamois. The talk about the strong odor from chamois is very true. It is a strong leather smell that is evident still after many wears. It smells like a leather workshop. And I have no issue with it. I have been seeking another chamois shoe or boot. Brown or black are the most common options. The leffot green which boot Is awesome. The Winn-perry LWB posted days back is a regret for me to have skipped. Simply undecided...
Whisky and Wool Chups
Love the Plum Museum calf belt
Boot week has been spectacular. Lots of additional solid sock advice. A few maiden voyage hits. #4 boots yes Really great week. And DonL with the alt 8's- I say good day sir Smart wool socks I expect a pair next month sister
First time on the run in cigar boots. Already waited out a fire drill.
Great Pic Disco   Happy Birthday
Brooks Brothers has restocked. A shell that looks close to cigar. Nice looking shortwing
Stock make-ups from the Alden catalog
you get additional width from the last fitting TTS
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