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Light wear, box, new laces, unused bags included   Buyer pays shipping - will ship USPS or UPS 20$    Grant last should fit TTS double leather outsole  hooks shell cordovan
Union made choco suede for a super casual Friday with a California lunch
Alpine NST Cititanker. Benjis
My ShoeMart perfcaptoe boot is a nice pickup. Close to the Jcrew boot but you will notice some pinking on the cap. And the stitch along the side is missing. And no hooks. A fine replacement for my #8 straight tip boot. So I should sell those and get on the list for cigar straight tips at DC right? Sure. I have some cigar inbound from AoM due to the Ravello shortage but not sure what to expect for details on the cigar wingtip boot. I stayed on the list for Ravello LWB...
My Leffot tan suede LWB came in - ordered these snuff the next week. Really good decisions. Not a drop of rain permeated today during the maiden voyage. Nanotechnology is priceless
Thanks DonLNew boots inbound ~your a true friend.
Wish my friends bought me Alden's.! Enjoy in and out of your sweethome
called Ambulance/ hospital boots - still available in NYC
[[SPOILER]] I do not recall seeing Indy's on Grant. Trust Grant to work TTS but if you size length to match Barrie or Trubalance you can then go wider for a perfect fit - so Grant 11.5E or 12D will be what to try first.
http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_cap_toe_boot_calfskin_plaza_last_brown_smooth/pvc-ald-mxs-d4803h_ald_m_cap_toe_boot_calfskin_plaza_last.html     I think the plaza lasted boot at the above link looks just like Ravello shell
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