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Alden group MTO shell Indy Details of the boot are still in the works. However, anyone seeking wide sized boots or narrow, will have the opportunity to order in this multi-width MTO 12 pairs confirmed are needed to proceed. PM if interested you will be added to the list.
Tell us about the Redbreast 21. I have the 12, 15 and 12 year cask strength and was always interested. You are a fan of Redbreast. The 21 will not disappoint just like any Irish whiskey. The grain benefits from age and brings on a level heat to accompany a subtle sweetness. The cask 15 comes close with the right water. The 21 is harder than ever to find since it won some award recently.
Selecting from the closet stash.
Yes. Looking into that. Could be the buyers thinking it is a different release or it is the only way to get hands-on. I found high bids on a London based online auction. I don't believe I could ever profit considering the selection of hard to find bottlings. But I already bought several Willett to trade up with.
Check out the prices on Willett at auction. I get the 8 yr for 70$ in MA and auction prices are in the hundreds of pounds.
My bottle of 8 year Willett did not last long. The entire whisky club liked it also.
The full mcarthur Shell, Marcoliani, cobblestone
Spencer Imperial Stout. Spencer Massachusetts Trappist Monks Also, the IPA
So hot the surrounding cement is drying up
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