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Inbound tankers all paid in full - awaiting those Leffot black long wings a pair I will use a couple times a week
Just surprised it's still there
10D tanker. At context clothing
Interesting you ask that. Color 4 is on the box label. The finest difference between color 4 and many recent Ravello colors is that color 4 always has black piping (trim). I have seen Ravello with that red tint which looks the way I think color 4 looks. That said in this pic they do look a shade off from #8 with patina.
8.5 D Barrie last from Tassels via Utah buddy from Hong Kong - I like the scratches to my knowledge they are not a knock off. No listing for them exist on Tassels website but my guess is they are from the Alden anniversary run a couple years back
#4 casual Pho lunch
  The Alden for Epaulet  Tauntaun  boot   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-for-epaulet-taunton-captoe-boot-burnished-calfskin
 I am going with an 8.5D this run but wish I could try an 8E for comparison    I have done similar and can say you made the right choice. The 8E could feel far to large all around and the heel increases more so than a barrie lasted heel. Also the overall height of the boot increases as well as the volume in the toe box. If your between width at the 8D the 8.5D will give a perfect fit up front and he heel remains well placed, without increasing the length any noticeable...
JCrew should cover that shipping - someone dumped a return or stollen goods on JCrew which became mixed in. Someone else is or will soon experience the same issue as you have.
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