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I am unable to get the color correct for this photo the welt color is very subtle and dark I used I oxblood wax to darken the natural welt and wiped the welt with neatsfoot oil to naturally darken the welt At the tip of one boot the true color is showing
Great socksGo USA - my love to Ghana much respect but the USA corner was fierce
So I should use paste wax in neutral to give a gloss to the edge trim now? Will do that's good advice
If you are really a 7.5 Barrie it will make the 8 D TTS grant which will fit like your 8 D Barrie because the Barrie is sized large
Grant is TTS and the E is huge I would say that since you could size down in that Barrie LW that when you go 8.5 D Grant it will be plenty of room with socks of various thickness - not to mention much easier getting D width to E You also have two Barrie boots to help you decide. The ankle in Grant is smaller than Barrie in either width
Please give me suggestions about black edge dressing products to touch up my Alden's The one I have is very matte I always planned to get the chili edge dressing - should I pick up black with it or is there something better?
Black shell boots rule on nasty days with terrible weather - when you really just need to stomp through - that darkness fits the dark day   So a commando sole helps. I avoid the plain toe in black it looks so sovereign citizen. But after seeing that plain toe boot in cigar that the Beebs has I would be all over that cigar Pitt boot I believe.    When I got my captoe boots /black shell/ all eyelets/ Alden NYC double leather /flat welt - I thought this look really just...
I am in on one of those preorders and if it even takes a year that is perfect timing as a graduation gift before those loans are due.
A quality suede shampoo will work to emulsify the oil and lift it from the suede without softening the color. Get some on the leather sole, wash the entire ring and bottom, probably treat the inner shoe also - follow the instructions on the bottle.    Cheap route would be to use some type of dawn dish soap (no odor or color). When it is dry you will really need to treat the suede with a moisturizer - brush it - and use nano tech to finish.  Then always tree that pair...
East Coast DV Style reverse engineered Fine looking rocks
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