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Confirmed Unipair is the fastest shipping from Korea I have experienced Nice surprise these are unlined and soft toe
Shell belt with curve is Canadian Shell belt with points was Alden Both are stitched three piece so Horweens are the best as one piece Still you can get dare I say vintage Alden gear from the old retailers not new boutiques
Can anyone provide a picture of a #4 Tanker
The brooks belt is made by Alden it is the same color
Guston has a #8 CXL belt up for kick start
Originally Posted by Bakes11771 Quote: Originally Posted by sacafotos If the BB version is closer to the Alden shade of Color 8, why not buy the belt and make a weekend project out of it? Apply cordovan paste wax and buff the heck out of it. I'd be worried that I'd get color 8 pigment transfer on my clothes. Was concerned about the same thing. Anyone have success doing this? This plan is stupid
 Ok - so it is a Dubshella with a Ravello trifecta.  Plainridge has slots and the outlets down the hill MA folk
True, but 99% of the population wouldn't know that. Careful he's a lawyer
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