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  Just the same advice I gave to local heading into military college, he thought his Oakley boots were expensive and they will barely last Freshman year.
Sammy,    Go get the LWB ASAP try them on first as the the longwing is often said to fit different than other Barrie lasted shoes.
Commando sole Plaza last Indy Chocolate suede 270 Welt  with no pull tab no speed hooks  matched eyelets   that would be a nice looking boot 
          The bureau belfast has a boot with some similarites   It's a good thing the crepe soul is being voted down.
How are these rare?   I suppose these are soft toe like The Bureau Belfast has, and also a  flex sole.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Alden-Plain-Toe-Blucher-Shell-Cordovan-Color-8-Size-7-5-/330962826671?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item4d0eebf5af
Totally agree the paypal thing is annoying. It is a constant easily accounted for in pricing.    I don't believe it is dishonest or enough to be banned from a forum
Sammy    The boot is hard to come by, the longwing is in the Alden catalog and easy to order.
PAYPAL policy is clear that a seller shall not pass the 3% fee to the buyer.    It is done - especially on a certain Audio equipment forum and craigslist 
I am amazed a marketing start-up has management and 4 departments to put you in.    Clearly they may have someone other than you who could go. Thats were the whole "we don't think you speak-up" line is from that tells me someone else in that meeting is dumb and you are not being better than them. Or you are failing to provide someone in the meeting with what they need from you in order for them to do their own work well.   Overall if they will let you stay and...
I saw the tongue trainer before, worth a try if you say it works. I did not want to stitch the side of the boot to hold the thing in place as is exampled somewhere on this thread.   I will check with my cobbler about a tack stitch to keep it in place but I did want to avoid that since he is an Alden dealer and the boots are purchased elsewhere.   Overall I will try the trainer first. Surprisingly a pad under the tongue did not work           Truth is spoken here.    Avoid...
New Posts  All Forums: