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    Barrie last shortwings museum quality. It's good to know that the BB is Tremont last I will check my size. So what then is the Snap last or was that a different retailer than Brooks Brothers.   I am enjoy this thread and was surprised how there is so much more to it, besides being envious of people's Alden shoe's and knowledge in this collective force for good.
  Reno brushing and edge trim, it will be ready for Tuesday. 
Post the rest of your shoes please Johnniegold.
Updated Alden Site   http://www.aldenshoe.com/#&panel1-1
  Never have. You may need to brush spots off (suede brush) the shoe from being against the other shoe in the box. The biggest risk of spraying is a change in color or cheap product that sits on top of the fiber. I have not seen that issue since the 80's and there is no telling what my neighbor sprayed on those.
    Swing dance to Hot Club of Cowtown with some wings on. Saddles work too..
  So the marlow size 8.5 is very much an Alden Hampton last - which is narrower than Barrie with a similar toe box that is just a bit trimmer on each side. Since they are bluchers the top arch gets extra room and that arch is just as tight as my Hampton last balmoral cap toes when first out of the box. The length along the bottom soul 1/8 longer than a size 8 Barrie balmoral and width is a hard call soul to soul. One shoe is a bit tighter and mostly along the top arch...
    Here is an example of cigar shell on Hampton last with natural edge trim double soul. Not a bad impersonation and on sale, so I popped to hold me over until my pre-order ships.    Life only feels normal with an Alden pre-order to wait for. I could survive waiting for unicorn cap boots, just get ten other pair while I wait and wait...
  Very fine practice in my opinion. Out of the box they have no nap so break them in, get them dirty. Then brush, saphire wash, dry, brush up a nap, add treatment, edge trim - now it;s better than new. I watched my grandmother remove a stain on some suede shoes using the white vinegar trick - a nice all natural fix. I would guess my Alden suede is pre-treated do to how well they hold-up in winter weather, but the wash will remove the treatment and keep a matte shine when...
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