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Is there a way to reset the crease on a pair of shell?
If a registered crease in the vamp of a new shell alden falls into an undesired place is a fix available? Has anyone had luck creating a new crease across the top and how would I do that?
Uncle Mac has done such a thing to a pair of shoes. It is only leather so sanding deep will bring out the natural fiber color.
Congratulations @Buda
I have been enjoying this horse hide belt from bullhide belts its 1 1/2 wide and 1/4 inch thick if you have to carry its perfect, also color match to #8 is complimentary
To my knowledge Ben Silver does not have any make up specific to Ben Silver.   They do stock C width D&E width in the majority of the models they carry, boots excluded.
Kudu chukka is a stock item The leather sole CXL are harder to come by I love my kudu with rubber soles care free and perfect in a pinch for wet days
@distinguishment   I would like info on those navy boots were they a Leffot make up? or Jgilbert     @ Rydenfan   I would fully commit to the LHS #8 and/or cigar antique edge    I know it is only 12 min to send an order to Alden and the reply posts are very close to that number I will keep my positive energy focused and believe it will happen - also "the new Star Wars will be good" is in that train of thought
Kerouac wore shell boots -    the 50's onward   English Ivy look - LHS    American preppy - Bucks / saddle shoes (trad)     join the workforce and use the information superhighway in the comfort of shell and long wings
I would like to raid that closet Thanks for assist the other day Moosic
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