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I order NeedSupply sunday night - today Monday morning the sale promo is emailed.   They cancelled my Sunday order promptly after my request and I ordered this morning with the discount. Very impressive customer service.
Anyone going in for a Naval Boot / Black Shell / Leffot?
These shoes are not vegan
is it acceptable to use neatsfoot oil on shell, as a deep conditioner?
 I am on a wait list at Alden Madison for the PCT balmoral soon I hope to locate a similar pant very inspiring - Thank you Uncle Mac
Beebs I noticed first Plaza lasted   Had to go back and look again to even notice the commando sole. I think that says a lot about the commando.         Ryden Love the NST  - I figure Mr. DV has a couple pair in case of rain in So. Cali. I should at least have a pair for the frequent downpours  in New England.   Are you a Mark Ryden fan? 
Ditto todayGood workMy remaining shoe is under 600$ so great deal and available
Anyone have a Ravello Straight-tip boot on commando ?   Pics ?
Legal as in criminal law and being in the courtroom, by all means, please wear long wings with a suit. NYC law firm may not be fans of Derbys with suit but I have witnessed it and it looked very American. I certainly wouldn't distrust my attorney because of his long wings. Investment bankers have plenty of money to get bals and keep the casual Derbys at home.
Crepe is very quiet and comfortable Desert boots with crepe sole are the object to the creation of the word creep
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