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http://unionmadegoods.com/product/alden-sloat-plain-toe-boot-in-natural-chromexcel-86049h/ Unionmade plain toe Natty CXL Indy Official release day for two new Uniomade boots I guess
Éire Nua - "New Ireland" It worked for Hong Kong and India  A United Ireland so I can get a better deal on Alden's, that works for me. Just have to beat Scotland to it.
I went TTS 8D -felt that I could have done 8.5D even after brake, but with them on now I feel they are perfect and I slide in without a shoe horn at TTS now that they are flexed I like this type of shoe a little tight since they refuse to slip off when being active outside
 They have an elegant simplicity and very comfortable
 solid recommendation 
Fantastic MoosicPA - I appreciate the post and those boots.    I missed an opportunity to purchase a 1786 Russian leather belt - would anyone know if that is possible online?
Alden calf in brown the cap toe bal I have inspected on display is beautiful it has deep color comprised of many tiny speckles of color. Best part is they are a stock model.
We're not worthy Need a shoe horn - still repairable that's what quality shoes are about Well done - I thought at first they were rough chamois
You got in on the Color 4 tankers too? What the What? I have tankers preordered from Context now said to be delayed. Also some hot Ravello numbers.
Found some new bedding in anticipation of my pre- order.
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