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http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Alden-CIGAR-Shell-Cordovan-Indy-Boot-Commando-11C-Worn-Once-Ravello-/181261265256?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2a34036968   Indy from Shoe Mart \   11C 
EG's John Lobbs C&J   Great shoes stiffer - leather sole than Alden - all have casual / formal look    G&G's too formal for any suit I could pair them with   Only monks I have are double strap Grenson and never thought I would go there, but the comfort of a monk strap is on a loafer level . Then picked-up Grenson Zero caps in black    Awsome Vass pre-order @ Epaulet also the best double monks are same place
I plan to spend frivolously on shell through next summer. I will start looking for a car next fall.   ​I bet your pistols nickel plated and holsters #4    
I have kept much worse, that is all character on your boots and Saphir Cordovan cream will boost the color if you decide to go that way.
 Whiskey - Dainite - C&J marlow color edge - no speed hooks - ankle loop - storm welt - world peace - 
Source for ptb's in mocha kid suede? I have just recently figured out how nice that stuff is. Bought tassel loafers from Brooks and nst's from NRO   Tassels and NST and maybe loafers are the only stock make-up for mocha kis suede. I think Leather Soul did have a special make-up done around 2007. I would love to get the 4X4 Nassau done in mocha kid suede -  to get that shoe or a plain toe derby is above my Ravello desire 
an excuse to not obsess over the scratches I put into a pair of grant lasted #8 boots when I accidentally bumped up against a wheeled-office chair whose wheel coverings protrude.   To my disbelief the deer bone did best to remove those fine set office chair scratches at the heal.
Not to far away is the day you can have your foot 3D scanned, then some post work, then 3D print your last and send to Alden. I want to go first.
Last I spoke with Alden DC they had cigar plain toe Barrie 8E 675$ or so plus a tax is also possible    Is color 4 darker than Ravello?
Pinocchio sports alt wien shoes, when not wearing clogs.   Octoberfest countdown begins   pumpkin beer made near Alden factory out now
New Posts  All Forums: