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 I am going with an 8.5D this run but wish I could try an 8E for comparison    I have done similar and can say you made the right choice. The 8E could feel far to large all around and the heel increases more so than a barrie lasted heel. Also the overall height of the boot increases as well as the volume in the toe box. If your between width at the 8D the 8.5D will give a perfect fit up front and he heel remains well placed, without increasing the length any noticeable...
JCrew should cover that shipping - someone dumped a return or stollen goods on JCrew which became mixed in. Someone else is or will soon experience the same issue as you have.
Anyone, wanting wide shoes, will have the easiest time of it by getting the Alden catalogue. Sizes up to EEEE, many lasts and classic shoes. I think you need to order with an Alden dealer (listed by state on the website).   Getting wide sizes via boutique has options including, but not limited to, Leffot, Context, SHoemart, Citishoes, Alden DC NYC  Cisco, & Molded shoe. Even they stick to E at this time.    Alden stock offerings do not include shell boots.
  Pic of the year for me DonL. I just thought 'yes I should do that.  will call Kathy to add me on the list   Mdubs really delivered on some pics of the best shoes /boots available and I want to get them all.   In memoriam a pair of Johnson & Murphy and Doc Martins R.I.P.   Strangest argument on the thread was about China, but you all de-escalated the situation with good humor...so good times TY 
The bubble roughly a finger print size developed at the second to third wearing, I waited for it to go flat and tried brushing to make it stick down. No luck   My cobbler says it must be a solvent I put on the shoe. So if a drop of liquor hit it and does that damage, I would be surprised. To my knowledge no solvents touched the shoes.
  Fresh out of the box Alden Madison straight tip boots on Grant. With a new NAS to assemble. Inspired by DonL, Uncle Mac, tifosi, Alcibiades, I was very pleased to get these boots with a horween stamp too. Butter soft shell surrounding my feet.
Before and After of  Alden refinishing      color8 shell that had a bubble develop and then crack and flake the shell under is not black but deep purple.   
[[SPOILER]]  The first class of Massachusetts State Troopers to ever not have Alden trooper boots supplied to them - just graduated.  They will have to buy their own and supplies are limited.
  New years calm before the storm. I need a tailor by the look of things. Brownies and peppermint gelato coming next.
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