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 Ok - so it is a Dubshella with a Ravello trifecta.  Plainridge has slots and the outlets down the hill MA folk
True, but 99% of the population wouldn't know that. Careful he's a lawyer
Margarita Mikefecta tonight
http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/80670 Fine choice
Unipair has a new website with pics to rival MDubs work.    http://unipair.com/thine-unipair/product/alden-26353/
[[SPOILER]] Where are the cap toe boots without speed hooks? Alden Madison? 
WANTED   for Hazardous Journey, high expense, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, DC return doubtful,  honor + recognition   8.5 D  Cigar Grant Captoe
Great new again Hoit - you are a true American badass - that is a win-win for many here   Slow Clap 
I will do #3 #4 above Also interested in carmina build I know an official Alden retailer willing to put in an order of 12 to 16 may require prepay in full but he will get a reasonable order made It is said Alden has one sales manager Floyd and all orders go thru him Ultimately I want to use this connection to get a 4x4 alden shoe in shell or Moca suede I think they are Barrie lasted but again a good boot order has my attention and I respect Blackboard Knowledge for his...
3/16 is the mark for both length and width to increase sometimes that is really 1/8 depending on the stitcher Thanks for the insight guys I plan to see how far off the ball of my foot will land Also is the Zug Grain MTO boot happening
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