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Thank You, Uncle Mac & Uncle RTP   I Wish You a Merry Christmas
Unbreakable Rules of the Alden thread     Hold the Chorico
Maiden Voyage in dreary New England
First time go walkabout - maiden voyage DC boots
Nice call on the Harlecks   NewYawker   The wingtip boot is very versatile
Scotch grain tankers list at Citishoes. Goes in about a week from now for production
I love my Kudu - the suede lug chukkas are very different, look like the perfect boot for today's weather.
Leather Soul has created the foundation for a nice outfit.    Nice Pics MoosicPA - Thanks
    Delivered to wrong address - I took flight and rescued in the cover of darkness. My DC Nightcaps   Holiday whiskey selection includes Knob Creek smoked maple bourbon,  Green Spot Irish Whiskey, Sons of Liberty Pumpkin spice,  just sayin` - plus the usual suspects for entertaining Hopefully, I find my favorite tie before then.
"Is it just me, or was thebeebs funny only the first time. That got old pretty fast, " Too soon?
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