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 looking for Alden in the age of online shopping? Pickup the phone and make some calls!     +1
First day Whisky Wednesday
Inbound tankers all paid in full - awaiting those Leffot black long wings a pair I will use a couple times a week
Just surprised it's still there
10D tanker. At context clothing
Interesting you ask that. Color 4 is on the box label. The finest difference between color 4 and many recent Ravello colors is that color 4 always has black piping (trim). I have seen Ravello with that red tint which looks the way I think color 4 looks. That said in this pic they do look a shade off from #8 with patina.
8.5 D Barrie last from Tassels via Utah buddy from Hong Kong - I like the scratches to my knowledge they are not a knock off. No listing for them exist on Tassels website but my guess is they are from the Alden anniversary run a couple years back
#4 casual Pho lunch
  The Alden for Epaulet  Tauntaun  boot   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-for-epaulet-taunton-captoe-boot-burnished-calfskin
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