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The anti inflammatory gel must have had some light solvents within.    Clothing and travel expenses for job searches/interviews are tax deductible every year up to several G's
Viberg Pre-order  available at Mr.Porter
Whats the best casual black shell shoe?
The past few pages are many people interested in / or listed for a Perf Cap Bal   Maybe we could join forces and all go on the same list to fill one list - not that it will go into production any sooner.
Alden NY special of the 9841, which is the Black Shell Semi-Brogue made on the Hampton Last.     I believe I was added to the list for this pair in black shell at the time I ordered my Ravello LWB. Close to the Leather sole Lawyers, solid boardroom / courtroom shoes. Although could be too casual for extreme boardroom corps. meeting were captoe oxfords with pin stripe suits or solid suits and plain toe oxfords BLACK are really all thats acceptable. Also if you know the...
Just a flesh wound. You will be stunned to see what Reno or Venetian cream will do to that with brushing. If you don't want to wait for color tap a bit of polish on first.   I kicked a stone wall with my cigar cap oxfords - had tears in the hide - i would challenge anyone to guess which shoes it was I damaged.  But did I damage them? They clean up so well and it was what sold me on shell, along with Uncle Mac.
Thats True about the bloom, It seems like dry skin scalling up, and I expected it to wipe off easily. try a damp cloth to wipe it away, one pair I had - some cord cream worked well to remove the bloom and give it shine it never came off any other way. Thing is you really don't want to over use product on the new leather, or at all since to much product can open the pores permanently. 
Some help please with purchases from Franz Boone..   Does paypal work well for international orders?   How to avoid import tax on American product?
2014 Acquisitions   Unipair snuff  Nassau derby (PTB) Alden of Carmel #8 shell Wingtip boot NeedSupply Alpine grain Indy Unionmade choco suede Indy DC Ravello shell Straight Tip boot on commando (*Grail) "nightcaps" Leffot Black shell LWB  Haberdasher Tan suede Indy derby on trubalance Alden Madison Black shell Straight Tip Boot - no hooks Leffot Alpine grain Wingtip Boot on commando Leffot Black shell Naval Boot   Pre- order due 2015' ish Citi Shoes...
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