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2014 Acquisitions   Unipair snuff  Nassau derby (PTB) Alden of Carmel #8 shell Wingtip boot NeedSupply Alpine grain Indy Unionmade choco suede Indy DC Ravello shell Straight Tip boot on commando (*Grail) "nightcaps" Leffot Black shell LWB  Haberdasher Tan suede Indy derby on trubalance Alden Madison Black shell Straight Tip Boot - no hooks Leffot Alpine grain Wingtip Boot on commando Leffot Black shell Naval Boot   Pre- order due 2015' ish Citi Shoes...
Great Year in pics                                                                                                          
Really get pics of those up ASAP.  I love Alden wingtip boots on commando 
Those look better now than, the time Orvis in Vermont did a similar pair called "the aviator boots".    
Any word on when the Alden Madison Ravello long wings are due to arrive? 
Thank You, Uncle Mac & Uncle RTP   I Wish You a Merry Christmas
Unbreakable Rules of the Alden thread     Hold the Chorico
Maiden Voyage in dreary New England
First time go walkabout - maiden voyage DC boots
Nice call on the Harlecks   NewYawker   The wingtip boot is very versatile
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