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  Fresh out of the box Alden Madison straight tip boots on Grant. With a new NAS to assemble. Inspired by DonL, Uncle Mac, tifosi, Alcibiades, I was very pleased to get these boots with a horween stamp too. Butter soft shell surrounding my feet.
Before and After of  Alden refinishing      color8 shell that had a bubble develop and then crack and flake the shell under is not black but deep purple.   
[[SPOILER]]  The first class of Massachusetts State Troopers to ever not have Alden trooper boots supplied to them - just graduated.  They will have to buy their own and supplies are limited.
  New years calm before the storm. I need a tailor by the look of things. Brownies and peppermint gelato coming next.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Shell-Cordovan-8-color-8-NST-Tanker-boots-shoes-11-C-Palaza-Last-Rare-/191020014161?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2c79ae1a51     TANKER 11C plaza #8  
Kudu chukka with the Goodyear rubber tread. Can get hosed down and still have dry feet.
Whiskey PTB, Walnut SW -Epaulet, #4 chukka All recent, all the lightest colored shoes I have  I no longer mind brown shoes       Red Sox World Series Champions - breaking-in the celebration score     Whiskey Wednesdays are a go.  
I can remember back to 2008 a time when I should have been Ravello. I was reading all these Uncle and Nephew posts thinking "WoW this guy really cares about his nephews shoes, I should do the same someday".
http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Alden-CIGAR-Shell-Cordovan-Indy-Boot-Commando-11C-Worn-Once-Ravello-/181261265256?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2a34036968   Indy from Shoe Mart \   11C 
EG's John Lobbs C&J   Great shoes stiffer - leather sole than Alden - all have casual / formal look    G&G's too formal for any suit I could pair them with   Only monks I have are double strap Grenson and never thought I would go there, but the comfort of a monk strap is on a loafer level . Then picked-up Grenson Zero caps in black    Awsome Vass pre-order @ Epaulet also the best double monks are same place
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