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Love the Plum Museum calf belt
Boot week has been spectacular. Lots of additional solid sock advice. A few maiden voyage hits. #4 boots yes Really great week. And DonL with the alt 8's- I say good day sir Smart wool socks I expect a pair next month sister
First time on the run in cigar boots. Already waited out a fire drill.
Great Pic Disco   Happy Birthday
Brooks Brothers has restocked. A shell that looks close to cigar. Nice looking shortwing
Stock make-ups from the Alden catalog  http://www.aldenshoe.com/uploads/ANE%20Catalog.pdf
you get additional width from the last fitting TTS
 I still like the NST they do because of the blind eyelets. Last time they were in stock my size was available for over a week, I still think you have a shot the Indy plaza. best of luck to you
 Not to my knowledge as an Alden creation. The Ryden Boot is black shell plain toe with antique.  Other Brands have brown welts on black shell - I am thinking of a Carmina special order I once saw.  I think this pair will lighten significantly to become more light brown. Robusto Cigar for now
Cigar boots AoM. Vs cigar bals Citi shoes Also whisky
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