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Avoid pithfalls by using just the oil part of rind pith is bitter. even in the long-term soak I'm sure it is overwhelmed by the booze but why risk it.  easier to get just peel when cutting, i would have to try to get pith. or just chuck a rind in there and I've not seen it done that way. 
I have seen antique hook hardware on C&J boots..   I have never picked-up import duty on any package...France, Scotland, England, Ireland, Japan, China, Hong Kong. All high value targets
Friday night with friends. Much better malt than I expected with a port finish. And hearty lagavulin to finish with.
  Just found this looks good. Thanks
Similar to redwood   last not mentioned   I think this is a stock model in the 72 last on EG website
Also made by the sea
The best from West Cork
Thanks guys I'm on the hunt now..
My first Edward Green boots soon to be followed by E.G. Shoes no doubt Galways 82 last. Dark Utah dainite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 Correct. Consensus on this thread seems to be they're both not good. I stick with 8yr Bacardi gold Tipped some  Octomore last night 7.2 is my favorite one yet.
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