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Also made by the sea
The best from West Cork
Thanks guys I'm on the hunt now..
My first Edward Green boots soon to be followed by E.G. Shoes no doubt Galways 82 last. Dark Utah dainite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 Correct. Consensus on this thread seems to be they're both not good. I stick with 8yr Bacardi gold Tipped some  Octomore last night 7.2 is my favorite one yet.
 So true
Cuban made Havana Club is partnered with Pernod Ricard (France) and was never a Barcadi rum   Havana Club distilled in Dominican or Puerto Rico is Bacardi rum for the US market/marketing    You can get the Cuban rum in the US but its from Scotland and under a different label (samarloi, cadenhead) at one time even if whiskey was aged in cuban barrels it would be blocked  so The Balvenie Cuban cask scotch became Balvenie rum cask   Bacardi Rum production was not...
Typical guidelines. Minimum 9% better staying above 10%. Brewer skill is displayed here as some just don't hold up (mad elf by troegs good American ale to age) 3-5 years max steady wine cellar climate Bottle conditioned ale preferably for me Belgians stouts heavy ales strong ale sours hold up Expect some flattening almost nitro carbonated Subtle flavors dissipate with time bold flavors mellow fruits bitter or sweeten
You are doing just fine. Those are at the max peak limit to cellar beer. Perfectly timed for Thanksgiving.It can be a hit and miss process. It's best to know the beer going-in because in three years the age may kill what you enjoyed to begin with. You can have a fresh bottle on hand then add fresh beer to the aged and perk it up a tad if it failed to age well
Giving the Ardbeg another crack
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