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@distinguishment   I would like info on those navy boots were they a Leffot make up? or Jgilbert     @ Rydenfan   I would fully commit to the LHS #8 and/or cigar antique edge    I know it is only 12 min to send an order to Alden and the reply posts are very close to that number I will keep my positive energy focused and believe it will happen - also "the new Star Wars will be good" is in that train of thought
Kerouac wore shell boots -    the 50's onward   English Ivy look - LHS    American preppy - Bucks / saddle shoes (trad)     join the workforce and use the information superhighway in the comfort of shell and long wings
I would like to raid that closet Thanks for assist the other day Moosic
Even better....Maybe Alden is making them! That rumor of Alden and China was floated sometime ago. Alden is not entirely US made hooks and laces are imports It's a starter boot just training wheels
This article has a quick Q&A that mentions grading shell for quality     http://bestleather.org/all-about-shell-cordovan-with-horween-leather-co/   Turns out equine hides were the start-up product for Horween
  Nice one - I miss the handmade socks - they still are on fire
http://unionmadegoods.com/product/alden-sloat-plain-toe-boot-in-natural-chromexcel-86049h/ Unionmade plain toe Natty CXL Indy Official release day for two new Uniomade boots I guess
Éire Nua - "New Ireland" It worked for Hong Kong and India  A United Ireland so I can get a better deal on Alden's, that works for me. Just have to beat Scotland to it.
I went TTS 8D -felt that I could have done 8.5D even after brake, but with them on now I feel they are perfect and I slide in without a shoe horn at TTS now that they are flexed I like this type of shoe a little tight since they refuse to slip off when being active outside
 They have an elegant simplicity and very comfortable
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