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You could buy online from an English retailer. The you will cut down on postage/customs/vat.   I like Bates (though a bit pricey) http://www.bates-hats.co.uk/. I bought this tweed one which i really like http://www.bates-hats.com/store/caps/gatsby/gatsby-tweed/prod_187.html (they also do gloves)   Christy's are also worth checking out http://www.christys-hats.com/8-piece-moleskin-baker-boy-cap   Make sure you know his hat size
I like Cordone. The website is not great, but you can email Luigi and he will email over the materials he is currently working with (most of the ones he sent me were Thomas Mason fabrics). You have the freedom of choosing collar/cuff/fit. You can send measurements over too if you wish. Nice people to deal with. Comes within your budget. I love the cotton on my shirt.  Made in Italy by Luigi Cordone, by hand. cordone1956@gmail.com   http://www.cordone1956.it/en/
Was that the london shop? I found the one just off regent st to be great and assistants very helpful
Doreanse boxer briefs. Most comfortable i have had
A great looking hat
Afraid i don't know. Am i right in saying that the luminova superceded the radium? I which case, i might be inclined to go for the Luminova. If you are concerned about resale value of the watch, then best keep it as it was - though i get the impression that the watch is a 'keeper' for you. 
Looks like the watch is worth around £845 if i have googled correctly. In which case it seems worth doing. I would def bite the bullet and get the whole lot done together. I have scrapes on my bezel and watch hands were completely off from an accident. Sent it away, came back looking brand new. It is a big hit, but will only need doing the once (hopefully!)
Pm sent
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