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Me too
British beer is such a broad term with such a wide variety of great beers brewed north of Watford and an occasional good one in the south ūüėé
I had dinner with one of the richest guys i know the other day (he's retired from running a big business). He was amazed that one would pay more than £500 for a suit
Have heard back from Solito. Looks like a jacket will come in at a starting price of £1500 depending on materiel 
ok. Thanks. Have sent solito an email
No, i have not I'm afraid. I was influenced by simon crompton's recommenadation on PermanentStyle.co.uk and also limited by seeing someone in the uk. Do you have any other recommendations?All help,and advice greatly appreciated
Thank you
Do You have a contact email for solito re his london visits?
To the best of my knowledge, Outside of the EU we get charged import duty and a release fee for anything between £12 and £120. Additional customs charges for anything over £120. In my experience though, some things get through and some get charged
You could buy online from an English retailer. The you will cut down on postage/customs/vat.   I like Bates (though a bit pricey) http://www.bates-hats.co.uk/. I bought this tweed one which i really like http://www.bates-hats.com/store/caps/gatsby/gatsby-tweed/prod_187.html (they also do gloves)   Christy's are also worth checking out http://www.christys-hats.com/8-piece-moleskin-baker-boy-cap   Make sure you know his hat size
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