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Doreanse boxer briefs. Most comfortable i have had
A great looking hat
Afraid i don't know. Am i right in saying that the luminova superceded the radium? I which case, i might be inclined to go for the Luminova. If you are concerned about resale value of the watch, then best keep it as it was - though i get the impression that the watch is a 'keeper' for you. 
Looks like the watch is worth around £845 if i have googled correctly. In which case it seems worth doing. I would def bite the bullet and get the whole lot done together. I have scrapes on my bezel and watch hands were completely off from an accident. Sent it away, came back looking brand new. It is a big hit, but will only need doing the once (hopefully!)
Pm sent
In my experience, they will charge you and you have to make a case to get reimbursed - and good luck with that! I doubt the charge for the next two would be double that of the first though
this guy http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2011/02/23/hugos-recommendations-part-2-rtw-suits/ seems to like Zileri and gives brief summary. 
It depends really on where you go. Pal Zileri and zegna have very big savings on the original prices. Gieve sands Hawkes too. I would say that sizing might be your only issue - so I would ring and see what they have in your size and how much. The shops are usually happy to help if you ring at quiet times (10am, or after 5pm). Loro Piana still expensive, but again big savings on new. Have never been to Dior Homme, or D & G though.    I live 5 mins away, and went last...
About £32 return including taxi bus
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