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Was that the london shop? I found the one just off regent st to be great and assistants very helpful
Doreanse boxer briefs. Most comfortable i have had
A great looking hat
Afraid i don't know. Am i right in saying that the luminova superceded the radium? I which case, i might be inclined to go for the Luminova. If you are concerned about resale value of the watch, then best keep it as it was - though i get the impression that the watch is a 'keeper' for you. 
Looks like the watch is worth around £845 if i have googled correctly. In which case it seems worth doing. I would def bite the bullet and get the whole lot done together. I have scrapes on my bezel and watch hands were completely off from an accident. Sent it away, came back looking brand new. It is a big hit, but will only need doing the once (hopefully!)
Pm sent
In my experience, they will charge you and you have to make a case to get reimbursed - and good luck with that! I doubt the charge for the next two would be double that of the first though
this guy http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2011/02/23/hugos-recommendations-part-2-rtw-suits/ seems to like Zileri and gives brief summary. 
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