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tried one on today. Seemed nice. Light too. 30% off in the sale still made it £365. Do you think they are a good buy?
Iron before fully dry. Or get a refillable water sprayer from your local garden centre, fill with WATER and spay all over before ironing. Works every time.
Gieves and hawkes, 2 savile row have a sample sale on. I saw suits at £100, shirts at £40 yesterday
Me too
British beer is such a broad term with such a wide variety of great beers brewed north of Watford and an occasional good one in the south 😎
I had dinner with one of the richest guys i know the other day (he's retired from running a big business). He was amazed that one would pay more than £500 for a suit
Have heard back from Solito. Looks like a jacket will come in at a starting price of £1500 depending on materiel 
ok. Thanks. Have sent solito an email
No, i have not I'm afraid. I was influenced by simon crompton's recommenadation on PermanentStyle.co.uk and also limited by seeing someone in the uk. Do you have any other recommendations?All help,and advice greatly appreciated
Thank you
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