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I am going to try to order one when I get back into town and have a free moment. I did not get one last year because they were slim fit, and he said they should be a little more true to size this year.
So, it says $140 for members..is that something where we need to enter our code at checkout still, or does it matter since it's a preorder basis now anyway?
Same happened to me a few days back
Any word on heavyweight long sleeve tees this year?
I haven't heard about popcorn...  I hope the knit sweaters aren't as slim as last year...that's one reason I held off.  I don't know if I'd have to size up or just pass on them altogether.  They look nice though...
Where are we going once this thread is down?
Yeah.  Very large thighs and butt...the underwear and trousers don't work for me.  Hoping there will be a Paul or bootcut/relaxed version of jeans and chinos in the future.
The shorts are a slim leg, right?
Boots and loafers sound nice. Not a big sneaker guy. Hope the boots are rugged. A driving moc would be great.
I'm more interested in your forearm workout
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