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I wish my legs weren't too big for the chinos
Same here for the shipping label created. Doesn't say it was shipped yet.
I just noticed the khaki tee shirt....and my size is gone.  This shirt looks great, has it been up there the whole time and I'm just losing it?
Thanks.  Not sure if I'm going to be able to drop that much on it right now though.
I guess I haven't noticed a lot of brands that have that shirt.  I'll keep looking.  
It might have, but I didn't see anything while I was there. I am not able to post any more information or pictures, because I have only seen the movie once and I wasn't recording anything at that time. I didn't want to annoy everyone around me by pulling out my phone. Even if I did, I was in the back row, so you probably wouldn't be able to see much detail anyway. I know this isn't a lot of help.
Hate to be the bump guy, but....my wife really liked that shirt...  
Good to know.  Thanks, guys.  Mauro, any chance on doing underwear with a longer inseam in the future?  I'd definitely be interested in that.  
Can anybody comment on the sweaters comfort without a tee underneath?  I don't like having to wear an undershirt, but I don't want the sweater to be itchy...
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