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Well, hopefully a few more get the sweater so it can happen. Glad I picked up a hoodie. Looking forward to wearing it this week. Normally, I'm not a hoodie guy, but I need a good one and the pictures posted in this thread pushed me over.
I'm looking forward to heavyweight tees too. The only issue is that my last batch were about an inch and a half shorter than the long sleeve soft bamboo shirts from the year before. I like both heavy and light versions, but the longer one is definitely better.
I live in Illinois, so this will be perfect for colder weather then. I need a solid hoodie.
I preordered the thermal sweater. Were there enough orders to move forward? It might give some people the push if they knew how many more we need for certain things, etc.
I picked up a hoodie based on those pictures.  I don't think I am able to get the monkey arm sleeves at this point though.
I'll try that. I've never hand washed anything. Best soap for that?
Are the beanies safe to wash on cold in a front loader?
Where do we post our color suggestions?
I actually like the idea of a thermal more than a traditional sweater anyway. I'm not typically a sweater guy, but because it looked more like a thermal, I decided to bite.
Well, I preordered mine, but now everyone's comments have me second guessing.
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