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Not sure how I'll get my info without this thread. On another note, I really want the old long sleeve tees again. The new heavyweight tees are a little shorter than I like and don't move as well with my frame. The old "drape" was awesome and softer. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I really want those to come back...
In regard to what others are saying, I agree that the pants names could be clearer. The shirts are self explanatory with AD/BD. The main thing that bugs me with the site is when I scroll halfway down a page and click on a shirt..when I go back to the previous page, it goes all the way back to the top. I know it's nitpicking, but it's something that most sites don't have an issue with. I love the brand and the fun shirts. Looking forward to more in the future.
I agree with aschup, the names are fun. Anybody I've introduced to the brand love Before Dinner and After Dinner. As far as tees go, I don't think people have a problem with the names, but I think he was asking about receiving the incorrect shirts. That happened to me once as well with the tees. Mauro made it right though. My vote is to keep the names like Monkey Arms, etc. I think people dig it. I think it adds character to the brand, much like the "conversational"...
The chest and arm holes feel a lot different to me
...or to request more after dinner medium stock...?
I was so excited when I saw there was more stock in the pig print shirt. Apparently not for medium after dinner options… Now I am bummed again.
I hope the new tees are the same style as last year. I love the super soft T-shirt.
Did the size up work for the chinos? That's what's been holding me back on those too. I don't want them to be too big in the waist though.
I'm definitely interested, but the slim fit is a no go
I'll echo what others have said about the henley being "rough". My wife always likes to touch my WvG clothes, and that's the first comment she made about it. However, she said she liked the way it looked. For me, I think it's solid. It might be a little heavy for spring, but would be great in the fall/winter. I actually don't mind the fit being a little less tapered in the waist, since the material doesn't give as much. I wouldn't want to feel the shirt pushing into me. If...
New Posts  All Forums: