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Blood is salty?
That would make things interesting...  I'd still probably lose out.. Not sure if that's a compliment.
I don't mind people outbidding me at the end, but it still bummed me out that I didn't get it.  I'm getting closer at least...the previous three things I was watching ended without me realizing it.  I don't do eBay enough apparently.
I missed out on the Duchamp tie I wanted...  Somebody here is a jerk...  Enjoy it.  Great looking stuff, as usual.
Yeah.  My only issue is that I don't usually wear undershirts.  I like going without.
Just ordered my first shirt...looking forward to it.  Hopefully the white twill isn't see through.
Royal Oud by Creed Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford Private Blend Ambrarem by HdP Memoir Man by Amouage
I don't like my "solid" whites to have a herringbone pattern.  I always have a tough time finding a "crisp" white shirt that doesn't wrinkle easily...suggestions welcomed, guys...
I really like these...where are they from if you don't mind me asking?
What would you guys recommend if I'm looking for a "crisp" white dress shirt that doesn't wrinkle easily?  I'm not sure what fabric to go with.  I do like the curved collar I've seen on their site.  I hope it retains its shape after washing, etc.
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