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Ah. Now I can rest. I was concerned for your health.
15.5 inch waist? Am I reading that right?
Sounds good. Also, I haven't seen pricing on the underwear..
Any news on when the long sleeve tees will be restocked?
Also, not to be a dick, but are the underwear that say "soft as a babies bottom" going to be changed to "soft as a baby's bottom"?  I know someone mentioned the error before.  I personally love all of the writing on tags and logos, but I understand how the errors may bother some.  That being said, I hope my sheep shirt says something cool on the care tag.
Also, with all this talk of crazy prints and unattainable products, if anybody has a M Party Pigs that is taken care of, I may be interested in buying it...
Ah. I've never owned a Benz. I've had Audi, Saab and BMW, and my favorite of those has aesthetically been Audi and performance BMW.
This is how I feel. I don't care if some of the high quality stuff he's offering costs $800, I can't afford that, so it wouldn't cause me to complain. As long as I can get products that I also like from him at a price that I'm comfortable with, why would I care what his higher end stuff costs? If I'm shopping for a 3 Series, why would I be complaining about how much a 7 Series costs from the same company? I think some of the things I want are priced a little too high for...
Since people have mentioned price... Do I think paying $105 for a shirt with sheep on it is a little high? Sure. Do I think that paying $105 for a nice quality shirt that will last for a long time, through many washings and be a unique print that only 26 people could possibly get, while being able to directly deal with the designer and get timely responses...all while having it constructed in the US... is a little high? Not particularly. Of course, I'd rather pay $70 and...
Also, to piggyback off what was just said about eliminating the rewards program... I think the rewards program is a great concept. People like to belong to something and feel like they're getting something special out of it that the general public isn't, this is why VIP works so well. I think the initial cost can be daunting to some, but I agree that it will help drive sales in the future. People will be more likely to be return customers. I say keep it.
New Posts  All Forums: