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I'm a little ignorant on the topic...what is a standard rise on a chino?  I typically like a little more room up front, since I always feel like things can be too tight on pants.
I just received my first purchase from Wolf vs Goat. I ordered a long sleeve v-neck in Cranberry. The color is nice and the shirt fits well. I love the fabric. Hopefully it doesn't shrink after I dry it. My only complaint would be that the forearms are a little tight, but it's not a real criticism. The shirt is great and I will probably join the rewards program once the tees are restocked in my size.
Just made my first purchase...hopefully I enjoy the Cranberry long sleeve v-neck.  If so, I'll have to become a rewards member once the tees restock takes effect.
I can't wait until the tees are restocked...I'm wanting to take the dive.  Anybody here own the long sleeve v-necks?
What are the boots in the middle on the top row?
Bumping this because I'm about to get some new jeans...wondering if the quality on this brand is still there after all these years..
This looks a little long.  The pictures on the website look like the shirt hangs right below the waist, which I'd prefer..is this normal?
Double post
The rewards program looks great...if I end up liking my test purchase, that seems like a great deal.
I see a lot of "before dinner/after dinner" being talked about...what is the difference, and where are those options on the site?  I think I'll stick with my usual M in hopes that if fits like most mediums I currently own. 
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