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Got the tees newsletter. Anyone have an idea if they're going to be the length of the last two batches or the slightly longer ones from a few years back?
I noticed the change too. The first ones were better. The last couple feel like I need to keep adjusting them to keep them from riding up my back.
I'm not thrilled about the addition of cotton. Won't this make the shirt a little stiffer?
Was there cotton mixed in with the bamboo and sorona before?
Of course grey is the only sweatshirt left in my size.
Spring hoodies and sweatshirts sound great.
I like the idea of of a dark red.
I guess I'm glad I held off based on these reports.  If they go up on the site, I'll size up if they're tighter than last year.
Yeah. I currently wear New Balance walking shoes, and usually had Asics. I'm ready for a new pair and figured I'd look elsewhere. Maybe I'll just get more walking shoes for work and look into the Merrell's for walking around outside, etc. Hopefully the soles are slip resistant. My Ecco boots are too slippery.
I'm interested in the Moab Ventilator and the Jungle Moc. I don't want to get a full boot, since I'll need to have comfort while standing all day (I'm a barber). I do like a shoe that works well in Midwest weather too though. I assume the Ventilator will breathe better, but I wasn't sure about comfort and slip resistance. The description of the soles on the site just says Vibram, it doesn't give me a specific model for the sole.
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