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 I need to find those
I've tried the molded insoles from the podiatrist with minimal success.  It's frustrating.
I've been looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.  I bought Red Wings based on the high praise here...the lack of a breathable toe box caused my feet to be on fire for my entire work day.  I hate them.  Anyway, I'm a barber, so I need something that will give me support all day while being comfortable at the same time.  They need to be breathable and have a decent arch support. I don't care what they look like, I'm only going for comfort.  Any suggestions would be...
I've been having terrible luck with tennis shoes/cross trainers.  I don't know much about the lunarlon sole...  I know a lot of their shoes have shock absorption, but I'm not sure about comfort for standing in one place all day.
I considered that.  I'm not sure about a quality insole...I've never had good luck with any insole for longer than 8 months.  I find most of their shoes ugly, but I'm not overly concerned with that at the moment.  Comfort is my biggest concern.  Not to mention, as cool as the Iron Ranger looks, I'm not sure how good it would look while cutting hair...
I'm thinking about getting a pair of the regular shoes..possibly from the Worx line.  Does anybody have any experience with these?  I think they're ugly, but I need something that I can stand in all day in one spot.  I'm a barber and I can't find good shoes to make my feet feel better for longer than a few months at a time.
I've heard they were comfortable. I need something for standing on my feet all day. I've just been wearing tennis shoes normally. (Cross-trainers)
I'm contemplating buying some off their site.  I'm assuming they'll have the newer soles on them.  I'm hoping they don't have any issues.
I also love these collars.  I'd love to be able to duplicate this on a shirt...keep us posted.
I've really been drawn to Duchamp lately....I know they don't have a lot of fans on here, but I think there are some great designs if you don't mind "loud".
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