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I'm hoping the jeans are more Paul (relaxed) than Predator. Also, I'm tempted to vote pigs, but I wish they were partying.
Looking forward to the new video and information.
I'd be fine with that too. Or maybe on the very bottom.
I have no reference from H&M, I'm sorry.  As far as the oxfords go, if you're referring to the overdye, they ran large on the last release.  However, the sleeves and shoulders seemed to be true to size...e.g. I usually wear a M in everything, I ordered a S AD Overdye.  It fits well through the body and chest...however, the shoulder width and sleeve length both seemed to be a S.  They were very narrow in the shoulder seams and short on the sleeves.  Hopefully this helps a...
Actually, I think the chest and arm holes are a little different as well.
When will the henleys be available?  I went back a couple pages, but didn't see an actual date. I didn't know if they'd be dropping before the new year.
I agree that it's worth it. I've been a member for a little while now and I like it. I was just curious what the future held.
Does that mean all the memberships will go away, or just no new members?
I agree. Could be warmer for the Midwest.
As long as they can accommodate large thighs, I'm excited. I need some better jeans.
New Posts  All Forums: