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Wore the black flannel with white polka dots for the first time.  Great looking shirt!
Were there supposed to be a few sale items put up yesterday? I wasn't sure if I read that right a while back.
Any plans to do socks?
^ The charcoal looks nice.
Ah. Maybe I should have ordered my sheep shirt in AD then. My chest has been getting bigger
I've only purchased BD so far. Is there a huge difference between the two options? I'm always afraid the AD will be too baggy.
Black polka dot flannel looks good. Had to pick it up.
Tried the underwear...either I have huge legs, or I'm going to need to size up from my normal M.  They are comfortable and soft, but I do think that a longer inseam would be nice.  Maybe if I go up to a L it'll be better.
I know this seems like I'm bitching, but is there any way in the future that the website and mobile site could be formatted so it doesn't scroll back to the top every time I go in to look at an item and then go back out?  It's not a huge deal, but sometimes, I'm almost to the bottom of the page and then I have to go back through everything again....I know, first world problems...just saying.
Ah. Now I can rest. I was concerned for your health.
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