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Glad we'll have stuff for big thighs. Next, some underwear with 8" inseams and big thighs. I like the fit of the AD stuff, but I can see why you're going with different names for mainstream, although I didn't like the uniqueness of the descriptions.
Good to know there is a Paul body again. I have the same issue. Will the jeans have that option too?
Sorry if this has been covered a lot, I'm only following the thread intermittently, but is there going to be a Paul type fit for the jeans and chinos? I'm looking for something a little less slim and I'd rather give you the money than AG if possible.
Stop torturing me with the pigs! I need them.
Very excited for denim. Especially if we can get something like the Paul fit or something a little more relaxed than the slim stuff.
The video was good. For me, I want to buy the chinos and jeans, but the slim fit is impossible for me. I'll have to get to a tailor and have my thighs measured. I can't fit into your pants (sounds dirty).
Does anybody know where to find Tod's on sale?  I like the look of them and hear great things, but $500 for a driver is more than I want to part with.
I'm hoping the jeans are more Paul (relaxed) than Predator. Also, I'm tempted to vote pigs, but I wish they were partying.
Looking forward to the new video and information.
New Posts  All Forums: