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I didn't see them on there when I looked. I'll check when the newsletter comes out
Cool. I'll probably pick up some long sleeve tees, mittens and beanies tomorrow.
Did I miss the new long sleeve tees?  I thought somebody said they would be dropping last week...
Almost everything I've bought so far is great.  All of the button downs are great, but I've had to switch to the AD body style with the sheep and my future orders.  I bought the BD shirts before and they're great when I'm walking around, but a little uncomfortable when I sit down.  The briefs feel amazing almost everywhere, but the leg openings were a little more snug than I like since I have big quads and the inseam was a little short.  I'd like a 6" version... Overall, I...
...you guys might be talking me into it.  It looks great and sounds awesome.  I'm just hesitant to spend close to $200 on something I may not love.  I feel bad having to return things.  Maybe I'll opt for the gun patch first.
I was set on a thermal, but people talking about it being slim fit is concerning... I like things to fit properly, but I hate feeling like things are painted on.  
Looks good. Is this dry clean only? I didn't think about that.
Will there be a restock of correctly sized overdyes? I bought one of the M ones a while back that is technically a S. Most of the things I can overlook, the shoulders being narrow and the sleeves being short, but during the winter, I'd like to wear normal length sleeves instead of rolling them up.
Thinking about picking up some of the mittens for my wife.  I was thinking about for myself, but I'm not sure if these would look right on me.
Does anybody with big quads have any luck buying chinos/trousers from Mauro?  I guess I can go the MTM route here, but I'm always worried that I'll somehow submit the wrong measurements anyway.  All of the stock items I've tried so far are more of a slim fit in the thighs.  
New Posts  All Forums: