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Hate to be the bump guy, but....my wife really liked that shirt...  
Good to know.  Thanks, guys.  Mauro, any chance on doing underwear with a longer inseam in the future?  I'd definitely be interested in that.  
Can anybody comment on the sweaters comfort without a tee underneath?  I don't like having to wear an undershirt, but I don't want the sweater to be itchy...
The site keeps erasing the new sales items on the mobile page. I have to keep reloading it.
It was a nice fit, so it may be custom, but one of the features I noticed that I really liked was how completely plain the shirt was. It seemed that there was absolutely no pattern at all on there, not even a micro pattern. It seemed like a white sheet and it looked extremely crisp. The collar was nice as well, but it was only on the screen for a short time, so I wasn't able to analyze it as much as I would like. Glad you like the username
I know this is a long shot, but I figured this would be the only place where I had a chance... I saw Gone Girl in theaters the other night...in a scene before they're about to go on a talk show, Ben Affleck is wearing a very "clean,crisp" looking white dress shirt. Right away, I thought it was a great shirt, then my wife turned to me and said that she really liked his shirt. I know this will be difficult without a screenshot, but if anyone has seen the movie or is going...
Did a newsletter go out today?  I didn't get one in the inbox or my promotions folder.  Also, what are the leg opening measurements for the chinos?
Thanks.  I'm very ignorant when it comes to the type of leather that would be best.  Sole should be able to keep me from dying on snow,etc.  I actually like the functionality of the commando sole you mentioned on the Brooks Brothers model, but I don't really like the look of it. My budget would be probably anything under $500.  
I'm looking for a casual boot (can be rugged as well) with a cap toe.  I'm open to any brand.  I like the look of the Iron Ranger and Frye Logan, but I'm not sure if there are more options out there that I'm missing.  Thanks.
Yeah, I think the Vibram soles would be good for traction (Brooks Brothers version), but I don't really like that chunky of a sole on the boot.
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