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Should I take cover?
Ok...this may be long..  I have a few newbie questions.  I've been lurking for a while, and I'm considering my first pair of AE.  I figured I'd post here for help since the search function on this forum sucks and I didn't want to start a new thread...   -What exactly are factory seconds? -If I've never ordered extra wide dress shoes before, should I disregard all of the extra options (EEE), etc and just stick with the regular? -Is there a particular "last" that results...
I guess I never really thought about a custom option. I wasn't sure what experiences people had with them. I'll definitely look into it. Thanks.
Interesting...thanks for the feedback.  I agree that you'd think that wouldn't be an issue.  
I probably don't want to exceed $500.  If possible, I'd like to stay between $300 and $450...but I would spend a little extra if need be.
Sorry if this is supposed to be in the Streetwear forum...not sure where to place it.
Sorry if this has been posted before...this search function only pulls up stuff from years ago.  I'm looking to get a new pair of boots. I prefer 8" boots, but I'm not opposed to nice 4" or 12" either.  For reference, the boots need to be casual, but not too much like a work boot.  I've usually found styles I like among Frye and John Varvatos...  I was wondering if anybody can comment on the quality of these and/or offer better alternatives.  Thanks in advance.
Glad I saw this...I'm thinking about some of their boots
That sucks... it looks like they only have a couple options available.  Maybe I'll look into another brand...not sure if I trust the China models.  Anybody have any experience with them?
I'm looking at getting another pair of Doc Martens... I haven't had a pair in years.  I'm hoping I can get a pair Made in England... Are all the newer ones from China?
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