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Thanks.  Not sure if I'm going to be able to drop that much on it right now though.
I guess I haven't noticed a lot of brands that have that shirt.  I'll keep looking.  
It might have, but I didn't see anything while I was there. I am not able to post any more information or pictures, because I have only seen the movie once and I wasn't recording anything at that time. I didn't want to annoy everyone around me by pulling out my phone. Even if I did, I was in the back row, so you probably wouldn't be able to see much detail anyway. I know this isn't a lot of help.
Hate to be the bump guy, but....my wife really liked that shirt...  
Good to know.  Thanks, guys.  Mauro, any chance on doing underwear with a longer inseam in the future?  I'd definitely be interested in that.  
Can anybody comment on the sweaters comfort without a tee underneath?  I don't like having to wear an undershirt, but I don't want the sweater to be itchy...
The site keeps erasing the new sales items on the mobile page. I have to keep reloading it.
It was a nice fit, so it may be custom, but one of the features I noticed that I really liked was how completely plain the shirt was. It seemed that there was absolutely no pattern at all on there, not even a micro pattern. It seemed like a white sheet and it looked extremely crisp. The collar was nice as well, but it was only on the screen for a short time, so I wasn't able to analyze it as much as I would like. Glad you like the username
I know this is a long shot, but I figured this would be the only place where I had a chance... I saw Gone Girl in theaters the other night...in a scene before they're about to go on a talk show, Ben Affleck is wearing a very "clean,crisp" looking white dress shirt. Right away, I thought it was a great shirt, then my wife turned to me and said that she really liked his shirt. I know this will be difficult without a screenshot, but if anyone has seen the movie or is going...
Did a newsletter go out today?  I didn't get one in the inbox or my promotions folder.  Also, what are the leg opening measurements for the chinos?
New Posts  All Forums: