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I've heard they were comfortable. I need something for standing on my feet all day. I've just been wearing tennis shoes normally. (Cross-trainers)
I'm contemplating buying some off their site.  I'm assuming they'll have the newer soles on them.  I'm hoping they don't have any issues.
I also love these collars.  I'd love to be able to duplicate this on a shirt...keep us posted.
I've really been drawn to Duchamp lately....I know they don't have a lot of fans on here, but I think there are some great designs if you don't mind "loud".
Blood is salty?
That would make things interesting...  I'd still probably lose out.. Not sure if that's a compliment.
I don't mind people outbidding me at the end, but it still bummed me out that I didn't get it.  I'm getting closer at least...the previous three things I was watching ended without me realizing it.  I don't do eBay enough apparently.
I missed out on the Duchamp tie I wanted...  Somebody here is a jerk...  Enjoy it.  Great looking stuff, as usual.
Yeah.  My only issue is that I don't usually wear undershirts.  I like going without.
Just ordered my first shirt...looking forward to it.  Hopefully the white twill isn't see through.
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