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The rewards program looks great...if I end up liking my test purchase, that seems like a great deal.
I see a lot of "before dinner/after dinner" being talked about...what is the difference, and where are those options on the site?  I think I'll stick with my usual M in hopes that if fits like most mediums I currently own. 
I'm planning on trying them out for the first time when they're restocked.  The long-sleeve v-neck "tees" are intriguing as well...anybody try those?
I'm interested in a M Khaki Long Sleeve V-neck and a M Black Roll Neck Tee..  Any idea when these might be back in stock?
Mauro,  I'll try to email you any questions I might have.  Thanks.  
I'll check these out.  Hopefully they're not too baggy or tight.  Thanks.
I'm bumping this to see if there are more suggestions.  I used to get the Mossimo ones at Target for cheap, but they were a nice blend and retained their shape/color well.  Recently, they switched it up, now things fit terribly and seem much cheaper than previously.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
These socks are great.  Can I ask where you got them?
 Where can this sale be viewed?
Where do they typically sell them?
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