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I like that. However, my thighs are usually about 25" and my waist is 33, so I usually end up with pants that are too tight in the legs. Anything "slim" or "skinny" can't even be pulled over my legs, much less be worn regularly.
Glad we'll have stuff for big thighs. Next, some underwear with 8" inseams and big thighs. I like the fit of the AD stuff, but I can see why you're going with different names for mainstream, although I didn't like the uniqueness of the descriptions.
Good to know there is a Paul body again. I have the same issue. Will the jeans have that option too?
Sorry if this has been covered a lot, I'm only following the thread intermittently, but is there going to be a Paul type fit for the jeans and chinos? I'm looking for something a little less slim and I'd rather give you the money than AG if possible.
Stop torturing me with the pigs! I need them.
Very excited for denim. Especially if we can get something like the Paul fit or something a little more relaxed than the slim stuff.
The video was good. For me, I want to buy the chinos and jeans, but the slim fit is impossible for me. I'll have to get to a tailor and have my thighs measured. I can't fit into your pants (sounds dirty).
Does anybody know where to find Tod's on sale?  I like the look of them and hear great things, but $500 for a driver is more than I want to part with.
I'm hoping the jeans are more Paul (relaxed) than Predator. Also, I'm tempted to vote pigs, but I wish they were partying.
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