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Thinking about picking up some of the mittens for my wife.  I was thinking about for myself, but I'm not sure if these would look right on me.
Does anybody with big quads have any luck buying chinos/trousers from Mauro?  I guess I can go the MTM route here, but I'm always worried that I'll somehow submit the wrong measurements anyway.  All of the stock items I've tried so far are more of a slim fit in the thighs.  
I was wondering this too. I wasn't going to get one, but if it really looks like that, I'm going broke.
I just bought my first pair.  The Track 6 boot.  So far, they feel great.  I know it's a casual boot, but they're much more comfortable than some of the others I've owned.
Will the Black Friday sale start at a certain time on Friday?
I got mine in grey, were there any navy left?
Same here.  Never got a notification and it showed up a couple days ago.
I didn't know there was an option. What does it look like?
I was saying people should flame for the "baa" joke I made in the sheep shirt being "baaadass".  I'm with you.  I really like some of the fun prints.  I wish I could've been around for the Party Pigs.  Keep 'em coming.
Got my sheep shirt today too...  It's baaaaadass.  (I know...flame away)
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