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Looks like I'm going to be in the same camp as others on here. The henleys are smaller than the last run on me. I have an Olive M henley that I would send at the sale price. I might have a Dark Sienna as well. I'm going to try it on again. Feel free to pm me or ask a question on here if interested.
Yeah. I got an olive one, so I'll probably be looking to get rid of it. We'll see once it arrives. Odd that it would work out like that though.
I understand. However, if they truly are running a couple inches smaller than advertised, this should make the exception for final sale. Maybe word of this will get back to Mauro without us having to email him. But if I spent $70 on something I can't wear because of a change in sizing from the specs, it's going to be frustrating.
Have you guys emailed Mauro about it? I have three from the previous run and I am bummed if this is the case.
Dammit. I ordered two. This is terrible news.
I'm happy the sale was in the morning. There are so many times that things come out at 2 o'clock in the afternoon when I am at work, and I miss out on things. Some pretty good stuff on sale, but a few things I really liked were already out in my size.
Anyone have an update on the tencel shirts? I wanted mine for summer.
I have 11 of them and most of them I have had for at least two years. There is a little pilling on some of them, but otherwise, they are great. For the record, I have a front load washer without an agitator, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference in your assessment.
Same here. Tried to order three and I can't get the discount.
..he demanded without specifics
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