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Yeah, I think the Predator was way too tight in the quads for me. My calves aren't bad, but anything the is tight on the upper leg is unbearable. That's why I think the underwear would work much better for me if they were a brief with a 6" or 9" inseam. Otherwise, I feel like my leg is being squeezed and they usually ride up too much.
Now I just need to find a good tailor to take my measurements properly.
Will any of the pants have a more relaxed leg?  I love the fabric, I'm just wondering if they're going to be large enough for me.
Yeah, it's not extremely tight on my shoulders, but the seam is a decent amount inside the edge of my shoulder. Although, I do have a larger shoulders to beginf with.
Just thought I'd let people know about the overdyes in the sale.  I'm wearing mine today.  Mauro was right, if you size down, the shirt will fit well.  My only things I'd like to address is that it almost seems that the shoulder seam is a little too far in...almost as if that's still sized for the size lower, while the body is a size up.  Also, the sleeves are noticeably shorter than my other button ups from WvG.  It doesn't really matter to me, because I usually roll my...
I'm still looking for a great pair.  My quads are a little too large for most jeans to fit me comfortably.  If I go with relaxed, it's usually too baggy.  There's no way I can wear slim jeans.  I'm looking for something with a little give that is comfortable.  Considering AG.
I wish my legs weren't too big for the chinos
Same here for the shipping label created. Doesn't say it was shipped yet.
I just noticed the khaki tee shirt....and my size is gone.  This shirt looks great, has it been up there the whole time and I'm just losing it?
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