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Does anybody know when the pre-order T-shirts from a couple months ago will be going out? Same with the tencel...
Are these the sale items only or some of the pre orders as well?
Hopefully tencel shirts will still be out before too long
Where is the comment box when placing pre orders?
Nice. I'm looking forward to my snozberry tencel. Haven't had one from him before.
I thought there were no refunds on final sale.
There was. My shirt measures smaller across than the chart. The Olive is smaller than the Dark Sienna.
Looks like I'm going to be in the same camp as others on here. The henleys are smaller than the last run on me. I have an Olive M henley that I would send at the sale price. I might have a Dark Sienna as well. I'm going to try it on again. Feel free to pm me or ask a question on here if interested.
Yeah. I got an olive one, so I'll probably be looking to get rid of it. We'll see once it arrives. Odd that it would work out like that though.
New Posts  All Forums: