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Dammit. I ordered two. This is terrible news.
I'm happy the sale was in the morning. There are so many times that things come out at 2 o'clock in the afternoon when I am at work, and I miss out on things. Some pretty good stuff on sale, but a few things I really liked were already out in my size.
Anyone have an update on the tencel shirts? I wanted mine for summer.
I have 11 of them and most of them I have had for at least two years. There is a little pilling on some of them, but otherwise, they are great. For the record, I have a front load washer without an agitator, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference in your assessment.
Same here. Tried to order three and I can't get the discount.
..he demanded without specifics
I don't have any tencel shirts, can anyone tell me what to expect with the fabric?
Same here. I held off because I didn't know my sizing for the new chart and it sucks. Had it said M or L, I would've snagged it.
Thanks for the information.  I'm 6'1", 198lbs.  I'm assuming 40 would be too small then.  I haven't had my chest measured since I started lifting when I was 155....I'm sure I'll need a 41 then.
Considering a tencel. I still don't know if I should go 40 or 41. I'm looking forward to the bamboo tees. I'd like to see a yellow or tangerine as well, but I agree that I'd want it muted. Most important to me is a white tee that isn't see through.
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