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If they had a longer inseam and weren't so snug around the thigh, I would wear nothing but those underwear. However, they are up a little high for my comfort level, and they feel like they have my thighs in a death grip. I even tried sizing up, but that didn't eliminate the problem. I have four pair and the only time I can wear them is when I want to check myself out in the mirror.
Mauro, please don't ever stop making the bamboo tees, both short and long sleeve. That's been the main thing that I've used to get people into the brand. Everyone loves how soft they are and how they look. I know at least four people that have started buying from you based on them. Great shirts. I think I might be in the minority on the long sleeve, but I prefer the original bamboo ones over the heavyweight.
Yeah, that orange wouldn't be my thing, but I'm in for some more colors. I missed the blue tortilla and pea soup last season.
Damn, I missed the sweaters too...  Looking forward to more bamboo tees.  That's all I wear now and I bought my dad a bunch and he keeps asking about them.  
Great deal on the jeans. I wish they weren't slim. I'd snag a couple.
Great sale.  So pissed I missed out on the short sleeve tees..I love that version of the tee.  Some great deals anyway.  On everything but shipping that is...Christ, shipping was another shirt.  My dad is going to love his stuff for Father's Day.  Thanks again.
That doesn't list any new items that I can see either.  Thanks for the help though.
I don't see anything new on sale.  Maybe I missed it.  Just updates on old sale prices.
They look great. Those are the slim fit, right?
I think I'll skip it then...  I don't mind things being a little sheer, but with a hairy chest, I don't want to scare the children.
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