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Can someone please help me with the sizing? I don't have access to a tailor to properly measure myself, and I don't trust my wife to do a good job. If I normally bought a medium after dinner, what number does that translate to in the Italian sizing? Any help is appreciated.
I need to find the size charts and figure out my size. The M BD was too tight, and the AD was decent. Not sure what the sizing was on the old L BD and what is need to be comparable.
Got the tees newsletter. Anyone have an idea if they're going to be the length of the last two batches or the slightly longer ones from a few years back?
I noticed the change too. The first ones were better. The last couple feel like I need to keep adjusting them to keep them from riding up my back.
I'm not thrilled about the addition of cotton. Won't this make the shirt a little stiffer?
Was there cotton mixed in with the bamboo and sorona before?
Of course grey is the only sweatshirt left in my size.
Spring hoodies and sweatshirts sound great.
I like the idea of of a dark red.
I guess I'm glad I held off based on these reports.  If they go up on the site, I'll size up if they're tighter than last year.
New Posts  All Forums: