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I'm a L BD or M AD. Keep it, I'll try to cut about 50lbs in a sweatsuit...
What was the drama?
I really wish I had picked up one of the Navy sheep shirts. I have the gray one, but the Navy really pops.
I normally wear monkey arms in the button downs, but normal sleeves in the thermals/henleys. Mauro said these sleeves will be longer, so I am going to go with a regular sleeve length and my normal size. Hope it works out.
Maybe I missed it, does anyone know when the expensive tees and tencel shirts that were preordered will be shipping?
I'm not familiar with those. I'll try to take pictures when I get back into town.
I can try to upload pictures. It's a M BD
That would be nice. Also not it. I guess I should've mentioned my shirt is a M BD.
If anyone is interested, I'll probably be selling my polka dot flannel from last year. I've only worn it once. I've bulked up a little and some things aren't fitting as comfortably as I'd like. You can message me if you'd like.
keep us posted. When I get mine, if I like the fit, I may be interested in picking up another medium.
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