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I'm interested in the Moab Ventilator and the Jungle Moc. I don't want to get a full boot, since I'll need to have comfort while standing all day (I'm a barber). I do like a shoe that works well in Midwest weather too though. I assume the Ventilator will breathe better, but I wasn't sure about comfort and slip resistance. The description of the soles on the site just says Vibram, it doesn't give me a specific model for the sole.
The title of the thread should say "Vibram". Stupid autocorrect. I know they're ugly, but I'm going to look into Merrell and I was wondering if anyone has experience with these shoes. I am looking for something breathable, but my main concern is if they are good for standing all day and if the soles are slip resistant. Any help is appreciated.
If anybody has a L hoodie for sale, I'm interested.  Also, can someone tell me how to list items for sale on this site?  I have a polka dot WvG flannel and a few other items that I've grown out of that I will probably sell.  Thanks and happy holidays.
I'm interested in this too..  I love my polka dot flannel...too bad I wore it once before I grew out of it.
Is the fit comfortable a size up?
Damn, you guys killed the hoodies. I missed out on more.
Cool. The shirt looks good.
Ok. Did you go to a tailor first for your measurements?
What changes did you have made for it?
I didn't check to see if I got my refund. That sucks.
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