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Lime stripe spread collar
I just got my first button down and it says "don't be a bitch, wear it with pride". Love it. Keep up the fun stuff, Mauro. Shirt is great too.
I don't mind drying flat. Although, if I knew there wouldn't be any issues, I'd just dry them on low to speed things up.
I got my first couple tees....  They fit well now, but I know I've seen people mention shrinkage on here, so after I wash them in cold, should I just lay them out to dry, or would drying them on low be ok?  I don't want them to end up sitting right at the top of my pants due to shrinkage.
This is the thing that ended up throwing me off too.  Bought a shirt...only to be enticed again later by new stuff.  Oh well, I'm happy I was able to pick the shirt up when I did. 
I just bought a shirt. Most of the sweaters were out of my size.
Ok.  Thanks.
I don't have someone since I just started getting into clothes that weren't off the rack. I don't know who I'd trust with pants if I bought them.
Are the pants really a 37 inch inseam?  I would need to find a reliable tailor if so....
I've been contemplating this shirt....glad to know it's worth it
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