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Same issue you had, I did the same thing. Wanted to make sure I got in on it, so I figured Mauro will take care of it in post.
I agree that buying the actual clothes may be a little better. Unless you know they'll use the membership. I'm going to be buying some tees for my dad, because he loves soft shirts.
I think stafa makes some good points. I really think the story-like videos you've been putting on the site make a big difference. I will be buying dress stuff here and there, but mainly casual. If you're selling a lifestyle, I think that is a good idea. I think it's cool that you post things like going shooting and food you're eating on social media. Pictures of the clothes in action are always nice. I was initially cautious about the rewards program, because I wasn't sure...
I know this probably won't help you with the market you're looking to reach, but I think you're doing a lot of things right. Great customer service and response any time I've emailed you. For me personally, I'm more into your casual stuff. I like the novelty prints and the tees. I have no doubt you'll make nice dress clothes, but as long as you keep the casual as well, I'll be a customer.
I haven't seen this either. I only recently found out about Mauro. I wish I'd been around for the Party Pigs shirt. Looks great.
Ok. Thanks. Maybe I just need to get monkey arms to get that same look. My arms might be a little longer. The shirt isn't greatly shrunk, but the sleeves are a little shorter. Still fits fine though, I'll just roll the sleeves up.
Very cool pictures.  Are these shirts Monkey Arms?  I only have one button down so far and I bought a M BD and the fit was amazing before washing, but it's a little short in the sleeves after one wash.  These look to be a perfect length on you.  I'm trying to figure out what would be my best option going forward.
I keep running into this issue. I put a Henley in my cart last night and by the time I went to checkout later, it was gone. I think I got too busy in the meantime. The shipping makes me try to consolidate orders.
If it was the last M, I was a little late..
I'm assuming you mean the fact that it should say "baby's" instead of "babies"?  Either way, I'm looking forward to the underwear.. 
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