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That doesn't list any new items that I can see either.  Thanks for the help though.
I don't see anything new on sale.  Maybe I missed it.  Just updates on old sale prices.
They look great. Those are the slim fit, right?
I think I'll skip it then...  I don't mind things being a little sheer, but with a hairy chest, I don't want to scare the children.
Is the white on the new tees going to be see through?
I've thought about picking up a pair, but the Predator was far too small on my last pants.  Would sizing up help with getting a larger leg/rise area?
This may be exactly what I need. I'm definitely in the "big butt, big legs, don't like my balls smashed" crew. Are the jeans 100%, or do they have a little elastine in them for stretch?
Is that the Eggshell/White tee?  I have always been afraid to pick one up, because I'm worried that it'll be see through...
I also love the Bamboo tees.  
Where are we going once this thread is down?
New Posts  All Forums: