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Maybe I missed it, does anyone know when the expensive tees and tencel shirts that were preordered will be shipping?
I'm not familiar with those. I'll try to take pictures when I get back into town.
I can try to upload pictures. It's a M BD
That would be nice. Also not it. I guess I should've mentioned my shirt is a M BD.
If anyone is interested, I'll probably be selling my polka dot flannel from last year. I've only worn it once. I've bulked up a little and some things aren't fitting as comfortably as I'd like. You can message me if you'd like.
keep us posted. When I get mine, if I like the fit, I may be interested in picking up another medium.
I actually ended up finding it and buying the last one. It was weird though. I could not find it on the sale page or the sweatshirt page. I had to actually search for the name of the sweatshirt specifically in order for it to pop up. Thanks for the heads up though, i'm looking forward to getting it for the fall.
^^ I can't find a M on there.
Does anybody know when the pre-order T-shirts from a couple months ago will be going out? Same with the tencel...
Are these the sale items only or some of the pre orders as well?
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