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I think I have around 20 pair...I'm looking to get rid of some of the older ones and pick up a couple new brands now though....time for some research.
Bumping this because I'm about to get some new jeans...wondering if the quality on this brand is still there after all these years..
This looks a little long.  The pictures on the website look like the shirt hangs right below the waist, which I'd prefer..is this normal?
Double post
The rewards program looks great...if I end up liking my test purchase, that seems like a great deal.
I see a lot of "before dinner/after dinner" being talked about...what is the difference, and where are those options on the site?  I think I'll stick with my usual M in hopes that if fits like most mediums I currently own. 
I'm planning on trying them out for the first time when they're restocked.  The long-sleeve v-neck "tees" are intriguing as well...anybody try those?
I'm interested in a M Khaki Long Sleeve V-neck and a M Black Roll Neck Tee..  Any idea when these might be back in stock?
Mauro,  I'll try to email you any questions I might have.  Thanks.  
I'll check these out.  Hopefully they're not too baggy or tight.  Thanks.
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