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Got notification for the summer shirt, but none of the tees or beanie.
Stafa, I agree. I say line up the delays to get appropriate products in their season. I was really looking forward to some new tees and tencel shirts, but they won't be here until it's under 50 degrees here. I don't want to get henleys when it's heading into the end of spring.
Thanks for the update. I never think that Mauro will screw me, but it's tough to keep spending money without seeing products in my closet.
this is the same boat that I am in. I actually participated in the pre-order just last week or whenever it was, but I don't think I could keep doing that. I am still waiting on summer shirts and they will arrive here when the temperature is probably 20° or less. Who knows when I will get the stuff from the most recent pre-order. I love the stuff that Mauro makes, but it's tough for me to have all of these orders out there with no updates on when they will definitely be...
The blogs and pre orders are great. I just can't get excited until I start seeing stuff shipped out. Once I get some of my tees and tencel from a few months ago, I'll be more interested in getting more.
For me, it's about how much I'll wear something. I agree $300-$500 is a lot for a sweater (to me), however, if I knew I'd be wearing it all the time, I would probably still do it. I think his prices on other things make sense to me.
I'm a L BD or M AD. Keep it, I'll try to cut about 50lbs in a sweatsuit...
What was the drama?
I really wish I had picked up one of the Navy sheep shirts. I have the gray one, but the Navy really pops.
I normally wear monkey arms in the button downs, but normal sleeves in the thermals/henleys. Mauro said these sleeves will be longer, so I am going to go with a regular sleeve length and my normal size. Hope it works out.
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