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Did I miss something earlier? I went to order the Hunter Sweater and it says my rewards code doesn't work...  The cart doesn't meet the requirements or something like that.  Anybody experience this?
I got two more v-neck bamboo tees in the mail. So good. I haven't purchased the other tees, but I can't get enough of the bamboo and the v-neck is a great addition.
Yeah. I just ordered two more v-necks tonight. Loving the shipping.
Got my tees today. Some thoughts.. First, don't ever stop making these. They feel awesome, as usual. I really like the v-neck and so does my wife. My only complaint would be that last year's black shirt was a little shorter than all my other colors. This year, I ordered another one because I love the look of a good black shirt. The new one is also a little short. Either way, it fits ok, and I love it. Just something I noticed. As a side note about pricing.. I don't want...
I can't remember, will the chinos have the Paul fit?
Yeah. That's why I don't. A couple of them haven't been worn.
I'm wanting some as well... My issue was that the inseam was so short and the thighs were a little too restricting...  If there's a Paul fit with 6-8" inseams, I'll definitely be picking some up.  I have four pair that I can't wear...  If it wasn't weird to donate underwear, I'd take them to the Goodwill...at least someone could enjoy them.
I can see them...you just have to want to bad enough...
The hoodie link didn't work for me. It took me to a fleece section, but I couldn't see anything.
One reason I held off is the odd sizing of the last one I bought. Mauro said to size down, and he was right, the body of the S fit like a M. However, the sleeves were then way too short and the arm/shoulder seam was about an inch or so too far in on either side, which felt odd and looked odd. Good quality though. Just wanted to get feedback before I took the plunge.
New Posts  All Forums: