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When will the henleys be available?  I went back a couple pages, but didn't see an actual date. I didn't know if they'd be dropping before the new year.
I agree that it's worth it. I've been a member for a little while now and I like it. I was just curious what the future held.
Does that mean all the memberships will go away, or just no new members?
I agree. Could be warmer for the Midwest.
As long as they can accommodate large thighs, I'm excited. I need some better jeans.
edit...I'll just email Mauro
The mittens are very soft and comfortable. I like that they allow me to pick things up easily, unlike most mittens. I'm not sure how warm they'll be in the sub zero temperature weather that hits us in the Midwest every year though..
I don't wear a ton of dress socks, but I'd be down for some high quality crazy print socks.
Good. I've wanted a white.
Same here. I bought some mittens for my wife and a long sleeve for my dad
New Posts  All Forums: