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I keep running into this issue. I put a Henley in my cart last night and by the time I went to checkout later, it was gone. I think I got too busy in the meantime. The shipping makes me try to consolidate orders.
If it was the last M, I was a little late..
I'm assuming you mean the fact that it should say "baby's" instead of "babies"?  Either way, I'm looking forward to the underwear.. 
Just received the Vintage Chalk trousers.  They look very nice.  I didn't see care instructions, so I was wondering if they're dry clean only...
Just picked up the vintage chalk trousers....looking forward to them.  Now I just need to find a trustworthy tailor for the hem...
Ok. Thanks.
Should I order a size up in sweaters? I wear a M in the tees and button downs and I'm 6'1" 185. The model in the picture is wearing a M and he's 5'10" 155.
Are the cows and sheep pre order only? If so, where do we order?
I ordered two tees and when I got them, one was noticeably longer than the other one. Probably about an inch or more. They're both M, has anybody else noticed this? I wasn't sure if this was common. The longer shirt fits perfectly.
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