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Dang I love that's my Alma Mater colors.....oh well maybe one day.
So this sale is for all the Outlets correct or just Jeffersonville?
This is exactly how I think. Especially with me being a 14EEE, I always grab what will be hardest to find later, first. I only have 4 pair of AE right now and 2 of them are the White Players and the custom Nuemok webgem from a couple months ago. I got both pair because I knew they would be hard to come by or more expensive to get later.
    Funny, I just recieved  a pair of white players today from the Brookfield outlet they were $179 closeout, so there are some out there....but I wear 14 I guess it works both ways regarding shoes in that size. Not as big of selection but not as high of demand.      
To the guys than owns the Dalton, do you wear them outside of fall and winter? I've fallen in love with them and want them now,  but really don't see myself wearing them until this fall...especially since I live in Georgia.
What I gather from those old catalogs is that they always had some shoes that were  "fashion forward" for the time....look in the 1971 catalog....btw I know someone said they didn't have the Strawfut 5 years ago....but they had the same shoe with same name in 1956 or 57 in my opinion everything goes in cycles.
Yes!! I got some orange and green ones (Alma Mater colors)......They kind of loud in color and smell lol ...but I like them and will wear them when I get a chance. I was surprised they also came with orange & tan laces.  i 
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