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If it's with a brown grain shaft (like in the image of the Galway) and a dainite sole, I'm in.   295 GBP including delivery to Sweden.
 This is a great model. We should easily be able to get enough people for this (perhaps we already have?), especially given the interest I saw in the last few weeks.
We had a number of people interested in a Rain dark cognac shell Wingtip boot, myself included - more than six people - but I haven't heard anything new in a while.
 My feet are 26cm long and 101/104mm wide, with a high instep. My size is 41G or 41.5F for F, U and P2. Here are some images of how 41G on the U last fits me - the fit on the F last is pretty much the same.  [[SPOILER]]
Personally I'd be up for both (Dainite or York), but from what I've gathered so far in PM discussions, dainite seems to be the most popular option. Not sure if that is the case, but that would be my guess.
 Quality-Shop is another alternative, although their selection is quite small.
I think a rubber sole would be a better choice. Not only does the Carmina single Dainite look equally slim when compared to a leather sole (see below) - it also makes the boot more versatile for various weather conditions.  
A dark Cognac wingtip sounds great to me. Don't have too much of an opinion about the eyelets.
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