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The Rancourt SA I spoke to on the phone said that AE is the one brand that fits comparably. I intend to use the made-to-fit program, but I'd like to have some assurance that I will get a good fit and be able to reclaim by $50.
Speaking of eliminating the piping: the promotional materials for McGregors showed it, and the 2 pairs I ordered during the RDA promotion both arrived without it.  I thought it was a defect and went to my cobbler, who was unconcerned.  Has anyone received McGregor's with piping?  Regardless, I am very happy with the shoes at that price ($269, if I recall).  Although....   Truth be told, those shoes look better on my tall, slender son than they do on me--and I'm intrigued...
  Brooks Brothers: "Unfortunately we do not have an immediate replenishment date for the item you've mentioned.  Please check back with us in a few months. " No matter, I'm in love with the Rancourts and can't be reasoned with.   Can anyone affirm that Rancourts do, generally, fit like Allen Edmonds in their mainstay lasts?  (I'm an 11E in every last I can fit into, and cannot fit in any of their narrow, "Euro" lasts).
 Yes--I see what you mean.  I suppose my preoccupation with the casual side of the spectrum (where my shoe rotation is quite weak) induced me to accept uncritically Rancourt's copy on these shoes and their versatility at the other end.  I'll have to confirm that BB intends to restock their inventory of this shoe.  (Although I'm not ruling the Rancourts out).  Thanks!
Sorry for not perusing 430+ pages of this thread in search of answers.   I am in the market for shell penny loafers and have settled tentatively on Rancourt's weltline mode, which strikes me as a more versatile shoe than AE Patriots, Alden LHS, or C&J Harvards.  I appreciate the Trad design of these alternatives, but it appears as though the Rancourts would pair better with shorts and just as well with blazer.  I am judging, however, from online images and would...
Thanks.  Burgundy on leather sole. The SA at Port Washington just confirmed for me that they are corrected grain.  Perhaps this is an inducement to get the shell!
Sorry if this has been addressed: did AE at some point upgrade the Kenwood from corrected grain, brush-off leather to fullgrain calf? I am guessing so based on the current Shoebank description--but it's a little ambiguous, describing the shoe as premium unlined calfskin AND "grain calf." What does this mean? Is the strap alone corrected grain? I'm thinking about nabbing a pair of seconds for $169. Or shell for $399? Or not.
 You don't need to look out of place to look stylish.  If I had to pick one pair of shoes, however, I'd choose LWB (McNeil or McGregor) in brown.  They are Ivy/trad and can't look too out of place, and they work well with what you're wearing.
 All the posts about MTO Shakers have prompted me to repost mine.  For what it's worth, I too was inspired by cap-toed English boots.  These, along with my new Moras in bourbon, are the most versatile shoes I own, as they really do work with everything from jeans to a suit.
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