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As promised, here are the pics.  They neglected to do the tongue in suede, but I am very happy with the results nevertheless.  
+1+1 = +2  Borderline.  Shell blucher gunboat is preferred. Gorgeous!
I am envious--but also glad I didn't chase the dark brown (seconds) or cappuccino (used, ebay) shell Dundees, because this is the color I "need."  Notwithstanding the "shell shortage," I am confident that off-color shell offerings will come back around at some point.  I only hope I have come into more money when they do.
Sorry to bump this ancient thread, but I have the exact same question today that the OP posed in 2006.  Is anyone else unable to enter the forums?
 I agree about the lining: it's softer than what's in any of the other lined AE shoes. Just finalized my Shaker Heights MTO with Allison: Brown Chromexcel (1020) everywhere but tongue and side panels. Bitter chocolate suede (1554) tongue and side panels. Independence lining. Comfort insole (the one that is standard on the Shaker Heights). Mini-lug rubber tap sole. Brown regular welt. Dark brown transparent edging. Blind eyelets. Tone-on- stitching throughout. This...
Does anyone own a shoe in the cognac Dublin?  Can anyone comment on its water resistance vis-a-vis Chromexcel?  I may run a test regardless....
For those interested in the different shades of Chromexcel (with a Dublin thrown in for good measure):   Left to right: 1573 Natural Chromexcel, 3119 Golden Brown Chromexcel, 1020 Brown Chromexcel, 1608 Cognac Dublin (The pull-up that's obvious in the Natural is from bending the samples to take the second photo).      Same samples folded over to show pull-up.  Top to bottom: Natural, Golden Brown, Brown, Cognac Dublin      The Natural is beautiful, but the...
That makes sense to me, but I can't confirm it.
Anyone with PX privileges: for President's Day, AAFES is offering 15% everything site wide.  On top of their usual discount, that puts a pair of Strands (for instance) at $212.50, no tax or shipping.
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