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 You don't need to look out of place to look stylish.  If I had to pick one pair of shoes, however, I'd choose LWB (McNeil or McGregor) in brown.  They are Ivy/trad and can't look too out of place, and they work well with what you're wearing.
 All the posts about MTO Shakers have prompted me to repost mine.  For what it's worth, I too was inspired by cap-toed English boots.  These, along with my new Moras in bourbon, are the most versatile shoes I own, as they really do work with everything from jeans to a suit.
I'm completely missing it (and I am myself today returning a pair of McGregor "firsts" today).
I'd get the McGregors and agree with everyone else that you're definitely not too young. Boomers rejected their fathers' style, which is now enjoying a renaissance with younger generations.Not regularly, but I pull this off on the road when I don't want to take a 2nd pair of shoes.
Wigwam Everyday Fusion.  Only problem is that they're generally available only in solid colors (although I have a few patterned pairs).
Perhaps. As a rule, she's always right--except when she isn't. If she'll be disappointed that you paid more heed to strangers on a forum than her, wear the Harrisons. If she's voting for them without much conviction, however, I'd still recommend the PAs.in addition to the other two clarifications, I'd just add that black doesn't go with everything. In fact, it's the "best" shoe in very few cases, this being one of them.
 I wear an 11E in nearly all lasts and asked Allison to send me the try-on boot in this size when I did my MTO.  She mistakenly sent me the 11.5E, and I'm glad she did, as it fit perfectly with the boot socks I intended to wear with these.  In my boots, I have a tiny bit of heel slippage in one in one boot but have eliminated it with a heel pad and tight lacing.  Heel-to-ball and forefoot width are perfect.
   Yes & yes = +2 No & no = -2 (with all respect) It's not really your day; it's hers and everyone else's.  You do not want to draw attention to yourself beyond looking as good as possible beside her. No one will notice a modest gap in the laces of your PAs.  Under direct sunlight, they will notice brown fashion-forward shoes; some might think "nice shoes" but others will wonder why they're looking at the groom's feet.
Perhaps peppercorn78 is correct, but that forum has a couple idiosyncrasies I've noted, including the compliment "nice shoes, uncle, wear them in good health."Provenance?  I don't know.  During WWII, regular officers of British Army addressed the middle-aged civilians who were commissioned as junior officers as "uncle," conveying both respect and a degree of derision.  I haven't any idea if that's relevant, but that forum is more international in its membership.
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